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  1. Also now mod on bethesda mods (not creation club!!!) for pc and xbox.
  2. o.o; huh? map updated? Opps!!! that was glitch with the note! Thanks for saying something, I thought it was a plain non-quest note! Going to fix now!!!! I just dupicated a note and changed the words on it, it just meant to be a silly note.
  3. New update into: Fast travel marker (outside), power armor station (outside), Fo4edit cleaned and fixed name issue for purist from Aviator's Cabin too Aviators Cabin. (OMG SUCH A SMALL ISSUE THAT CAN CAUSE TROUBLE!)
  4. I glad you guys like it, also anyone here know how too make a pc mod into a xbox one? I got a request for it.
  5. I made a player house mod for fallout 4 called Aviator's Cabin, it a home that decor based around rockets and planes. I worked hard on it a week worth of work, navmeshed linked inventory for crafting stations and follower friendly. http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/26600/?
  6. This mod add a place called Sparky's Diner, it is mostly mod where I test ideas. Right now it has a new food and recipe and a new perk needed to make the food Nuka Chili, the perk is giving when you read note on the oven in the diner. (don't know how to have it add a message when it added) It also a small settlement as well (very small) Also needing help as in game can't build on the building itself some reason!
  7. Made my first mod and here it is, also yes this is a shameless mod promotion. http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/12832/? (p.s. Yes I have no shame, get over it!)
  8. Okay I went around looking but can't thing this thing they showed in the creation kit trailer, it driving me nuts! Anyone know anything about it?
  9. Wow, that went south fast lol
  10. Thought I start a thread where we can discuss our dream robots ideas, what kind of robot you would build with what weapons and etc. I'm planning a melee sentry robot, buzzsaw maybe a flamer thrower. I'm guess sense said could paint them the shark paint job with a mister gutsy voice. "Does someone need me to kick their ass?!" Yeah pretty much my perfect robot buddy, but like to hear every ones ideas for there first robot partners. Also perfect music for this dlc
  11. Just a idea really but it would be cool idea at least, thinking of a raids with something overly powerful make them a raid threat not just some simple annoyance like they did in fallout 4. There was like big lacking feeling raiders being big dangerous force, concord and used in the instutie main story once and than that was it. Raiders really got a downgrade in threat level.
  12. Sense I saw the forged raiders and fact there hanging around a metal working factory made me think of the pit, which made me think they must be from there and slowly expanding. So thinking might have to go back there clear if the raiders were more well armed compared to other raiders, fuels for flamer throws fire bombs and much more. So idea is the Pit got a hold of some plans the brother had for there airship, the raiders of the pit have metal working, machines and everything they could build one. So seeing raiders with a air ship of there own would be down right scary thought, so what ever group your with would try to stop them from finishing this ship or maybe take it for your own. There ship wouldn't be great like the brotherhoods is but still impressive feat none the least, drop fires bombs from the size and raids using maybe jet pack or papashoots (yes I know typo!) They be a force to not be taken lightly. Could have the dlc be on a timer for first part too get to the airship before it leaves/finished, if failed in getting there in time would leave and appear in the commonwealth and start wrecking the place, targeting the main threats to them first. Brotherhood, minutemen, gunners, and any raider or settler group who refuse to join them. You have to take it down a different way with each factions, minutemen blow it out of sky with mortors, railroad most like help minutemen, brother hood would either blow it away with prime or take it over for they can use it. Minutemen could take it over to I guess. But guess the DLC be called Forged Skies, Burning Skies, Raided Skies, Dreaded Skies, Stolen Skies.
  13. Hello all, I thought post a dlc idea so say what ever you want about it. But I like it so there. The DLC will be based in on a off shore town/city build by people who lost at sea from pre-war, using boats drift wood and any other things they could get a hold of. This town/city sends for help and sent a few people on working boats too the shore, some meet bad ends to raiders and others run into other groups like bother hood of steel or railroad and etc. You decided to help cause your such a nice guy/gal, when you get there see the town under siege from mirelurks of all kinds. As your about to kill last of mirelurks they run off as a fog horn goes off as a old cargo ship hits the floating down ripping it apart, sending you into the depths where you wake up back on a ship and a man in a old deep sea diving suits saved you. He help you too your feet tells you his names and what happened and he been following that ship wanting to scavenge in it, but it picked up speed and rammed the town and heading to your home. He tells you the ship ship form Japan from what he figures and the ship even at this distance is radioactive, it might be carrying nukes or some waste even but if it crashes all that waste will spill into sea making the sea to radioactive to live around. Forcing people to give up fishing, boat travel, swimming, anything with the sea. Which would be bad but would mean mirelurks would also claim new nesting sites causing a boom in there population. So you must work with this guy to stops the ship and find out the story behind it along the way. Loot would be: harpoon gun, a deep-diving suit, a few magizines, holotapes, new pipboy game, collection of pre-war goodies from Japan. New water enemies, more underwater exploring, one new follower, and one new pet (a baby mirelurk named Bubbles)
  14. Okay, I didn't cheat much just took apart that first town, one your character lived at and took it all to my base I building. Had to god mode to carry it all.
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