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  1. The game opened for both the Skyrim launcher and for Vortex! And I did not have to get AE - there was an invitation to update on the first screen. Thank you, thank you! Should I add back my mods all at once and get back to my game or add them in slowly? Oops, didn't work for SKSE64, so my update must have gotten its fixes from AE. So I might as well go whole hog for the new version. Will go thru and check for what mods need SKSE and not add them in. Again, thanks so much.
  2. Did first method at Steam. Validating Steam files. "36 files failed to validate and will be reacquired."
  3. Well, yes, I do do some genealogy for my own family. But my screen name refers to one of my avocations which did lead to some actual paid work and that is the analysis of Thoroughbred horse pedigrees. I chose to go to grad school in Lexington, Kentucky, because it is in the middle of the largest concentration of Thoroughbred breeders in the country. I published articles in several magazines over the years before my health gave out (3 miscarriages in 18 months was the coup de grace - don't worry, I already had two fine healthy children - we were going for #3). The internet helped me get in touch with other 'pedigree geeks' around the world and those contacts got me a part-time job writing for an international newsletter/magazine. And the last time I did any programming, it was with punch cards that had to be read by the main-frame. If I was lucky, I could get the print-out (the wide sheets with sprocket holes on the sides) the same day and find out that I had made one errant key-stroke on one card and had to do it over again. Had a thought - I had to have the disk wiped on my computer in July for a repair, and I didn't get back to trying to play Skyrim SE until September. I hadn't had my gamefile backed up on Carbonite (a stupid mistake) so I lost all of my old characters' saves and had to download SE again. It still shows up in my download files. Could I use this to replace the mangled version?
  4. Thank you. Hubris, you see. I have managed to put in so many things with the help of tutorials (and your help) I thought I knew what I was doing. From scratch, does that mean I have to download Skyrim again from Steam (which I really don't want to do, because it is now the AE game), or just the SKSE files? Delete the files associated with SKSE first? I don't want to get this wrong. Vortex won't load for me; in the Plugins section for the plugins it says "requires version 1.6.318.0 or greater of Skyrim Special Edition. " Is this the one we can use SKSE64 with? Or is it the AE version? Blast it all, I was just getting used to the CACO changes in the effects of old standby ingredients. And I was just testing mods to get ready for 'Be a Bard' build, not playing a game I cared about.
  5. "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142). Click OK to close the application." And now it says "Couldn't inject DLL."
  6. Would like to try your advice but I can't get my game to load anymore! Some mod I downloaded suggested that I needed to use something called "Simple DLL Plugin Loader." So I downloaded and renamed this binkw64.dll file as it said to and put where it where it said to put it. Afterward when I started the game, it CTDed after I moved 10 yards or so. Then it became that I couldn't open the game at all. I have deleted everything from that mod but still can't load the game - get error messages like - "cannot find SkyrimSElauncher.exe" Well, like I said, mine doesn't have the .exe at the end but it worked before. My daughter's gone to work now so I can't watch her play the Anniversary edition, as I did earlier in the afternoon, so I'm stuck.
  7. Vortex is telling me "Amazing Follower Tweaks "horse features" and "follower teleport on weapon draw setting" must be disabled for Convenient Horses to function correctly." I don't have any horses yet so I didn't notice any problems, unless it is causing the CTDs I am getting in the region of the giant camp on the plain near Whiterun. I am totally clueless about how to proceed. Does our fearless leader have a tutorial about this?
  8. Thanks again. I don't know any 'deeply into the nuts and bolts' gamers; my son and daughter were my entree to games like Skyrim but my son, the computer wiz, is now married and lives 1000 miles away, busy with his new daughter. My daughter doesn't mod. Never had these kinds of trouble with Commander Keen and Duke Nukem (the original MS-DOS games- the hubby set them up for me). But I was wiz at the original arcade version of Donkey Kong. Fingers arthritic now, brain doesn't work as fast either, so I have to use a controller rather than the mouse-and-keyboard.
  9. Hate to bother you again, but now my game is Crashing to Desktop with much regularity. Most recently, I come out of a house in Solitude, buy something from Ma'draan, and get on the carriage (unmodded) for Whiterun. Boom! CTD. All I did since I got SKSE64 running was add a tiny village at the Loreius farm, which is, by all logic, compatible with everything I have so far activated in my game. To quote Charlie Brown, "Aaaarrrrgh!"
  10. Many thanks again. So I was sort of doing it right in the first place. Sheesh. Glad I won't have to do this again. (I hope!) I did follow Gopher's videos and apparently had this problem with Vortex from the start, because is never turned out the say he said it should. Gopher is my hero. I would never have started modding the game (and making it so much more interesting) had it not been for his tutorials. Now maybe I can start thinking about using an ENB. Maybe.
  11. THis is what I see in my Skyrim Special Edition folder: skse64_1_5_97.dll skse64_2_00_20 skse64_loader without any .exe (says "application 207KB") skse64_readme skse64_steam_loader.dll skse64_whatsnew Interesting experiment! I accidently started skyrim by letting the cursor sit on top of the 'loader' line too long and everything worked exactly as it should. SkyUI came up and I was able to use it to buy and sell. I was even able to manage mods with the interface (although I didn't do much; the fact that I could was enough). BUT, when I tried to load with either Vortex or steam, I got the dreaded message. Some slip twixt the cup and the lip happening?
  12. One more question - should I delete all the SKSE-named files that are in various places in my files? To make a clean start?
  13. Thank you, I will try to do what you say. (My PhD is in Stats and I was a TA or PTI for a number of years. Sometimes the Math Dept. 'borrowed' us Stats students to teach elementary Calculus. All I have to barter is knowledge for knowledge. Sort of like Hermaeus Mora.)
  14. pedigreeann - three messages left on the Vortex tutorial. 3 days ago (edited) -I apologize for the small script - that's how it came out when I did the copy-and-paste. I have I downloaded the latest version of Vortex. I have only one game loaded on it , only one profile (a test game), Skyrim SSE. I check that the extension 'Script extender installer' is enabled - yes it is. So I go back to my mod page and NOTHING shows up in the upper right corner where it did in Gopher's example. Is there some step he skipped over? Like something in the settings pages? I never did get SKSE 64 installed the old-fashioned way, even with his tutorial, and it looks like I won't get it again. SOOO FRUSTRATING. Anybody out there in Lexington, KY, who could show me what I am doing wrong? I can tutor in Statistics or Math in trade Then I tried the second, 'manual' way. Downloaded. dragged it over to drop on the mod page. Vortex seemed to like that, installed, enabled, voila! Fired up game and first thing I see is an announcement that "SKSE64 is not running." SOO clos seconds ago I had a computer disaster earlier this year and not all my game files were backed up on Carbonite, so I had to start all over again; games, mods, Vortex, everything. I downloaded version 1.5.97 of SE and checking the SKSE page, that meant I should use version 2.0.20, which I did. Should be no difficulty with them working together, right? But no, "SKSE 64 is not running.
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