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  1. well tried reinstalling net framework. no difference. I think I might just give up. Im not reinstalling windows as I need this pc for my work and cant spare the downtime. Appreciate the help.
  2. Oh. I would have thought if it was in windows temp, it would have been where it unpacked it temporarily, before moving it to the game??? Hence why i was under the assumption it was a file from the MCM download. I'll try reinstalling net framework and see if that helps.
  3. Ok. Ive just gone through all three videos. I then went back through his 202 series right from the start. I totally started again and redid every step as per the videos. The only differences I can see are the files for JIP LN NVSE and Darnified UI are later versions than whats in the video. Everything ele is the same right up to when I go to install MCM. Then I get the same errors coming up as first stated. Unless I can use Nexus Mod manager for MCM alongside Vortex for the others...I am totally stumped. I do not get the popup after installing MCM and nothing appears in the main game menu eit
  4. Ok. Ive just finished watching the first video. When I started all this, I was following his video which did everything using Vortex. Do you think I should download the Nexus Mod Manager and try installing MCM with that seeing as it failed every time I tried doing it with Vortex? If I do do that, would I then need to start from scratch with the Nexus mod manager or could I leave the stuff Ive done with Vortex and just use the Nexus mod manager for MCM?
  5. Thanks..Ill check em out and let you know how I go
  6. Yes I did. I played it for a while before I started modding. I checked at each step that it was working too. It loads fine from both launchers. It seems that the missing files are always in the downloaded file for PN. I was reading on a forum somewhere that Vortex sometimes mishandles files and wondered about trying a different Mod manager to see if that would fix the problem but Im not sure what else is out there and if I did whether I should start from scratch again with that one or just use it for PN.
  7. Thanks but I already tried that, several times. I have reinstalled Vortex and started from the beginning again but the same thing is happening when I get to MCM, the same thing happens. No popup. I have deleted the MCM files and redownloaded it but get the same thing every time. I have included a screen shot of the error messages
  8. Hey all. I'm very new to this modding and have been following the tutorial vids from the start. I got up to installing MCM but when Vortex installed it, I didn't get the popup as the tutorial video showed , nor did I get any extra menu in the options menu after installing the other mods on the recommended list ( I went with the VUI versions ). I chose to keep going with the tutorial and got up to the Project Nevada mod. When I went to install it I got an error message saying that there were script errors during the install. I have tried removing and deleting the mod and re-downloading it but
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