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  1. Hi Gopher and thanks for what you and all your team does, hugs for you all, sigh ………..however…………..………………………..can you simplify your or re arrange your mod lists so that it gets built around a certain mod like MorrowLoot Ultimate. I say this because that has sooooo many patches for a lot of mods that pretty much everyone should be using anyway. It’s like this, you install your favorite mods as usual ,all good, stable, love you long time, then you come across a mod you just NEED to down load like MorrowLoot Ultimate, Bruma etc (obvious reasons) 6 months later (this is no good, no good at all, it won’t end well, you just know it, deep, deep down, you know it won’t end well at all, but you do it anyway…sigh) just to find that you need patches for the other mods that rely on it to work…sigh (expletives removed) you go through each mod to work out what you need to uninstall/reinstall etc…. phluck me NO! (RAGE QUIT) Instead build a game around a huge mod in the first place that other mods will be dependant upon later on like Bruma, Moonpath to Elsweyr, MorrowLoot, smim, noble skyrim, immersive series, Cbbe. There has to be a “base” mod list which has to be built around surely??? Because, if you down load mod A with patches/add-ons but you need mod B with add-ons to make mod A work but those add-ons clash with mods A and D, this also makes mod F redundant (more ranty expletives deleted, fm). This is the current hap hazard septic S storm of constant annoyance we all go through now when we start up a new clean game. People say get this mod! Well ok……mod destroys the entire game because it completely wrecked mod A and C so you have to uninstall the virus (A.R.S.E mod) infected your Skyrim game which completely wrecked mods G-L-T and Z which you didn’t know about because your game now crashes to the desktop…..for the 10th time while trying to figure out which mod actually caused the trouble in the first place, yeah, you’ve all been there, oh yes you have? So……uninstall and re install cleanly…..again I SAY NO…BE DAMNED! However, to solve this dilemma, down load THE ONE MOD which will govern every other mod you down load next. This actually works, if it is not compatible with “the one mod” it doesn’t get added, no matter how good it looks (don’t tempt me frodo you flog). I look at other peoples skyrim videos and wonder “just what sorcery, voodoo dance and sacrifice did they perform to get those mods to work together”. So far I have worked out that there has to be 1 City mod replacer, 1 only*, 1 body replacer only CBBE *, 1 hair replacer *, 1 solid immersiveness series from a known author/modder*. A video of how you (Gopher) actually go about modding, by modding, I mean, in which order do you first start to load the mods into Vortex, “Gopher: I start with mod A then mod B, do mod C later with mod F and G etc (I start with building mods, then lighting mods, then beautifying people mods because, don’t put this mod in yet because it effects this mod later on….etc? Then I sort my load order like this, then this) from start to finish would be ideal, it will show just what god you prayed too and how many lives were sacrifice to get your mods to gel. This will NOT include “you should do this way but I’m doing it this way because crap” either, stop it. A video from go to whoa. This can actually be achieved Gopher if you have downloaded 99% of the mods to begin with first; yes, with some mods you need a manager to sort them out, well ok, edit time (fnis) for down loads and not much drinking and smoking or consorting going on (you can do it). Few… it wasn’t meant to be this long but I couldn’t make it any shorter. Cheers. PS: I beg you to make this happen, I beg of you. And I’m wearing my +5 to groveling t-shirt. Does this help in any way? Will it help if other people wear a +5 to groveling t-shirt? (*yes, some work together, many clash and destroy your game, reinstall time, no, fuck that) Mod Organizer 2 refused to talk to Nexus. I use Vortex (why, because it works). Mator Smash for bash patches. FNIS (of course). Bodyslide+ Studio. TESEDIT System - Intel i5-6600 CPU @ 3.30GHz, 3301 Mhz, 4 Cores MoBo- Asus -Z170-AR Installed Physical Memory (RAM)16.0 GB Geforce GTX 1070
  2. Greetings from Australia, and someone promised sweet rolls and Ale.
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