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  1. That's a shame, but understandable. I'll watch some of his special updates then, and again thank you for informing me about this! I hope he has a vault full of them!
  2. I'd install Legacy of the Dragonborn on my main character but I heard you can't install it mid playthrough! 😧 Cyrodiil would be a good pickup point for Richard, or maybe Roscrea (though it'd also be funny if Lenny had to flee there). I'm just glad that Gopher hasn't forgotten Richard and has future plans for him! Though where has he said he'd like to continue Richard? Was it on a forum thread? I'm glad he's having fun with the character! He's had a lot of funny thief moments it seems though personality wise he still kinda rubs me the wrong way with all of the Dark Brotherhood stuff. But maybe I'll warm up to him with time! How many sweetrolls has he collected so far?
  3. About to watch some more Richard Chapter 5 right now! 😊 and I'm glad to hear that you're also a Nintendo fan! and if it's on your 3DS then going by what you said it was likely Alpha Sapphire. Drifloon was super common during the Halloween event last year where it was everywhere but outside of that I've only ever seen one in the wold, they made it super rare for some reason.
  4. Hello, everyone, Gamer, modder, and artist from the northeast United States, hoping to make a good impression! I became hooked on Gopher's content ever since stumbling across his Beyond Skyrim: Bruma let's play about a year ago and have been watching Richard's Story from the beginning ever since. Currently near the end of Chapter 5 and loving every minute of it. Gopher puts so much personality into his characters, and it really makes him a joy to watch! Thank you for everything! Skyrim's always one of those games that will never get old! While I keep my game lightly modded, it also allowed me to experience some other mods I would've never tried myself from small ones like Banners of the Nords to big ones like Falskaar. It's a whole new experience! Also, I don't know where else to ask this, but... what is currently in Richard's future? I see that Bruma's his most recent adventure in 2017 and since then Gopher's been focusing on Leonard. I've seen a few of Leonard's videos and he's good in his own right but his personality's not really my cup of tea (and I've never been huge on Dark Brotherhood characters), but I'm glad he's brought the fanbase a lot of happiness himself! Still, I just feel like he's no replacement for our dear Librarian and trusty Khajiit sidekick. Richard feels like a globetrotter character and he's mentioned he's always wanted to see new places like the Imperial City, so I'd love to see Richard picked back up again next time Beyond Skyrim releases a project. Still, now that Lenny's become Dragonborn himself, does this spell the end? Either way, I'm looking froward to where Gopher's Skyrim adventures take him next, no matter who he plays as!
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