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  1. I back up work related data once a week. So far I have avoided infection because my brother sets up my security in case he has urgent work whilst visiting me. Thank you for your advice and wisdom - I think that as it is my pc I am going to opt out of having raid array this time despite family pressure
  2. Interesting times in my tiny little corner of the pc world. Yet again the "Geek committee" have decided that my pc needs up-dating and they each sent me a list of their favourite configurations and again I am totally lost. I have a much younger brother who is a system architect and 3 cousins who all work at some level in computing and they like to advise me LOL The only thing they agree on is the guy who is to do the actual build and that I should use a "raid array" set-up which he hates I have words like Corsair, Samsung and Kingston and whether the ssds should be SATA or NVME M2 (?). This time I have been sent an external drive to salvage my game data and my embroidery design data, 2 lots of memory (16 GB) and the rest is up to me LOL I have also been advised to wait before getting a new graphics card as there should be a huge shift with 2 new players bringing their graphic cards to the market in the next few months. Challenging my brain is one of their favourite things I sometimes think They are all convinced that since I learnt programming in the stone age of modern computing I should be able to stay abreast of everything and all the languages.
  3. Happy Birthday I hope that you have a wonderful day
  4. I will be 64 next Sunday Hoping to get a fresh bottle of Bruichladdich from my family
  5. Thank you both Steampunk - yes indeed Also I seem to be in demand for making LARP outfits and Cosplay outfits over a very wide range of types. The latest projects are Mr. Nobody from Doom Patrol and Helena Bonham Carter's Fairy Godmother Dress
  6. I seldom introduce myself on forums as I prefer lurking 🙂 I am over 60, female, and have loved RPGs etc since the days of The Stygian Abyss (on 5 inch floppy discs). I became a Gopher follower from the day I found his first video on modding Skyrim. Without his wisdom I would still be breaking games 🙂
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