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  1. It's also possible that, if Gopher gets involved, any number of his Minions might jump on board, either by helping with Kickstarter, or with the early stages of the mod... not for free, naturally.
  2. What Gopher doesn't realize (yet)… well, I'm putting it out there right now... he'll get equity in the project in exchange for his help with the Kickstarter campaign. It's the kind of project that can start small, and then scale up, possibly very quickly.
  3. It's a lot of work, although I'm thinking 3 or 4 quests per release, each release covers one season, Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall, with 12 to 16 covering each year in the life of Marcus, who wants his freedom, and wants to know who his parents are. It's still a ton of work, and why I want to segue as soon as possible into a Kickstarter to pay for development. Long term, I'd want to take on investors, and either license KCD from THQ Nordic, or get them to jump on board with it.
  4. My two favorite action RPGs, "Kingdom Come: Deliverance" and "The Witcher 3" (discovered because of Gopher), both use massive open-world maps. The mod I have in mind has to be a little more modest, given that there's no money for it yet, only the promise of a ton of work to get it made once the KCD mod kit comes out. However, if you've seen the video (above) it becomes obvious, after a little thought, that such a limitation only applies to the first mod in a series of mods. In other words, a whole bunch of small mods can be added to the first one, resulting in something large and sprawling, perhaps as large as KCD or Witcher 3. It will tell the life story of one main character, Marcus, slave of the Roman empire, starting in the year 27 BC, and details his loves, his battles, his goals, his failures and conquests, not to mention the family he leaves behind and the challenges they face at that time in history.
  5. This is a link to a YouTube video (which I've posted elsewhere on this Forum). It explains, briefly, what I have in mind for the KCD mod. It's a good starting point for the discussion I hope to have here.
  6. I'm planning on making a mod for KCD, when the long-anticipated mod kit finally comes out. This forum might be a good place to discuss it. I'll add more later.
  7. Jim_Lion


    Gopher, this seems like the best place for a special request. For a long time I've wanted to make a computer game, and have watched for many years to see how the technology develops. I happened across your Let's Play videos on YouTube, and as a result later purchased Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Warhorse Studios plans to release a mod kit sometime in the near future, and I hope to use it to get started on my game. This YouTube video succinctly describes what I want to do. It'll probably require a Kickstarter campaign. I could provide more details in this forum, or we could discuss things privately via email. Your thoughts?
  8. Jim_Lion


    Thank you Cryzeteur. I'll give him some time to reach out to me, and post as much info as I need to lure him into doing so.
  9. Jim_Lion


    Hello various minions. This is my first post. I've watched (probably) hundreds of hours of Gopher's videos. I've decided to get in touch with his community, and try to connect with him directly. I won't go into detail here and now regarding the reason for wanting to connect with Gopher directly. I'll find another forum category to get into it.
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