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  1. The follower is actually invisible, however some times if you are at the correct angle in 3rd person you and see a transparent vision of the follower.
  2. My Follower will at times go invisible.. can hear her and talk to her but can not see her. But then if I fast Travel to a location she is now visible for an while. Is there a patch of fix for this?
  3. Do not know what happened. Was playing Fallout 4, logged out of game and had deleted several mods I no longer wanted thru Vortex. After a while I logged back into the game selected character and then it started to load heard several clicking sounds . My character was without clothing, hair , tattoos etc..and what had been built was gone this items floating (such as moved workstation). It acted as if it was stating from the very beginning of the game but not in the bathroom. I have tried deleting all my mods and deleted game then reinstalled game and mods. Even tried creating new character, and it does the same thing when I leave the game and log back into game with the new character. What happened ?
  4. I'm now getting the vanishing/reappearing affect when looking away from what I'm building and ever item I'm building walls etc.. vanish and reappear. Since I've switched from NMM to Vortex.. Everything was running fine with NMM and now everything is going to sh_t with Vortex. Anyone now how to fix this ?
  5. Fallout 4 was updated..and had to install the updated f4se, looksmenu. and several other mods that needed to be updated. now when I go into the game and have all these floresent markers squares, arrows, circles etc also arrows at doors I have install label "door". What happened and how do I fix this ? Please help... Thank you
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