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  1. I am new to Town... but not to the one they call...

    "The Gopher..."

    Wouldn't mind greetings from some of the standup minions 'round these parts.

    1. Eliorim


      I'm more of a sit-down or lie-down minion but whatevs...

      Welcome to the forum, pardner. gopherVaultStiv

      [... Insert witty greeting here ...]

      Um,... Psst... Guys! Help with the eetinggray to the ewnay inionmay. Where is everybody?

    2. JediJosh7054


      Well then, Welcome! 

      Don't mind the quietness, everybody is just hiding.

    3. Cryzeteur


      I didn't even notice your post.... everything around here is in stealth mode.

      Welcome Allan. Always happy to see a new minion. Have a cookie, sit a spell. Keep an eye on the sky, or three if you have that many to spare, lest you are surprised by divebombing turtles, bats and squirrels wearing black hats with blowguns and torches.

  2. TL;DR at bottom! I was greatly enjoying my time with Gopher and Metro Exodus, as I often do on a cold rainy eve. A thought! I decided I would simply LOVE to purchase this new game. Metro has the foulest of beasts and the darkest of sewers! ...With beautiful Russian accents to boot!... .... then however I see.... heart heavy on my chest... Gophers Affiliate's link to GOG doesn't work... 🤔 "But why?" me wonders... "but why?" Scowering the deepest of webs I stumble across some information! 🤨 I raise a brow, slowly and with caution... and see.... "Metro Exodus EXCLUSIVE to EPIC!" [----silence----] I can feel the panic setting in... "Noooooo!" I shouted, loudly [- Startling my loyal hound at me feet -] I frantically search and search for the coveted affiliate link or code!!! [- minutes pass as if they were hours -] But... but... where?" I said in an exhausted and defeated tone. "How does one buy the bloody game AND support Gopher at the same time!!!!????" I shouted mightily into the interwebbings of society. "But How?" 😧 TL:DR Soooo, Gophers GOG affiliate link for Metro Exodus doesn't work... obviously. So how do I buy the game but still support Gopher, when it is only sold on EPIC's launcher now? Does Gopher have an affiliate link or code for us to use?
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