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  1. Not trying to revive a dead thread but after 3 hours of searching and a lot of frustration, I came across this. A few minutes later I figured out what's wrong, and it's not Vortex. That was my assumption as well. First, you need to download gamesforwindowslive disabler from NexusMods. Activate it after installing it. THEN you need to go to your fonts section in your mydocuments fallout 3 folder. Fallout.ini, NOT default_fallout.ini or whatever it is. Go to fonts, highlight all of the fonts, then put in the following. [Fonts] ;sFontFile_1=Textures\Fonts\Glow_Monofonto_Large.fnt sFontFile_1=Textures\Fonts\DarN_FranKleinBold_14.fnt ;sFontFile_2=Textures\Fonts\Monofonto_Large.fnt sFontFile_2=Textures\Fonts\DarN_FranKleinBold_16.fnt sFontFile_3=Textures\Fonts\Glow_Monofonto_Medium.fnt ;sFontFile_4=Textures\Fonts\Monofonto_VeryLarge02_Dialogs2.fnt ;sFontFile_4=Textures\Fonts\DarN_FranKleinBold_Otl_12.fnt sFontFile_4=Textures\Fonts\DarN_Sui_Generis_Otl_10.fnt sFontFile_5=Textures\Fonts\Fixedsys_Comp_uniform_width.fnt ;sFontFile_6=Textures\Fonts\Glow_Monofonto_VL_dialogs.fnt ;sFontFile_6=Textures\Fonts\DarN_PetitaMedium_Outline_18.fnt ;sFontFile_6=Textures\Fonts\DarN_Forgotten_Futurist_Otl_18.fnt sFontFile_6=Textures\Fonts\DarN_Sui_Generis_Otl_13.fnt ;sFontFile_7=Textures\Fonts\Baked-in_Monofonto_Large.fnt sFontFile_7=Textures\Fonts\DarN_Libel_Suit_Otl_24.fnt ;sFontFile_7=Textures\Fonts\DarN_Klill_Outline_20.fnt sFontFile_8=Textures\Fonts\Glow_Futura_Caps_Large.fnt Make sure you copied and pasted and put it IN PLACE of the other font stuff, not adding it, but replacing it. That's extremely important. Before activating games for windows live disabler, I had a major problem at this point with it locking the game up at the menu. It would show the little DUI head, and then locked up tight. Now it doesn't. ;) I'm posting this for the google search in case anyone else comes across it (Looking at you Tannin if you're out there reading this). And I honestly can't believe Gopher forgot to add all this, or had the dumb luck enough he didn't need to lmao. He's so detailed on everything else :P
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