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  1. Thank you for this information. I've already seen both of those videos, but rewatching them can't hurt. What's a threadripper rig? I know he records with one and plays on another, I've just never heard that term. And I record my mic audio with audacity, while I record my gameplay with another program. Is constant frame rate something I can choose in an audio recording program's settings? Or is it something determined by hardware? The sidechain thing is interesting. I'll look into that. When it pulls one track up to match another, does it also dampen that same track if it goes t
  2. Oh, I have seen the door video. lol I understand. I have a fairly quiet room. I have a mic on a headset to work with, but I have ways to tweak my voice to make up for that a bit. Its really the balance between the game sound and the mic audio when editing that I need help with. Gopher usually has the game sound at just the right level so that you hear it well and feel like you are playing the game, but also it doesn't overwhelm his commentary. Some of it I can tell is b/c of ducking. Was just wondering if he's ever shared if he does anything else. I've seen some other youtubers suggest th
  3. Hi all. New to the forums, though I've watched Gopher's stuff for a few years now. I was wondering, has he ever done a video that goes in depth about his current editing process, specifically about how he handles audio and audio levels? I know a quality mic has a lot to do with overall quality of sound, but I'm talking more about how he integrates his mic and game sound? For example, I've been rewatching the last few episodes of the Far Harbor playthrough recently and both sets of sound come through so clearly without overpowering the other. Is he really just using audio ducking or is the
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