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  1. I looked back through my watch history and thought I'd gone crazy & dreamed up the whole Chay & Gopher in Green Hell. I was loving it!!! I do SSSOOO hope that they make this a new survival adventure. I thoroughly enjoyed watching their not-quite Forest-like game play.
  2. He's said something about it before, but I'm still not totally convinced that Henry's in tune with the whole short-sword/shield vs. long-sword thing. He's done nearly all his training with long-swords, and wonders why he's so bad with a short-sword & shield. At least he seems to be having fun training, and once he's committed to weapon style, I can see him becoming a really good fighter. This episode, though a bit shorter, should have some good footage for nekollx's montage.
  3. Sorry if I seem impatient on the vid. posting; I know most of us have that pesky IRL-thing going in the background. You do it better than me anyways... Your moderator super-powers allow you to fit the entire title in the subject line, but it's Sunday & I got bored. <---...like that's a valid excuse - lol. Your second point is what I assumed from my Intro. that Gopher may or may not cruise through his own forums every once in a while, and really, I'm a capitalist too, so if the man can sell his exclusivity, then I say he should. I'm just happy enough to be a fan, and wanted to find a less mainstream (more friendly & less-crowded) method of interacting with other fans. Cotton
  4. I'm a big fan of using spoiler tags to keep those that read the comments before watching the episode, as well as keeping Gopher from some info that I may be privy to since I've seen some LP footage of KCD already, but is it really a surprise to anyone that Gopher got distracted? Stay tuned for the next episode when <SPOILER> Henry gets utterly lost, and runs away from bad guys that are chasing him! These are the things that make even the less action-packed episodes enjoyable to watch. I love this stuff - Great show! Cotton
  5. Sorry if I'm stepping on any toes here (OutandBack), but the vids been up for an hour, and I can't go that long without talking about it
  6. I shouldn't be surprised that Gopher is obsessively working on his water-borne house, but I believe a name change is in order to "The Dam of Doom."
  7. I think that was to eliminate any confusion about rescuing Jimmy, or Terry, or Derek ...ya know the one, that kid from the story line.
  8. I have to admit, I'm 180° from you there, I kept thinking, 'Dude, you did just pick up some pretty awesome training, and those guys have hella' loot.' Hopefully by then he'll have found a trough, and won't be bleeding from the head.
  9. Me neither, and I must say that this game is far less aggravating to watch than Fallout 4 was when he'd say, "Is that a raider?" In FO4, it had me yelling at the screen, "He's wearing RAIDER armor!" This time it makes better sense to me that he would hesitate since you really can't tell by looking at them.
  10. Sadly, I am limited with my back-woods country internet & old broken down laptop. It's a long story of cannibalizing SSD's & then HDD's between my laptop & desktop until finally everything died, and I'm now left with this old hand-me-down lappy with a janky graphics chipset that won't properly render HD (anything >360p), and won't even play the Sims, and by now I've spent so much keeping the old stuff on life-support that I can't justify spending the $ on new stuff, so I get my gaming fix vicariously through Gopher on low-def YouTube I do have plans to build a new machine in the future once time, work, & money have all aligned, but for now I'm left to dream of the day when I can put together that i7/1050ti, and once again visit my home back in Skyrim.
  11. I've read/heard/seen somewhere that you can train some of the cannibals to not hurt you, but if I recall correctly, you can only defend, and not attack from the very beginning, and for a good long while. Since I cannot remember the source, you can take that with a grain of salt, but I would think it's a game-changer on a solo play-through.
  12. Oh man, don't get me wrong, if I got a reply from Gopher himself, I would go total fan-boi paralysis & just sit here staring at my screen with my mouth open. I just meant that if/when he were to read it, he would take it in good humor, as I feel certain he would since he does have a great sense of humor, and I'm sure he'd know that's how it was intended, that's all. EDIT: I painted a funny picture, but IRL I've never been star-struck (though I have met a few celebs), and I could totally see how those that might would clamor for attention, so well-said OutandBack.
  13. Thank y'all for all the warm welcomes! I'm pretty sure Gopher's too busy to read all the noob posts, but if he does stumble upon this one, I hope he might read this & get a kick out of it.
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