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  1. I am leaving and would you so kindly delete my account. I have of no need to be here, I have nothing to add to the forum any more,
  2. I am deciding to leave the forum, I know it is a great forum. But I have no need to be here. If I have nothing to post or interact with. Enjoy and thank you
  3. A peaceful gamer's mind, is the mind of platinum trophies and high achievement points. Be one with the controller and the A.I will never defeat you 

  4. Now I am going to have to get into this. Never seen this thread before. Getting Minecraft for the first time and I will be posting my own soon
  5. You have a deal friend, just thought has he did not post it. I would be helpful LOL
  6. Thank you friend for your reply, it was really helpful and I am taking all advice and rolling with it. I am just not one for simplistic games like Mine-craft, I am more RPG etc... But open worlds that are like this one, I am willing to give a go
  7. I accidently posted this friend earlier. If I am not allowed my bad
  8. wonderful friend, wonderful. Keep up the great work
  9. Maybe you are right. But then again, we all have this type of feeling when the answers to our questions are so elusive
  10. You know, I have never ever played or experience D&D i missed out all this time
  11. I agree. But now all I see is less effort and more greed. But on the other side of that, their are honesty within some gaming companies and indie studios. Just miner compared to what it should be
  12. I can say, that gopher has a mind with many many characters we have yet to explore, learn or indulge in. " And we are back " LOL
  13. I am and never will tempt anyone to anyone's defence and sorry if I give that impression. Plus I agree Fallout 76 or any other title that is not the single player experience, should not hold the lore hostage. But over all I am more in belief I want to trust the industry, but I cannot and in my many years and two decades of gaming or more. I am less likely to trust it any more
  14. How about this. If and this is a massive IF, if we are entirely a lone in this universe and say there are many or infinite universes and our existence is to explore ours and rap on the door of others to say hello or this is the only infinite or extremely large universe and our existence is upon meeting and becoming a united universe and peace and love all that amazing wonder
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