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  1. Nice to meet you friend, and the pleasure is all mine. Been here for two years and love it a lot, despite the silent nature here right now or for awhile now LOL

  2. I once bet on a horse and won a Furs ru Da, it was a weird character day
  3. That is an awesome point friend. I am still always intrigued by others way of thinking when it comes to this Rich, Deep, and incredible Lore
  4. I wonder if he has a menu that has a list of humour and personalities for the right game he is playing LOL
  5. Now you have my interest and eye. I am going to look into these and see what is the best to start with. Anything tough is a great start for me, I am no slow chicken LOL
  6. Thank you my friend. I tried it a few years back blind and not thinking it through. This time I am all caught up on what I need and how to prevail in the tough rough lands of skyrim LOL
  7. One is always ahead of the curve my friend. I am a witcher and we dress and undress for the POOR, wait, sorry that came out wrong. We give our clothes to the poor. Because we know we can always loot a nice wealthy gentleman that has happened to fall on our swords
  8. One concurs LOL, I have seen people with over 200, 500, 1,000 mods installed and that is for the sake of access. When it comes to Gopher, it is logical and well thought out and a mixture of his own as well LOL
  9. I fully agree, I can see something what that is? I have no clue yet from them. Something has to happen drastically, it is either going to be us the fans or the company
  10. I agree, but then I have to commend the staff and Gopher for keeping this place going and us as members. Change would be massively welcome. I guess time will tell
  11. What will it take to make this Forum amazing and busy. I have been here since Sept 8 2018 and I seen then a slight spike in posting. But I feel now it has just got so quiet, I can hear other members thinking and typing something and then hitting the delete button and then logging out. I am the one at the moment posting, just to give life into this forum and I was wondering what do we need to make this place amazing and busy I suggest a small chat box where people can chat and come up with threads or at least stay in contact about changing in the mod scene, gaming industry etc... I feel if a chat box was here, people would comeback and chat and it will make the forum alive again
  12. Star wars to me is awful and I have watched a few and do not like them at all. I even watched the first ones way back in the day. Still find them boring and uninteresting
  13. I know this is after the time E3 is meant to take place. However I believe after a few weeks to think about it E3 is no more and I think something new has to replace it.
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