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  1. With a heavy heart and a sadden soul. I relinquish my hands from the controller and cease to game anymore. I have lost interest, may I find an equal to match it's incredible adventures one has experienced <3

    1. ShawnBoucher


      Sad news indeed. The world is full of things to explore hopefully you will find something new that captures your imagination.

    2. Sophieskyrim1984


      One will my friend, one will. I guess I have grown old and lost interest and in turn made a whole within my heart unpleasant to fill right now. But one does what one does and that is experience an alternative 

  2. I am diving into the epigenetics of the human evolution and also the understanding of philosophy and mind, heart, spirituality and universal consciousness <3

  3. The fact it is pure history based, well to my knowledge it is and that is massively appealing to me and for that and also the fact it is not your normal fantasy RPG is even more of a huge appeal as well.
  4. Still playing skyrim after all these years, now on the switch :ph34r:

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    2. Sophieskyrim1984


      How about a switch styled in the artistic nature of Cyberpunk 2077. That looks punky and yet has cyber styler control made in the style of a weapon or a motorbike lmao 

    3. Master Cire

      Master Cire

      That's something I could get behind on.

    4. Sophieskyrim1984


      One does not easily access the nature of Nintendo's fun and madness, one accepts the unpredictability of what game will or will not provide a comfort to us 







  5. An understatement my friend. I was always in two minds about posting about it and yet I guess at least someone didn't know and there it is lol
  6. Oh, That Easter egg was amazing, if it is what I and many thought it was. With the two guys by the Scotland Yard Detective, It was amazing
  7. In case many know this already, sorry in advance. But if many don't enjoy Ok, I am assuming all know the hidden chests in Skyrim and the locations of them, Whiterun, Dawnstar, Markarth, Solitude etc... But for those in the unknown, these are chests you can access by exploiting the game in certain ways. Youtube is the best bet to explain them better. But what I am talking about is Solitude & Markarth's hidden chests just outside there gates and the Khajiit Caravans. Now for some reason, the Solitude Khajiit caravan hidden chest when activated is actually located in Markarth and the Markarth Khajiit caravan hidden chest, when activated, is located in Solitude. So basically, If you go Solitude and outside the gates and talk to the Khajiit Caravan and activated their inventory and try and open the chest hidden underneath their tent, it will open up the hidden chest that is located in Markarth of which is actually again Markarths hidden chest and again of which is not Solitudes hidden chest. Now if you were to go to Markarth and talk to the Khajiit Caravan their and access their inventory and then open the hidden chest behind the wall. It will actually open up the hidden chest and that chest is actually Solitudes hidden chest of which is meant to be in Solitude. This, in turn, means that for some reason the two chests are in the wrong locations and thus. You activate Markarth's in solitude and solitude's in Markarth. But there is an advantage here. For those that have over-encumber issues. If you sell your goods to the Khajiit say in Markarth and activate the hidden chest in solitude. You will get the items back plus whatever is in the chest. It is an easy way to fast travel and still acquire the items that weighed you down and vice versa. So if you are in solitude and are over-encumbered. Then just sell them to the Khajiit caravan outside solitude and go to Markarth if that is where you are heading and pick them up from the hidden chest behind the wall. And again plus any other items within the chest if they are there A side note, if you exceed the money the khajiit have and cannot sell anymore to them. Just have a follower as well and it can help a lot in moving large amounts of items you want to move.
  8. Much appreciated my friend and I will be the bard of the Gopher Minion Inn. I will sing songs of his Heroism and our trumpets over the lost Sweetrolls of Skyrim
  9. I have Minecraft and never thought of even trying it at all. I am going to now since the update seems like a good improvement on the game
  10. I feel VR is not at a point for me, where I am affected by any game. I feel unimpressed with any and all games that many I know that tell me it makes them uncomfortable and or outright sick. I guess I am feeling-ness in the sense I cannot feel or notice any of that hee hee, so I rule VR with no feedback from the games I experience
  11. Horses never really appealed to me at all. Well only when a mountain is to steep and or to vertical for my feet. Even Shadowmere has a plus, her eyes are red
  12. Well, it is all about being one with the Axe, hands, time, and no raging really lol.. You just think well it is better than wasting my gold on potions, poisons, swords, and dragons
  13. In fairness though, I did find it hard and tough at the start. But once my mindset was in place and I just went with it. Before I knew it, I was an insane amount of hours in and just kept going
  14. Well guys, l like penguins and top hats and chocolate dancing dragons with pink lollypops for necks. So all good here
  15. Would not have it any other way. Still feel like the game is fresh every time I play
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