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  1. Does the "Lone Wanderer" perk still applies when using the "Everyone's best companion" mod ? Oh and one subsidiary question : do you guys still dare eating dog's meat when Dogmeat is around ? EDIT / Ok, I just realized the perk was not about travelling with Dogmeat, but travelling alone, Dogmeat not counting as a companion. So I guess the answer to my first question is no.
  2. AH, you make me curious : which tree mod ? So I've uninstalled Vivid AIO and globally ; yes, the world seems a tad washed out but so much more aestetically harmonius.In short : it looks nicer to me. Some of vivid's textures were sharper than other, some I liked very much, some I didn't like. Here, there's a feeling of consistency. Np texture bumps out of the lot. Even the greenery mod (seasons) I've installed seems to look better now. Actually, I think I'll uninstall it too once I've tried the whole 4 seasons. EDIT : Nope, uninstalling Vivid absolutely messed with
  3. I also use Vivid Fallout - all in one / But I'm not so sure. By Ivy, you mean this one : https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/10436/ ? And thank you for the advice, I will definitely avoid manual uninstalling.
  4. Hi, I installed a landscape texture mod without much thinking, just out of habits from New Vegas and Fallout 3, where NMC's work did really bring something new and cohesive. But now I'm kinda conflicted about Fallout 4 re-texturing mods... They might be more detailed than the original but I don't find that the result is much more beautiful than vanilla. I also have a weather/environment mod installed, NAC, but there I have no doubt, it really brings more atmosphere, in a subtle and tasteful way. On the other hand I haven't been playing games for so long, so I don't have an eye f
  5. Gopher's tutorials have been of great help to play Fallout 3 and NV. Years after I found this site, and thought it would be the occasion to say thanks to the guy. So here I am : thanks Gopher. And I might have a few questions concerning Fallout 4's modding
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