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  1. I couldn't get the game to load with SSE fixes. I skipped that mod since it only addressed FPS issues. I was using mod manager. What is this DropBox you speak of? Thanks, Scott I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow to the knee..
  2. Hello y'all. New guy here. I just watched the first two (Awesome) videos on YouTube and decided to play along with the same mods. I have installed the mods in the description and am having a crash. When I open the Trade UI a message box pops up and tells me that the Vendor's items are on top, then there is a line, then your items. SkyUI already breaks them out into two tabs, so when you scroll down it goes boom. Does anyone have an idea which mod is creating this conflict with SkyUI? Thank you and be well. Scott -- I remain
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