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    If an essential mod list is put together, I would suggest a list for different computer systems (or maybe graphic settings). What he would consider essential mods if the game is running at low or medium, the list is probably going to be different from us folks running at ultra.
  2. Oh nice, they were sublte immersion mods and one timesaver. Headtracking, Lifelike Idle Animations, and Transmute Iron Ore First (a real nice simple elegant solution for that one)
  3. Fiddlesticks! Is he not just doing the Mod Testing Streams or both it and the Mod Sanctuary? I came on as I recently found some mods I thought he would like to review so was looking for the suggestion box. And now I find I'm too late!?! It's all done?!? Wahhhh, guess I'll log and cry myself to sleep.
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    Addendum to the top mod list would be to have a couple lists for different computing power systems, a mod list for the Ultra folks, a mod list for the medium setting folks, etc. While many mods do have variable settings (1-4K textures, etc.) not all do.