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  1. Vortex - The new Nexus Mod Manager has arrived.

    Yeah. A thing I noticed and reported yesterday is that it will allow you to keep downloading the same file over and over and over without any warning at all. It renames the file, adding a counter to it so it will show up as SFO, SFO1, SFO2, SFO3, etc. Which is easy to spot and fix, but an annoying waste of time and space and bandwidth. Please report everything you see using the Send Feedback tool in the upper right corner kebob menu, as detailed as possible. They're eager for reports and working pretty hard at knocking out the bugs, but it's definitely alpha level software still.
  2. Vortex - The new Nexus Mod Manager has arrived.

    What was the error? Did it show as a ESOCKETTIMEOUT error in Vortex's notification area? I get those every once in a while, but trying again usually gets it. Other than that I have no problems downloading from Nexus links straight to Vortex. Is Vortex generating the error? Is Vortex trying to download? See DOWNLOADS page in Vortex after you click a link.
  3. Vortex - The new Nexus Mod Manager has arrived.

    Settings -> Downloads -> Handle "Download with Manager" buttons on nexusmods.com Is that what you're looking for?
  4. Vortex - The new Nexus Mod Manager has arrived.

    Which version of Skyrim? Does Steam show that the DLC are installed? What is your skyrim directory? Do you see them in your Skyrim data directory? Do they still show up on your old mod manager? What do you see in the PLUGINS page on Vortex? (screenshot?) If you navigate to %APPDATA%\Vortex (copy that directory, tap Windows key, Ctrl+V, press enter) in File Explorer, and then navigate through the skyrim or skyrimse folder, do they show in your plugins.txt file? Sorry for so many questions, but I'm probably still forgetting some. If you can't track it down it might be worth posting on the Feedback forum for more direct support: https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/forum/4306-vortex-feedback/
  5. Vortex - The new Nexus Mod Manager has arrived.

    The Alpha was opened up early today: https://www.nexusmods.com/news/13411 Vortex along with any plugins as they are developed should appear here: https://www.nexusmods.com/site
  6. Skyrim Special Edition - help to starting it off please.

    Dirty Weasel has some good vids in his Skyrim Special Edition Modding series. Also see Lexy's: Legacy of The Dragonborn Special Edition for some information on converting. There are other STEP guides for SSE, but I think this is the most up to date. You can find info on RaceMenu in the posts under the mod page for OldRim: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/29624/?tab=posts Generally, Check: SSE pages OldRim pages. Some will have the SSE edition in the Files. Some mention it on the landing page or in the Posts. Google the name of the mod and Skyrim SE. EG search for Skyrim SE RaceMenu. You may have to check a number of links before you find the best answers. Look for results on NexusMods or Reddit, esp. Sometimes others have already converted or tried to convert the one you're looking for.
  7. Skyrim Special Edition - help to starting it off please.

    Short answer, I'm using Noble Skyrim as my main retexture. The SE edition is found under the OldRim page on Nexus. But I'm mixing it with many other mods. Here's my list of texture mods I plan to use on my first SSE playthrough. The list is not final as I haven't tested all of it yet. There is also Better Harvesting, but I haven't decided yet if or which I would use. I too used Harvest Overhaul in the past. One cool thing about playing SSE is it's forcing me to use a lot of mods I haven't used yet where I would normally fall back on tried and true mods.
  8. Vortex - The new Nexus Mod Manager has arrived.

    Vortex uses a rule based approach. It detects conflicts and ask you what to do. You then create a rule that says this mod always comes before the other mod or vice versa. While some drag and drop positioning is sort of available (as a way to create rules) it's not meant to allow users to put every single one of their mods in a specific spot, like Mod Organizer does. That's what the people who are upset want. They are used to manually ordering and positioning all of their mods just they way they want. They like micro managing and I think there's a sense of pride that comes from crafting a modded game with hundreds of mods all placed just so and working as you envision. I know that's been the case for me. But, when you try to shoehorn that old way of modding on to the new Vortex manager, the process grinds. It don't fit. They are having trouble adjusting to a new way. IMO, the new rule based approach is far superior, after thinking about for a while. In fact it sort of matches my mental process better. I recently started using XMind to map out my mods and I think that is part of why it started to make sense for me. (small sample attached) When I'm drawing it out, what I'm doing is basically defining relationships (as child nodes, sometimes relationship lines) and many of those relationships can be defined directly now in Vortex in the form of rules. Once you create the rules between two conflicting mods, you never have to think about it again. Whereas if you are manually ordering your list, you have to constantly be aware of the relationships between all the mods involved. I also think it offers a lot of promise for future enhancement. I'm hoping, but it has never been mentioned or hinted at, but I'm hoping it will eventually morph in to a full package management system where we never have to worry about any of the details. Just install a mod and it installs any dependencies, patches, asks if the user if there are alternate or optional features, etc. But that's just wishful thinking at this point. I do think the rule-base approach is a good and required first step in that direction. I do worry about peoples first impressions and expectations. I think it's going to be a shock for new users, being so different. That's why I wish @Gopher and others would get out ahead of launch (barring any NDAs) to tame peoples expectations and let them know what's coming. It's easier to prepare ahead than to change peoples minds after. And if the comments on the Nexus news page and the Vortex forums is an indicator there are going to be some loud complaints and fury coming. I also cracked up at that post by DarkOne this morning. It was perfect! I know Gopher's been working with Vortex since well ahead of his update video on 2018-01-21, Gopher's Skyrim SE Plans, where he alluded to it. He mentioned it more specifically in his video update today, Gopher's Skyrim SE Plans : Update. Skyrim SE Mods.7z
  9. Vortex - The new Nexus Mod Manager has arrived.

    I've been anxiously following along too, every shred I can find. Missed getting in on the alpha. I really like the new approach. Like others, my first reaction was negative, but after thinking about it, i think it's going to be a much better system, more productive, and less fiddly. I think a lot of us are used to micro managing and take pride in our painstakingly crafted modded games. It's a big change, but one for the better, once people get their heads around it. I wish Gopher and others would go ahead and release First Impression and general intro vids ahead of the general release to help people understand and maybe, maybe curb some of the inevitable fallout from people facing the coming change. The negativeness on NexusMods is disheartening. Really looking forward to tutorials, and the coming playthrough. Found another vid with a bit more info: