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  1. You're such an amazing storyteller, keep it up! I love the characterization! Really great character development for all your unique characters.
  2. COOL FINDS #1 Check out the wearable robotics from the 50's exo suits this early on? wow, its really interesting. http://www.businessinsider.com/you-have-to-see-these-giant-robots-ge-created-for-the-us-military-in-the-50s-and-60s-2016-3/?r=AU&IR=T
  3. Thanks man! also yeah it kinda does look like a robot lol
  4. IMAGE DEVELOPMENT #1 (Goltangage station lollipop shaped sign.) NOTE: going to be posting the development of pieces of art down here. Made some progress on the Goltangage sign post-war this will be on top of the station's coolant refiling overhang. original sketch that I'm painting over.
  5. creating these companies and location will help expand on the possible creatures & factions. I was thinking that Australia would most likely have been bombarded with warheads, but possibly just the main cities, or the large US military facility located in the central desert part of Australia, called Pine Gap. Fore New-North, since its based in a fictional city on the coast in Northern Territory I wanted to make it that the city had been it by tsunamis not warheads, and have something that the folk have passed on about the "Great King Wave" or something like that. So the northern part of the map, the coast line is swap like, with lots of mangroves, and then down south there is a large hill with cliff houses, behind that hill the terrain will be rather then the swap/wetlands it will be the start to a desert. Within the desert there will be a large uranium mine, with a city within it, and a little town just outside of that, the surrounding areas will have hostiles that constantly raid the city.
  6. Thanks guys for the comments and feedback, I'm currently creating all the pre-war companies so i can create location relating to these companies, i will be creating factions for post-war.
  7. ABOUT This page is mainly for my own personal project, thanks to @VATROU inspirational Alaska Lore page I have decided to post some lore relating to my own project, Lost in New-North. This was going to be purely for the development of my art portfolio, but now I have decided to expand more to it then what i first originally planned. Nothing within the lore will be set in stone, i will be slowly adding to it as I go. I'm acting as if I'm creating an add-on for Fallout 4, so ill be covering a lot of things along side the lore. NOTE: I am not a hardcore Fallout fan.... yet, I have only just recently invested more time in reading about Fallout's universe , Fallout 4 was my first experience within the fallout universe. Apologies if there is anything incorrect relating to the lore of fallout written on this page. you can find VATROU's lore page here > https://t.co/iZkLBjC4Bw NOTE: Most artwork found on this page, I created so please don't steal any. RECENTLY EDITED TABS are represented with this > * NEW-NORTH MAP ART DIRECTION LORE TIMELINE PRE-WAR COMPANIES & ORGANISATIONS * LOCATIONS Goltangage Coolant & motorized repairs Game Assets
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