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  1. Thanks for the quick reply man! yeah that seems to ring a bell. I bet some of the other mod makers have pretty high levels of programming so I’m not surprised! I didn’t know gopher used to be a teacher, that explains a lot!
  2. Hey guys, I was thinking recently gopher is very knowledgeable regarding all the software and the the coding etc. behind games and computer applications, for instance he will be one of the first to properly have a good understanding of Vortex and its processes. I remember him saying a while ago he has a background in some sort of programming/computing is that right, ? I would like to be as clued up as G, feel like it would be handy.
  3. Thanks Cry, I will have a look. From what you’ve used is it worth switching from say NMM to vortex, because to be honest I have never had a problem with NMM, and if it is still being supported I can’t see why I would change over. Unless vortex is going to completely replace NMM and NMM will no longer be updated.
  4. The thing with Frost is that you still have access to your vanilla save game files. The frost saves are just added to them. If you attempt to start a new game and don't use the FROST save files from them load menu then it will a new game which is the vanilla Fallout 4. However I would definitely make a back up of both the folders that Cry stated before you install the mod.
  5. You know i'm not surprised. Yeah the mods to pretty much do any play-through you want are out there!
  6. Well you can do a play through where you just side with the minutemen, that is what I did on my last play through. It was probably my favorite option and leaves the minutemen as probably the most powerful faction in the commonwealth. If you are playing with mods grab some like we are the minutemen. on my first play through I was Brotherhood. I personally like the brotherhood, but they do some questionable things. And there are some twists especially involving some major characters, but I don’t want to spoil anything. However I did really enjoy my brotherhood play through and it gives
  7. I will try and resolve the frame rate issue for the next episode. I already have 5 recorded, and with frost it’s impossible for me to revert to a save from when I started recording. So for episode 6 I will try and make sure I have got it fixed, I found some potential solutions online. in terms of being too twitchy, I will bear that in mind and perhaps also turn my mouse sensitivity down, thanks for spending your time watching the episodes and giving feedback guys!
  8. Fair enough I will probably jut cut them then, I honestly appreciate the feedback, I have never done let’s plays or been involved at all in video creation for a long while so it’s great to get some!
  9. Thank you so much for the feedback! I am really bad at seeing the effects of frame rate. I am recording using OBS at 30 FPS, for some reason recording at 60 caused a real stutter problem on the output, when the game ran fine! I will try and work on it for the next episodes. I will try and fast forward the more boring parts of the play through or cut them out all together, I’ll try and take a page from gophers book. The audio levels is something I am still trying to tweak and perfect! Thanks again for the feedback, I will implement all your suggestions into upcoming videos!
  10. Thanks for subscribing, I’m glad your enjoying it, I have never done let’s plays before and will keep working to improve!
  11. Welcome Eferas! Gopher is my main guy for let’s plays too! There aren’t many people that can bring you into the world like he does! I hope you you enjoy the forums, I am new here myself, but can tell you that you made the right choice signing up! I found Gopher during his Richard play through as well, and can’t wait for him to get back into Skyrim SE. Have fun!
  12. yeah I was thinking that, or at least waiting until some more features crop up. I want to pick up the game package with the freelancer when I do? isit worth while spending more money on better game packages. I heard you will be able to purchase the ships with in game currency anyway? Yeah I cannot wait for the finished product, it it ever comes. But all of the gameplay and demonstrations of future features that I have seen look promising. Yeah i'm not surprised, they keep deciding to add/remove features and as the years go by in development I guess they are consta
  13. Hi guys I was wondering if anyone had picked up star citizen. I am considering getting it next month and wanted to know if it is worth it in its current Alpha state. Also if anyone does have it I let me know as I will need some people to play with!
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