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  1. Hi all, After some help with merging multiple mods into one package using Mod Organizer. Example: Hateful Wenches - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68090 There are two main files for this mod, one that uses vanilla armors and one that uses custom armors. I want to use the custom armor version and with the customer version required the following armor mods to be installed as well. -Draugr Skirts- by Tattooedillusions -Ancient Draugr Armor- by Deserter X -Sotteta Huntress Armor- by Deserter X -Sotteta Necromancer Outfit- by Deserter X - Mitosuke -Merta Assassin Armor- by Deserter X - Mitosuke -Merta Black Rose Armor- by Deserter X -Cassandra Frost Witch Outfit- by Deserter X -Daedric Reaper Armor- by Deserter X What i want to do if it can be done is to have the main Hateful Wenches mod and all the armor mods in one package, so when i activate the package it adds everything related the the mods in the game, but then when i deactivate the mod, it removes everything associated with the main mod in one click. Any help would be appreciated.