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    Awesome, I feel the same, learning and growing with each video.. I've been uploading mine to youtube, but I wonder if I shouldn't because right now they aren't very good. My playthrough right now is based around the Undeath Mod and Lichdom. I'd like to tell a good story based on this, but so far its just meh.
  2. Invictus


    Nice Cryzeteur! Thanks for the tips. I'll try to do better on my next video. What I'm doing is just kinda playing normally and recording an hour or so at a time, then every 3 or 4 episodes I want to make a "road so far" video. I don't expect anyone to watch to be honest, just doing this for my own entertainment.
  3. Invictus


    Definitely, any criticism,constructive or otherwise,is very appreciated.
  4. Invictus


    Much appreciated all. I'm just playing around with video editing, it makes Skyrim so fun!
  5. Invictus


    It's great to find this place, been a Gopher fan for years.
  6. Gopher has really inspired me in the way I play my game, I decided to follow his example and record my stuff on youtube for my own amusement. I am still struggling to get all my settings perfect, I am recording with OBS and editing with Hitfilm, I also went out and bought a good mic, my first video has some minor sound issues, and I think my second video is slightly too loud, but my third video may turn out good if I can find the happy medium. Anyway, here it is. If anyone watches it I'll take any criticism constructive or otherwise to help me do things better. I am using Live Another Life, Necromancer Start. The goal is to work up towards becoming a Lich with the Undeath mod.
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