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  1. After seeing the name you have given your character, I'd like to assure you that 'Kevin' or 'Kevan' is not as lacklustre a moniker as you might think. There is a series of epic fantasy novels called 'The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, the Unbeliever', in which one of the legendary figures of ancient lore is named 'High Lord Kevin'. Next to other historical figures such as Loric Vilesilencer and Berek Halfhand, he seems a little incongruous. Nevertheless, his significance in the series' lore makes the name Kevin and its variations most respectable indeed.
  2. In this noxious river runs the effluent from Ganzel Puckney's ailing mindhead. Wade at your own peril. Stiv, master of his domain: Secreted next from my cephalic pipes is the journal of a Khajiit named Miko the Stray. Unlike High Lord Gopher and a great many of his minions, I have not the presence, equipment, competence, confidence, charisma or spontaneous wit to record an adequate roleplaying adventure; thus I offer you this journal, featuring Miko's thoughts and recounts of his adventures. Think of me as a playful daedra, sharing a mortal's private writings with a distant plane of existence just for a laugh. The entries are written in-game, using the mod Take Notes - Journal of the Dragonborn. Be warned: there are typos aplenty and probably points where I have inadvertently written in the first person (Miko is supposed to write and communicate in the third person, as is common amongst Khajiit). Also, being the absent-minded fool that I am, the cursor is hovering over some of the words in every screenshot; but it should remain easy enough to understand. Entry 1 (Most of the entries henceforth will be divided into multiple screenshots, as they are too long to fit on just one. Reading them may also require serious zooming - around 400%): Thus far I have written up to Entry 16. For now, however, I'll upload only the first, to ascertain if this is something people would actually read. I Know I would - but perhaps I'm sorely overestimating the amount of time I have to spend on this planet.
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