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  1. I wonder if Gopher even saw Firefly, that amazing tv show. The game sure have that vibe, which is perfect.
  2. I don't think the problem is when they are going to release it or not, that's not even in question... The problem is what kind of game it will be. Considering Bethesda dawnfall from Fallout 4 to Fallout 76, two failed games (according to fans) one after the other, Bethesda's road is all up. My hope is that Obsidian and its The Outher Would will burn and kick Bethesda's ass back into shape.
  3. It's 90% of exactly what I miss from Bethesda games: great open world, meaningful choices, skill check, character creation, deep story, factions... except it isn't both first and third person. I really hope the internet can push Obsidian into adding the third person camera as well, that's a very important feature this game still misses for me to be the next "game I'm still playing 10 years after".
  4. No, he had problems saving the esp in the ck64, action necessary to convert the plugin to SSE format. It kept crashing, but then he fixed the problem and managed to save it. The problem with loose files is because SSE archive method is different and the mod is simply too big. I managed to archive the whole thing into 4 different archives, but later in the game it gave me problems so I returned to loose files. Doesn't look like it will be archived any time soon, but I'm playing with this mod loose files for a long time now and I can say it doesn't slow down loading at all. The alpha version is because the mod is so big, with all that quests and voiced dialogues, that there is no way for Kris to test the whole thing, so it's called an alpha until enough people report they played the whole thing without problems (which may be just me, did I say the mod is really huge? xD).
  5. Gopher doesn't play Ubisoft games, he made a video about that. Also, I think Sea of Thieves needs krakens. Really big, scary, krakens.
  6. So, that 3.42.7 is the mod version, like Interesting NPCs version 3.42.7, meaning the author worked on version 1.00 then 1.2 then 2.00 then 3.5 etc etc. This numbers have nothing to do with the 43 and 44 format version I was talking about. 43 format is the format of all Oldrim plugins (the esp file a mod usually has) while 44 is the format of SSE plugins, but these numbers have nothing to do with a mod version (1.00, or 2.00 or 3.42.7 etc). You can check if a mod from oldrim is correctly ported to SSE by loading its esp plugin into xEDIT, there will be a string named VERSION and you can check if it says 43 or 44. Better now? EDIT: yes the author fixed the problems he had about porting and I can confirm the mod works perfectly, since I played myself almost all of its quests and talked to almost all its NPCs by now.
  7. Did you extract the files from the bsa archive? Oldrim archives don't work on SSE. Also did you re-save the mod in the CK64 to properly convert it and update its scripts? Last thing, did you run nifoptimizer on the mod meshes? If you do all those things, the mod will work.
  8. Oldrim mods are 43 version, SSE mods are 44 version. Or format, the power of english may be failing me. You can always check if a mod is correctly ported by looking at its version in xedit.
  9. Yes it's fully working, also re-saved in the correct 44 version for SSE. Also remember to download the Dawnguard Vampire Fix patch from the same site, because it isn't included in the main download. Otherwise the two vampire characters will have black faces.
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    Thank you all.
  11. If I remember correcly Distinct Interiors adds all static items, which are the anti-thief for definition since you can't steal anything. I may be wrong, maybe it was a similar mod.
  12. Here's my suggestions. I will include mods ported by me and/or modified/fixed by me, some of them not available on the nexus but I will share with Gopher is he asks (all oldrim links are to be considered ported/fixed by me and so available to be shared). Weapons: - JaySuS Swords (my ported and fixed version): tons of new and lore-friendly weapons added to the levelled list. Get them from NPCs, vendors, craft them and look for unique weapons in dungeons and other places. - Unique Uniques: make unique weapons really unique. - Lore Weapon Expansion: as the name say. Craft, buy or loot them. Armors: - Warmonger Armory (my ported and modified version): this mod has the two best thief armors I have ever seen. Craft them or loot them from bandits. - Immersive Armors Redux (my ported and modified version): it's almost the same as Immersive Armors, but I removed all scripts and edits to NPCs, I also removed lots of recepies so the armors aren't all craftable and some of them are even removed from the mod, but most of them will still appear on bandits and vendors. It's a redux version of Immersive Armors I made for compatibility reasons and because the original is way too heavy. - B-D-Y-E-B Shield (my ported and modified version): lore-friendly shields. - Rough Leather Armor (my ported version): cool thief armor. - Better Leather Armor (my ported version): my ported version will replacer the vanilla leather armor. So much better. Followers: - Interesting NPCs: the SSE version can be downloaded here. Tons of unique voiced NPCs, followers and quests! All the quests are amazing and lore-friednly and I'm sure you will find your new companion for your thief character here. To find all the quests, just ask the innkeepers about rumors. I can't raccomand playing this mod enough, it's my favorite. - Two Handed Grimsever for Mjoll (personal mod). Mjoll is supposed to be using two handed weapons but her Grimsever weapon is a one-handed sword? Why? Well, no more! - TM Housecarls: better Housecarls, ported by me with permission. - Arissa - The Wandering Rogue: a thief follower, I could port it for you if you want. NPCs: - WICO (my fixed and modified version): I beg you Gopher, don't make us watch a let's play with vanilla ugly NPCs... Install this mod! - Open Face Guard Helmets: make eye contact with the guards. - RS Children Overhaul: no more potato head creepy children. Unique characters with a personality! - Guards Gut Fix (my ported version): no more fat guards and stormcloaks. - My Imperial Legion Overhaul: I will post screenshots if interested. Vanilla Places: - Opulent Thieves Guild: better ragged flagon. - Skyhaven Modified: it's a optional and standalone file, it makes the Skyhaven temple more useful and more pleasant, but still lore-friendly. - Farmhouse Chimneys: you didn't notice eh? Houses don't have chimneys outside, but only inside. This mod will fix that. - Cooking in Taverns: minor edits to taverns, it will allow you to cook food. Quality of life: - Equipment HUD: quick and elegant way to switch between shouts, powers and spells through hotkeys and circles. - Five O'Clock Shadow (my ported version): let your beard grow over time! Shave it, trim it or mantein its style by clicking on the razor in your inventory! - Animated Eating Redux: see the people of Skyrim, your followers and yourself eat more than bread! Sweetrolls!! - Visible Favorited Gear: see your weapons, works perfectly. I play with dagger position moved to my back and with this mod I can always see my dagger on my back even when I'm using a sword. - Khajiit Merchants Buy Stolen Items (my ported version): since you will play a thief. - Colovian Noble Clothes - Replacer for Quest Outfits: my mod. Look unique during two vanilla quests. - Real Feeding: be a good werewolf and finish your meals, people in Morrowind are starving. - Better Fast Travel - Carriages and Ships - Overhauled (my ported version): carriages in all holds, towns and villages. Basically just an extended vanilla carriage system. - INeed: eat, drink, sleep and poop! Well not the last one. Also hotkeys to eat and drink, so no need to open the menu. And your follower will eat as well. HD Textures: - Rustic Clothing: HD clothes. - aMidianBorn Book of Silence (my ported version): HD armors and weapons. - My HD everything!! I have a 4gb archive of 2k textures from different mods I made because this part of modding Skyrim when reinstalling the game was a nightmare. The archive is SMIM compatible and includes almost all vanilla textures replaced except characters, creatures, clothes, armors and weapons. I can share screenshots if you want to take a look. Way better than vanilla. Weathers: - Vivid Weathers Definitive Edition: you don't need ENBs to make SSE look amazing. I love this weather and lighting mod. Quests: - The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal: of course if you play a thief character, but install later in the game. Does have a HD pack downloadable here. For last, I recommend the Skyrim Uncapper to set two perks for level if using Ordinator (or 1.5 to have 1 extra perk each two levels). I also ported Dual Sheath Redux, but it requires 1 extra step when settings things up (no big deal). This is the best thief armor for Skyrim in my opinion (there is a male version of course): https://staticdelivery.nexusmods.com/mods/110/images/50459-1-1390942309.jpg https://staticdelivery.nexusmods.com/mods/110/images/50459-3-1502827853.jpg
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    Thank you! He does have a nice voice but the most important reason I can watch his videos is because he's a smart man and not a screaming lunatic or a pervert like pewdipie or mxr. I'm not into let's plays or pt actually, Gopher's pt are the only ones I watch because what he does is more similar to a tv show than a guy playing a game, mostly because of his roleplaying style. But my favorite videos are his rants, I admit. xD
  14. Eferas

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    Hi there! I have been following Gopher's videos for some years now, but I never came to the forum despite being aware of it and having an account for some time. I decided to finally join because I have a few suggestions for his next Skyrim Special Edition pt, so I will open a topic somewhere here on the forum to post a few links, hoping he will get the chance to give it a look. I discovered Gopher's videos when Richard's pt was almost kind of over, meaning after he killed Alduin. However what really got my attention was Jack's pt. His Jack character is the reason I fell in love with New Vegas, one of my favorite games of all time now. Before I saw Gopher playing New Vegas I wasn't a Fallout fan at all: I played Fallout 3 and didn't like it too much, I basically finished the main quests skipping all dialogues because they weren't interesting at all, most of the time made no sense but I wanted to see how the story endend and when I finished it I never touched it again, not even the DLCs. After a few years I played New Vegas but remembering how I didn't like Fallout 3 I played it without giving it much attention, so I didn't get much into the game and I failed even in understanding the factions and their ideals. In the end I left the game half way thought the story, didn't even make it to New Vegas. Then I discovered Gopher and saw his pt of New Vegas, his Jack character, a cowboy in the wasteland, and I discovered that this game could have been fun if played the right way. The first time I played it without mods and Bethesda games aren't that good when played vanilla, so I reinstalled New Vegas and made a mod list mirroring Gopher's mod list. It was amazing! This time playing the modded game, paying attention to the story and the factions, I enjoyed it so much it became one of my favorite games of all time. Why I'm writing all this? Because I want to thank Gopher for roleplaying New Vegas so well that he convinced me to give it a second chance, and it was totally worth it. So Thank you.