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  1. Discord has some nice functionality and the actual quality of the voice chat is really nice, but it is in my opinion not really well suited to be used as the Main platform for Voice Communications. Its nice for a small group of people, but the added functionality and level of fine tuning one gets with the permissions system from TeamSpeak makes it just so much nicer to manage a larger community. Yes, it takes some time to set everything up correctly, but once you did it becomes just as easy to use as Discord.
  2. Hello fellow Minions Before I start writing about the actual topic, let me address three things. First: I am from Germany so my English might be a little rough in some places, but please bare with me. Second: I tend to be a very direct Person and I noticed that some people are quick to take offense to such a level of directness, so please don’t. Nothing I am writing is meant to offend anyone or to stir up any drama. Third: I am basing all that I am writing here on personal experience leading and managing several successful Guilds and Clans over the Years. Now then, let us get to the real topic. You know, I am someone who is used to be in TS all the time when I am playing in Clan or am part of a greater Community. I think that it is the most vital part to building a successful and nice Community. So you can probably imagine how surprised I was to see that I am actually the only person that is using it. I have been sitting here, for hours on end, just waiting for someone to join. This has been going on like this for a good couple of days and is kinda sad to witness. I don’t even have the rights to move out of the lobby yet. I have seen other People ask about TS, interest seems to be there, so what is the problem? I think that there are 3 main Problems. First: The permissions Problem. This one is a biggie. People need to be able to get their permissions to move freely around and talk. Just sitting in the lobby all day, not able to do anything, just is not fun. Managing TS permissions is not a job for only one person. It should ideally be done by 3-5 people that are active at different times throughout the day. The Server Message you get when joining the Server should also contain the Names of the Admins so people know who to contact. If that is not possible than I would suggest making some Channels limited to 5-10 People that Guest have the permissions to join. I am just going to assume that normal Members can drag Guests to other Channels because that is pretty much common practice, so the Server Message should also tell Guests that that is a possibility. Second: The willingness Problem. If People don’t have a reason to join the TS then they simply will not do it. You can not, and should not, ever force them. A little encouragement can work wonders though and once people have warmed up to it they will embrace it. So if you are grouping up with someone why not ask them to join you in TS. I have had the most fun conversations with people while doing mundane and boring stuff in-Game. And after a while even TS-Sloths came back without the encouragement. Third: The knowledge Problem. People don’t seem to know that there is actually TS-Server that they can join. I have seen that it was advertised in the Message of the Day of the Warframe Clan and should definitely be done so in other Games and on Discord as well. It is also the only Problem that will pretty much fix itself once people start using TS more. Word of mouth tends to spread rapidly fast these days. There are some more suggestions to actual Channel layout and such I would love to make, but those don’t belong in this post. The last thing I would like to do is to offer my help, if it is needed, with TS-permissions and or Clan Management and Stuff. I hope you are all having a nice day and thank you for reading
  3. I recently got into Warframe and after playing for over 100h in the last 9 days (apparently i have no life xD) i am pretty sure that i will be playing it for a while longer. So a invite to the Clan would be very nice. In-Game name: Tobori
  4. Moin Moin Minions My name is Tobias, I am 28 years old and I am from Germany. I can still remember the day when I first found Gophers Channel. It was back in April of 2014 and I needed some distraction from the bad breakup I was going through at the time. That is when I found "Lets Play Skyrim Again : Chapter 1 PRELUDE" It took 05 minutes and 10 seconds to get me to Subscribe and I have been enjoying Gophers Vids ever since. Nice to be finally be a proper minion. Now, where is my club to clobber baby seals with?
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