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  1. its installed where you said the default I use steam. I don't have legendary. That was my mistake and I bet its keep mods from working or the free high resolution add on guess ill try that and go to bed. Thanks again.
  2. Btw did I read your post correctly, you were knew to computers too? Well that does make me feel better because I feel like I started backwards. What I mean is getting into gaming on pc before getting into pc's. Do you think i'm totally out of luck with skyrim now since I don't see the addons? I cant find skyrim on steam only knew one. I just thought that it would automatically have all addons. I found it on skse I think.
  3. hey sorry been at work, I noticed in my plugins I don't have dawnguard or hearthfire or the other one. How do I get skyrim with all those on there? That's probably the problem right?
  4. One day when my confidence gets up will install skse then sky. I have skse downloaded just not installed. I watched gophers video but like I said copying and pasting isn't for me yet. I'm really in my 30's not my 70's like I must seem I just never really messed with computers. I got back into video games when I broke my foot and ankle at work bit started with psp. From there I got ps vita, then xbox 360 then xbox1. Something about being able to mod your game and change hooked me when I heard about it. So here I sit. A gaming lap top I bought a month ago and 2 games I cant mod and do
  5. Know I cant even figure out how to take screan shot in game. Nvidia says alt plus f1 steam says f12, neither work. Where can I check what version of skyrim I have. I have found it n oblivion and my special edition version but I'm cant on skyrim. I'm thinking maybe I didn't get the add ons hearthfire and dawnguard and that's why mods are crashing game. When I checked plugins they weren't in there. That's the only skyrim I could find and assumed they were on there because of price. The only version you can find on steam is the special edition. Guess I threw away another 20 dollars. Brings
  6. Thank you for that, makes me feel better. Yes I do believe that's it. I never noticed it in special edition version. I want to say it was in main menu screen but that is where it took me when I clicked on it, (what you pasted). Do I need to make adjustments there or is it like the special edition and oblivion, ready after you install nexus mod manger? Just looked at it and its in data files part of main menu. Thank you for taking time and responding
  7. Whats the workshop? Am I supposed to do anything with that when I play skyim with mods? Please be gentle with replies I have been kicked around enough .
  8. Thank you for replying, I did watch his nexus video and it did help me with skyrm special edition. However I'm just so confused because just one mod will make game crash. I know I look like a complete idiot for spending 20 on old skyrim when I have knew one but I switched for mods and the old skyrim is mod heaven. I'm so discouraged and feel like an idiot. I know 99 percent of gamers would probably have no problem if they had this same problem on there pc.
  9. Basically to simplify this original skyrim loads fine. I download mod any mod no matter what and it crashes after Bethesda logo appears. There is no error code or anything. Please someone has to know something, I'm knew to this world and have been getting kicked around pretty good.
  10. Please someone, anyone help me. I'm so tired of all this technical issues with pc. I jumped right in off xbox1 with having very little to no pc experience. I love mods and the way the game looks. That being said I bought skyrim the original because it has a ton of mods on nexus. However the game will not load with any mods, cuts out right after Bethesda logo pops up. I don't get error code or anything. I Have nexus mod manager and have been using it for oblivion and skse. Yes, I do own skyrim special edition as well and can mod somewhat ok. I bough the original cause there is like 8x m
  11. I cant log into my nexus mod manager anymore. When I try to login it says sending log in token, then after awhile it says it timed out. I don't know what to do. I checked threw a couple of forums and saw something about a pop up window being infront could be the problem. I don't know I'm knew to this any feed back please. Heading to work now, thanks
  12. I tried to download cbbe for skyrim special edition using nmm. The mod will show up in download manager. However when I click on it to activate in the mod activation queue, it will say problem c install. I am knew to pc and pc gaming so any feedback and help is much appreciated. Please simplify it like your talking to a beginner please.
  13. I mean it didn't find skyrim. Where do I find skyrim file location? I know I look like a complete idiot but I am knew to pc and gaming and appreciate the help and time you have taken.
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