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  1. Hi! Apologies for being half-a-year late, but this actually wouldn't be possible, unfortunately, as the Ender is actually built just above y0. Items are currently sorted soon after they're raised to a buildable level, but as they can only be filtered following the initial collection, it does take a moment due to all the pearls moving through the system.
  2. I've nurtured a perfectly healthy obsession with getting parrots for some time now. I have some ideas, albeit meek ones, on forcing spawns. But what about just regenerating some terrain? Last I checked, there are a few swaths relatively untouched. Perhaps our tireless admins might be amenable to the idea if we scouted out potential areas and provided safe-to-wipe coordinates? Edit! In addition to disabling the spawn chunks from being constantly active, Rodzyn was kind enough to raise the passive mob cap to 20. Shawn, Brinicio and I have since flattened a jungle to force spawns. The results appear promising enough, as we've already seen a number of new ocelot, pig, sheep and cow spawns in the grassy bits.
  3. Aside from being all pretty and stuff, you know why your house is better than Non's? You put torches on the roof.
  4. Considering its paid status, Redstone Clock Detector is another one that could be easily expunged. There aren't too many of us that regularly play with redstone, and I would wager do so responsibly (an admin can probably verify how many times the mod's been triggered in the last few months). It's unlikely, all the same, that a new user is about to hop on, mine a bunch of quartz and immediately slap down some comparators.
  5. Just adding to the list: a notable one stuck in 1.11.2 would be PermissionsEx. Quick research suggests that a lot of people have since migrated to LuckPerms, which supports "fully automatic migration and data transfer" from PEX. CoreProtect seems a little more troublesome. @Arrogant QwickTree appears to be 1.12 ready.
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