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  1. Roleplay resurection

    Well rules for the sake of keeping anything from getting out of hand, more than restricting creativity. Cant have some one claiming to be ruler of all eastern land for example, no that would just be silly without consulting with the eastern nations first, for example of course. Not naming names here.
  2. Roleplay resurection

    Well since there is some interest. One of the main ideas is to set up a sort of United Nations sort of organisation (partly for the roleplay, partly because rules) that can be used as a platform us to use and refer to for the creation/enforcement (probity not that harshly) of rules so that things don't get out of hand. To go along with that and to keep the forum from being flooded by roleplay posts, I think a discord server should be set up for the roleplay. this should also prevent the official gopher discord/anyone else's from being overwhelmed as well. I have more ideas but these are some of the basics, would like to here others thoughts and input as well.
  3. Favorite building music?

    Interesting to see what others listen to when building, it would seem im a bit different though listening to the likes of this and this and for some reason this as well
  4. Roleplay resurection

    A quick post here, just wondering how many people would be interested in resurrecting the nation roleplay in maybe a more organised manner (setting up ground rules and such). I have some ideas for this including some more in depth things (economics, warfare, battle mechanics etc.) but if bugger all people are interested then I wont waste time explanation it. Anyway just curious.
  5. The pit of despair

    Yea screw that.
  6. Official RP thread Creation Ideas

    "It was doomed from the start considering we don't even agree on what counts as a functional weapon" This is why im even bothering with this. Without even some basic ground rules everything goes tits up.
  7. Official RP thread Creation Ideas

    Ya know what I done with all this, i declare the war over. If my opponent won't play ball then I really couldn't give a **** any more.
  8. Official RP thread Creation Ideas

    This, this is why we need some basic ground rules, its no fun if you don't play along. For example if I said that I fired the Dunsted gun at your airfield you'll probably come up with some ridicules excuse as to why it didn't hit or something. I can't even be bothered with the game because of this.
  9. Official RP thread Creation Ideas

    Yea I think some rules might be necessary, I mean its hard to win a war when ether side can say "we did x thing haha" even if it doesn't relay make to much sense.
  10. WAR / Call to arms

    @jrRedek the city is called Hopevale not Troy, try again. Also if you do honestly want peace all you have to do is renounce your clam to be the sole ruler of the east, simple as that.
  11. Due to an unfortunate misunderstanding regarding the ownership of an aircraft that was trespassing within Rynorian airspace. The result of this was the deceleration of war on Redekian kingdom as well as the assumption that The Port Authority of New Mistral acting against the empire. with the new evidence that has come to light the imperial council has recognized this error, we cannot however recall this war ( it was an inevitable event) but we can try and rectify our relations with The Port Authority of New Mistral by opining up all trade with the state once more. As well as this we are willing to grant The Port Authority of New Mistral a limited access permit to the 500m exclusion zone of Rynorian airspace for the purpose of geographical survey and mapping (an offer we will only give once).
  12. WAR / Call to arms

    Since you are willing to do this legally (and somehow the plane has evaded days of concentrated fire from 5 AA guns at a distance of less then 100m) we are willing to overlook the lack of any flight plan or permit to fly in Rynorian airspace. for future flights please file a flight plan with the Imperial Aviation Authority as well as applying for a permit to fly in our airspace (can also be obtained from the IAA). Note: this permit only dose not include the right to fly within the 500m exclusion zone around all Rynorian territories, such a permit can only be granted in special cases i.e. military access. If you wish to obtain this level of clearance you must contact the Imperial Air Force Operations Administration. Glory to the east.
  13. WAR / Call to arms

    This war will not end until ether one of our nations lay in ruin or jrRedek renounces his claim to be the sole ruler of the east.
  14. WAR / Call to arms

    Still you claim to rule the east, i call my allies to allow the east to rule it self and not be forced to bend the knee to some tyrant who clings to a false claim. The east will always rule the east but we will decide how and if so then by who. Glory to the east.
  15. Ultimatum to jrRedek

    And your point? this statement makes no sense, I never even said 1500.