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    Theme Park 2.0 or just simply a reboot.

    reserved for possible updates
  2. Reizo_Icefield

    Theme Park 2.0 or just simply a reboot.

    UPDATE: The part about claim area for Theme park went in a bit different way then i had hoped, so i will be the one seting up the claim, if you want to talk about it do it here or in game. Anyway, we can now secure the ground for the Park, if you are interested in the project please drop in some ideas for possible good spots for it, then we will decide which one will it be.
  3. Reizo_Icefield

    Theme Park 2.0 or just simply a reboot.

    (Before I start, let's just note that im not native english spiker, and still am learning the language, so expect mistakes and typos.) Heya, I know that there was already a theme park project going on in the past, but from what I have learned it didin't went far. From my point of view it wasn't handled properly and that caused it to halt and be forgoten. So now I decided to have a go on this subject with completly different aproach. But before I start explaning what is my idea let me explain first why in my opinion the old project floped. Important here is to point out that I don't ridicule anyone involved in the old project, their idea wasn't wrong, it was just that the type of comunity that they dealt with was not suited for that. There were two reasons exacly, one was planing and second was location.Well, the second one was more of reason why it would have run in to issues in the future. Ok, so first lets start on the planing part, and to put it simply, planing on itself was the problem. Now, from what i understod, it looked like this: there was coordinator, that person was accepting in the ideas and coordinated(edited) them to make sure that they all fit in, and then there were buildiers/designers that were giving new ideas and were turning the plan to reality. While there doesn't appear to be any problem with this, the group weren't as public as it appeared to be. To work like that there needs to be a close cooperation, if someone new joined to the group that person would require to learn how to work with others first, most players would rather just join in and start building. And if someone crucial to the plan, for example main coordinator droped out for whatever reson, the cooperation would start to fall apart. Then there is this, maincraft players are both designers and buildiers, we like to desing our creations and build them how we envision them, the idea that we need someone to accept them first and even possibly edit them or flat out reject them is not something that we like. So not many would join in on such a project knowing that their ideas would be first „judged” by someone before being accepted or rejected. And finaly on the case of location, and the issue here is that it was located near crossroad. Theme park in minecraft is a mass of a redstone contraptions/big constructions that on itslef create a lot of lagg/ fps drops, and is also heavly affected by such laggs and fps drops. Placing it so close to crossroads, which on its own already have performance issues, would not only droped FPS in the area even lower but it could also cause the theme park atractions to not work properly. The location for theme park can't be in area where there already are heavy performance issues. So finaly this is where my idea start. Let's go first with planing... and I say to hell with all the planing! Look, what I mean is our server, Minionland, is like a chaos incarnated, there is no planing going on, everyone do what they want BUT there is still order, and that order are server rules that we all need to follow to keep playng here. As long we do all acording to the rules we are free to do whatevery we want and we dont have to be specialy regulated. We don't need any plans to make stuff looks good or to live without annoying one another. Good example is crossroad itself, there was almost no planing involved in its growth and yet its looks good. What I want is to look at the theme park the same way we look at our server. We will set up some rules, setup the area to work on and then everyone will be allowed to build whatever they want as long it doesn't break any of the aformentioned rules. The them park would work like a subserver of sort, to build there you need to accept this rules and follow them, and if you won't follow them or break them, then there will be a consequences for you for your actions, simple as that. This will allow for anyone to join in on the fun and build there, even completly new players that still don't know anyone on the server, no plan or cooperation needed. Of course that doesn't mean that people can't cooperate if they want to, its a colaboration project for everyone after all. Now, about location and how people would get access to build plot. My idea was to have Admin claim a massive area, for starters lets say 1mln square blocks, so that only Admins can give out rights and edit the main claim, it would remove most of the issue asosieted with player, owning the claim, leaving the server. Then anyone who want to build anything there would need to file in a ticket, with exac coords and size of requested subclaim, on Redmine to be granted ability to build there. Like this people would only be alowed to build on the area that they got from admins, this alone would remove most possible griefing issues. Incresing/decresing subclaim and any other claim issues would be solved thru Redmine, it would also make possible documenting who is owning what in theme park to help solve problems that could arise. As for rule enforcing and dealing with rule breakers.... well, we can't really enforce following the rules but we sure can deal with rule breakers. For rule breakers we can go with voting on this thred. If we find someone breaking rules, and not wanting to change after being pointed out the issue, we could have a discussion about it on this thred and decide toghether how to deal with it. We could split the consequences btween the player in question and construction, i.e. whether we request the admins to revoke the rights, to build here, of that player, or do we request only to delete the construction, or maybe even both. Of course we can also just consider force edit the construction to remove the issue. As for rules, these ones are a few that i came up with on the spot, but they, aswell as the whole plan, is not yet set in stone or even in motion for that matter, so we can add more and discuss every single bit of it as long as you want. first and for most, no griefing of any kind, just like for Minionland server no sublaim blocking, i.e. surounding a subclaim tgihtly by other subclaims subclaims need to be spaced out so that possible roads can be build between them no greedy subclaim size demands, request only as much blocks as you need As much as possible try to not block smaller construction from view dont litter, and i mean here stuff that affect performance, dont leave boats, carts or items on the floor, yes droped items also affect performance if you want to build redstone construction but you are not so understanding of redstone, use guide. Building something from redstone without any knoladge could lead to creating something that may cause massive performance drop for little gain in return. (This also include hoppers) all redstone construction MUST have on/off function, on while used and off while not used by anyone. your construction must be fuly automatic, i.e. dosen't require operator other than the users Your construction cannot harm bystanders or cause issues on others subclaims your construction can't harm users or cause their items to be damaged/destroyed, unless there is a suficient and clear warning stated at the enterance if your atraction require some form of payiment, it must be clearly stated at the enterance your construction cannot represents something vulgar with itself or point out other players in vulgar way. If you stop construction and state clearly that you dont want to finish it when asked, if said construction is not in functional state it will be requested to be delated by admin if you stop playing and you leave your construction in unfinished state for a long period of time, i.e. longer than a month, the fate of said construction will be decide by disccusion of everyone who build anything on the area of theme park Now a few things that needs to be done for this plan to move anywhere: Frist, Admins needs to say if they agree on this idea and if they will cooperate, tho i don't expect for them to have any more stuff to do than what they already have to deal with on daily basis. Second, we need to find a good spot for the theme park, it needs to meet few requiments: be far away from cilvilization to not be affected by anything and not affect ing anything, performance wise it needs to have lots of free space around it for possible expansions it require to have a few types of areas, like plains, mountains, waters, maybe some forest/jungle and possibly a ravine If you found any good spot post the coords and some screenshots on this thred so we may check it out. If there will be a few good spots we can do voting to decide on one. Third , deciding on the theme of the park, what topic it will be. And finaly forth one, deciding on the Name of the theme park. Also if this idea gest Admins aproval and suficient response from players could I request to make this thred pinned so that its always stay at first page? IMPORTANT: I see this colaboration project as a side activity, a hobby of sort, and dont want anyone to feel stressed or pressured by time, and think that they need to finish it fast. Do something there only if you want and only when you have time or will. I personaly will never look at it as my main project and will only work there if i feel like it. Afterall most important thing is to have fun while playing games. Also its not only about redstone, theme parks can have many various construction, like decorations, roads conecting areas, food stands, addvertisment for the atractions, and the atractions themselfs can be a minigames like shoting range or racing tracks, basicaly stuff that contains very little redstone.