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  1. Awesome! If I can make something out of my spare time, I'll be sure to pitch it in that forum Thanks for the warm welcome greetings
  2. Hello fellow minions my name is Ren, Iv'e been a fan of our lord Gopher since 2012 and been watching his youtube ever since! I am aware that this forum exists years ago but I haven't gotten around making an account until now. Anyway, I recently watched a video about Gopher releasing merchadizes and it happens I am an Illustrator and draw art mainly for tshirts for bands and clothing brands (not making any shameless plugs here xD). It got me thinking, since I don't have much money (I'm a poor artist) to donate to our lord Gopher to continue his cause of giving us joy and reason to live with his videos and ramblings, in this way I can support him by making art for his merchandize. If he is interested To see some of my work, you can catch me on IG @renvillainzilla or go to my tumblr villainzilla.tumblr.com for an uncluttered folio. Well, thats about it with my intro. Nice to see a lively community here! Cheers!
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