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  1. Hey guys, with ryons help foudn a perfect place to build the common place, just wnated to leave an update here already worknig on mapping and gathering the needed supplies
  2. All yal need to do, is have a dice roll, and build the victory of the victors roll booya
  3. They wont give me a tp easily so we will see, sorry had a hurricane so that slowed me down alot
  4. On the monument line i honestly feel gopher doesnt see like half the cool stuff on the server lol but yeha that list would be huge
  5. I mean I don't want it to have "real life" accommodations, but I think a stables is fine, but this isn't real life this is mine-craft, its basically a center of gathering and fun. people don't need most accommodations in mine-craft. Also sorry for the lack of progress at the chance of tmi, I'll just say I've been sick and unable to play lately
  6. Maybe you should have actually consulted the friggin east, you cant just proclaim yourself king. Plus were tryna trade, you dont wanna trade dont trade
  7. But alliance is such a boring name WE should star wars it and call it a Trade Confederation lol
  8. not sure id have stables, most people give zero fucks about putting horses away anyways, and i want this place to be as efficient as possible, i know shawn has one space that i might be able to build, and Bunyun showed me another space Its mostly a personal choice about where it should be, and i need to make a choice already lol, im just bad at that
  9. So i wish there was a way to get peoples ideas on what sizes different plots for different reasons should be
  10. i should have put art pads on the strawpoll of things to do lol, but eh thte rented spaces probably count lol cool themes, ima stay away from floating islands cause they honestly take way too long in vanilla with pillaring and shizz xD but ill make sure ot add those suggestions
  11. Welp, im looking into like a fake map in creative, and actual areas, but i have to wonder What themes sound cool to people? Im looking for suggestions, cause all i have so far is "themepark" which is not my fav, medieval, roman, acient ruins. thats about it for mine, if i get a few suggestions in the next few days ill make another strawpoll, the old strawpoll is still open too guys
  12. none of the biomes really ruin any of the build ideas, for the most part the biome will just control aesthetics
  13. im thinkiing probs forest or grasslands, to be honest im currently looking at multiple areas that are not too mountainous, and green, and big enough to hold alot of stuff, as i am not yet sure how big this place is gonna be, also anyone around be sure to d othat strawpoll, as it helps me know exactly what is most wanted
  14. listen to starling they are quite smart
  15. Not sure having a road already connected matters, nor do i think it has to be closeby, between The Nether Roads, and Horses, and even slipstream, i doubt it will be hard to make it to the place we choose, as far as desert, im not sure its the prettiest place, i was thinking clear cutting a green area might be best, theres honestly alot of options for places, most of them south as far as i can tell.
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