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  1. "As your empress, I do not approve. I'm kidding . . . I'm kidding. I don't approve of you being dead; that's terrible! Well, it depends on who you are -- maybe you were a horrible person. In which case, congratulations on being dead -- it was the best thing you've ever done." DISHONORED 2 #16 (12:39)
  2. Absolutely, and it's ironic that the problem isn't entirely the fault of the MyPlayer grind. The reality is, NBA 2K has run on the same engine since the PS4 debuted, but in all that time they haven't ironed out a quarter of the bugs. Every year we get the same glitches, the same exploits, and the same game-breaking bugs. That, to me, is a dev who doesn't care about their clientele. So I don't care about them. NBA 2K18 will be the last 2K game I ever buy, so much so that if I could delete it from my Steam library, I would.
  3. I've seen this game on Steam, but haven't bought it yet. Problem is, I'm not a huge fan of hack-and-slash games, and I'm afraid this might be less RPG and more hack-and-slash. Someone set me straight.
  4. 2K are notorious for that kind of thing. NBA 2K18 is the most grind-fest of a game I've ever played. They literally made it almost impossible to get VC to level your MyPlayer so that you'd go off and spend real money to get VC instead. It's a rather despicable practice of modern-day game devs and people are getting sick of it. NBA 2K18 has some of the worst reviews ever on Steam.
  5. I could live with 2019. Anything before 2020 and I'll be happy.
  6. Depends on your definition of 'play', I guess. True, this game can be finished on the easier difficulties without the requirement of loot boxes, but on the hardest difficulty, some of the late-game bosses will tear you apart without proper, levelled gear. And if you want to get that gear, you have to go through legendary captains, and you don't have the gear to beat them. Very catch-22. I will say I did manage to finish the game on normal without loot boxes. The last Act, however, was a serious grind-fest.
  7. Todd Howard says they're not even working on ES6, but I don't believe that for a second. They kept shtum about Fallout 4 until they hit us around the head with it at E3 2015. I'm hoping for a November 2018 release. It's optimistic, but I don't buy into the idea that they wouldn't have started work at most two years after Skyrim dropped, once all the DLC was handled and the dev team had a chance to rest. Worst-case scenario, they didn't start until Fallout 4 was finished, in which case come November it'll be three years development. That means 2018 or 2019 for release. But this is Bethesda, and some of their franchise games have had ten-year gaps between them (yes, I know Fallout 2 was technically made by the guys from Obsidian/Black Isle Studios), so nothing would surprise me at this stage.
  8. Wow. That's a sentence I never thought I'd hear in my life. Don't think I'd ever consider it, even though Morrowind is my favourite ES game. I'm more waiting in eager anticipation for Skywind/Skyblivion. But props to the people involved in making it happen.
  9. It's pretty much essential if you plan on going through the main campaign every time you start another character. I don't really use it that much any longer, since I've finished the game plenty of times, but it fixes the annoying game over (why do some games, especially open world ones, do that after you finish the main quest?). Not really new, more returning after being away for a while, but thanks nonetheless.
  10. The problem with finishing the main quest of New Vegas is that without a mod like CAGE*, it's impossible to continue after the battle of Hoover Dam. That in itself wouldn't be a problem for Gopher, but I don't think he'll ever finish the main quest. It's just not in Jack's wheelhouse. *Continue After Game Ending.
  11. It's the vanilla lever-action shotgun with textures from the Weapon Mods Expanded mod on Nexus.
  12. I'm having a very similar problem. I've installed Darns UI, Project Nevada, MCM, any other HUD mods, and oHUD in that exact order that Gopher stipulates on the oHUD page, but every time I go into the Adjustable HUD option in the MCM, I can move all of the HUD items (compass, hitpoints, etcetera) but I cannot disable the brackets for compass or weapon condition and ammo. I've tried everything imaginable, including returning to the Unified HUD project and the original scripted oHUD, running the new oHUD with UIO, but nothing works. Every time I click the remove brackets option, nothing happens. I'm running v04 of Darns UI, as specified. I don't have anything in my load order other than Darns, Project Nevada, Mod Configuration Menu, oHUD, and UIO. Does anyone know why this is happening?
  13. I tried to pry it out of him on his Witcher 3: Final Thoughts video, but nada. LOL. He did say a while back that he wasn't finished with Jack, but I can't imagine him doing two Fallout series side by side, unless he's playing on bringing in another series as well. I believe Dishonoured 2 was also mentioned.
  14. I was talking about this topic with one of my nephews a few weeks ago, and he complained about games not being 60fps and 1080p, or made stupid comments on stuff like E3 videos about "it'll be downgraded", and I felt like smacking the living crap out of him. I told him to be glad he's not alive in a time when playing games was considered THE MOST nerdy thing anyone could ever do, and that if you even mentioned in passing that you played games, you were automatically that loser who couldn't get laid, or that guy who lived in his parents' basement. You know what I think the problem is? Most of the gamers today weren't around to live through all the crap that we lived through! I remember the Fairfield Channel F and playing Hangman and Checkers and Alien Invasion. I remember going to the Arcades and playing Pong and Space Invaders. Now they call it the Golden Age of Arcade. There was nothing golden about it! But it was all we had. We would have killed for 1/100 of the gameplay we get nowadays and complain about. Gaming now is indistinguishable from anything I knew growing up. Back then, you'd be lucky if you got one good game every couple of years. We're spoiled for choice now. Triple A games every turnaround. Some of them are good, some of them are poor, but they're a hell of a lot better than Pong! I don't know about the Golden Age of Arcade, but this is certainly the Golden Age of Gaming.
  15. GTA Online. Really? Well I suppose we can ask Gopher to play DayZ as well . . . if the goal is to play a game against every hacker in existence.
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