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  1. Masked Riddler

    TeamSpeak 3 Server!

    Teamspeak server appears to be unresponsive since TS pushed out updates - any tech news on this topic?
  2. Masked Riddler

    Website Website Theme Colours

    Can we swap round the background/foreground theme colours? All the white and light colours are quite painful on an experienced adventurer's tired old oculars. It would be nice to be able to read the forums by relaxing candlelight instead of the blaring glare of 30 inches of phosphorescence. Please help?
  3. Masked Riddler

    Skyrim Let's Play

    Question - Lord G is questing a cavern in stealth with a khajit, and just as he turns to look out over a hall of enemies, his Khajit follower pops up like a cartoon character. I consider this to be my enduring memory of Our Lord's sense of humour, but cannot remember which character playthrough, which dungeon, or even for sure which Khajit (J'Zargo or Kharjo) it involved, merely that it was definitely Skyrim. Can anyone please help my failing memory?