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  1. As many of you are aware that play often, I like to build big colorful and bright things. There is a new group on the server I have affectionately name the bote boys. There is a dedication outside of the minionoply board going up to honor our "Bote Boys" irl and in game. I decided why stop there. if you are a Service man or Woman I want you I want this build to be the most epic on yet and I'm hoping you guys will help me. This is what I need: Rank, First and Last Name, Branch (if not in the united states please say which country so I can put them in the proper place) All of you minions who are serving or have served please. I'm also requesting an family members as well. Thanks ahead of time (here's a little preview, lego navy men )
  2. Now Introducing a new night club, just a hop skip and a jump away from spawn, FINALLY WE'RE OPEN! :O come on over and join us for all the fun!! Red stone activated dance floor enhancing the club experience and swiftly robbing you of all the fpses ;) Bar Entrance with custom banners :O -say it aint so! Fully loaded bar with many options for all picky individuals "Sleep over" areas for all weary travelers. Everyone is welcome and will be given a buddy to snuggle with on those cold Blox nights First Class outdoor spa and bar area, on the property! :O Don't worry about getting "a few too many" ShawnBouncer is on the job to keep all patrons and employees safe. So plan your next party and get together at the Rouge tomorrow. Please contact Ubberblox or Brinicio in game to set up your reservation today! <3 *disclaimer all taxes and alcohol fees will be charged in advance for any function over 4 people. Fireworks will be providing, employees available on site for entertainment at additional cost **Brubbie LLC. is not liable for any damages to your person while on the premises don't even try to sue, you will lose
  3. Three out of the four southern cities. Let's do dis boys. When do we start?
  4. All in the name of peace of course. Let me know if you need help. I love building tanks for the defense effort
  5. Yeah I made him do his when I was working on mine I hope Lerts likes what I did as well. I know the top of the wall doesn't look right but it's hard to scale down a build that epic, it was fun as hell trying though. I wanna build more tiny models.... MOAR! \o/ lol
  6. just wanted to announce the South section of the board is done and cute AF if I do say so myself, I recommend you stop by and awe at it today!
  7. I vote no on destroying ppls things. Ever... Unless I can blow up the world tree
  8. Don't you love how he picked a thumb nail of Lerts completely covered... And all you see is meh butt... Well done Dom..well done
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