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  1. Elhanan

    FALLOUT 76

    I have heard of Official bounties being placed on these kinds of characters, as well as other penalties being possible in like titles. My experience in a PvP setting is slim, but I have enough past info to know Griefing is considered the main drawback to such games. I also know that Bethesda has been around a while, and am guessing that this problem will be addressed, as several have asked of this since E3.
  2. Elhanan

    Must Have Mods

    FO:NV is my first FO title, and I may start in Vanilla. However, based on feedback and my experience in Skyrim, I would like to hear what are the Must Have mods for a better experience> Thanks!
  3. Elhanan

    Freeze Screen in SSE

    FYI - I have somewhere between 20 - 25 mods, and am currently hitting this Freeze bug repeatedly at the entrance to Sunderstone Gorge. I have been over this way before w/o issues, but was finally assigned this quest, and now every time I close to the guarded entrance, the game freezes; worse, it occasionally does not allow access to the mouse curser for Alt. Ctrl/ Del functionality. I am in late game (ca. 61st lvl), have completed all the Main quests including Dragonborn and Dawnguard, and am in my first SSE campaign. LOOT has been utilized, so Load Order should not be an issue. As I am nearing the end of my campaign, I do not plan to hunt down mods that may or may not be the cause, but wanted Gopher and other players to be aware of this game breaking bug, at least for my sessions.
  4. I do not use SKSE64, so it might be OK. Thanks!
  5. Is Predator Vision compatible with SSE? If not would Gopher pls consider making it so; like to use this one as part of my DB's. I partially activate it upon using my first Word Wall, and then fully after gaining my first Dragon soul. Sure beats looking for torches
  6. It has been a while since I have played myself, but with all the crafting mods and DLC, are torches one of the common items included?
  7. Lenny of the Traveling Pants
  8. As one that spams Quicksave more than most, I do not require a Save Station. But the only time I can recall seeing one is while watching an Alien Isolation LP.
  9. Elhanan

    Vortex - The new Nexus Mod Manager has arrived.

    heh! I was part of a team that was considering the making of a MMO in the late 90's; the name chosen for the company was Vortex. And as I recall, I told them it might be advisable to go with something else... cause a Vortex by nature, does indeed suck
  10. Elhanan

    skyrim original or skyrim special edition

    Since it is now available, SE is the better choice, IMO. I only use ca. 20 mods while playing it, while utilizing 100+ in Vanilla. My fave mod is Climates of Tamriel, but it is unneeded in SE.
  11. Elhanan

    Xcom-2 mod recommendations

    There is a mod that adds +5% for both swords and sniper rifles. However, it does not appear to be compatible with WotC DLC. Would a Techie out there like to take a crack at it, or insure that it will work with the newer content? Thanks!
  12. Elhanan

    [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen] Stream Raffle Winners!

    Just a suggestion, but perhaps Patreons could be named for purchased mercenaries?
  13. Elhanan

    Building my dream PC!

    I am Techless, but I suggest building your rig around the GPU of your choice. For gaming, it is a priority for smooth controls and enjoyment.
  14. Elhanan

    How many of you still play Skyrim?

    Still play on occasion, but rarely. Am waiting on SkyWind and a list of compatible mods.
  15. How 'bout the universal "R U Kidding Me?!!"