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  1. [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen] Stream Raffle Winners!

    Just a suggestion, but perhaps Patreons could be named for purchased mercenaries?
  2. Building my dream PC!

    I am Techless, but I suggest building your rig around the GPU of your choice. For gaming, it is a priority for smooth controls and enjoyment.
  3. How many of you still play Skyrim?

    Still play on occasion, but rarely. Am waiting on SkyWind and a list of compatible mods.
  4. How 'bout the universal "R U Kidding Me?!!"
  5. Nice graphical designs, though there may be micro-stutters...
  6. Paid mods 2.0 ?

    Have no problems with paying for high quality mods, but personally have explored Skyrim about as much as I desire; SkyWind excluded. It has been 6 yrs since Skyrim, and I was wanting a sequel to be announced in the planning stage; not cards, mods, etc.
  7. microstutter- think ive tried everything

    I am looking at the GTX 1060, and was informed that it may not be optimized with my current RAM type. As I am Techless, I do not know why, but wished to post in case this was an issue here. Sorry for being vague.
  8. Gopher and Skyrim SE

    Also there should be compatibility with SSE and SkyWind when it is finally completed, I believe.
  9. Gopher and Skyrim SE

    As I recall, Gopher is perhaps interested, but SkyUI SE, MCM, and maybe SKSE has to be there first.
  10. Just a ramble of current thoughts.... Am close to ending my second campaign, and believe 8 or 7.5/10 to be fair. The 1.05 patch solved some issues many were having, and Bioware is not done yet. Combat mechanics are smooth, and while Tactical pause is not longer available, the Weapon Wheel can offer a Pause to reflect on next steps; a must for my type of needed gameplay. Complaints about a lack of dialogue seem off to me; perhaps it was due to options being greyed out steering players away from asking questions again for updated answers. For instance, the pilot can be asked to tell stories of the constructions several times, the Krogan has many war tales, the AI may be updated, etc. Personally find this to be a good sequel from the original trilogy, though I still prefer the original storyline. Gameplay may be better for some, though I do miss being able to command Followers more directly. The negatives for me are the lack of Quicksave and the Auto-Save system make Insanity difficulty rather annoying, as one may lose a lot of gameplay. I am unable to best the major secret Boss encounters due to this, but these are optional. More profanity then any previous Bioware title is disappointing, esp when curses are announced from non-human species. Some cut-scenes have auto-dialogue and actions that remove Player control from the RP. And the controls for the Nomad are worse for me than the Mako, but that is on KB&M; have heard better things from players using controllers. The bias heard about this title matches the ranting heard from DA2 and ME3, so nothing really new here. Not a title for the family, but one that should entertain a fan of the series, IMO.
  11. Am enjoying the game more than not, but am troubled by the omission of Quicksave, lesser KB&M controls for the Nomad, and the frequent damage sustained from harsh environs. I enjoy exploring; not rushing from one safe zone to another. Still, am awaiting another Patch or so before judging the graphics, etc. Music is good, but still am not a fan of the cabin radio tracks.
  12. Hope nobody is posting from the road with all the whine flowing around here.... TW3 was released with the inability to re-map all Control Keys, graphic errors, and enough assorted bugs and glitches that had to be corrected with multiple patches. To their credit, CDPR fixed many of them. Perhaps we could get a little more uniform QA if the games were exclusive to the PC or some such, but even then a PC has more variety than a single console would present. Perhaps waiting for the first few patches, re-mapping keys. tweaking settings, etc might help avoid the frustration some are having currently. As for a Gopher LP, I am not expecting one. As I recall, he has not replayed the ME series with DLC, and may have yet to play DA2 or DAI. Do not see a ME LP in the future.
  13. I awoke yesterday morning to discover that Twitch would not appear in my browser, or another one. After time spent with minor attempts to fix it (eg; reloads, refresh, clear cache & cookies, check drivers, etc), I would get to the page, Log In, then nada, zero, etc. I was watching streams and vids from there the night before, and have no clue as to what might be the problem. Any useful help and tips are appreciated, as this is a large part of my pseudo-social experience now. Thank you!
  14. Anyone excited for Mass Effect Andromeda?

    Thanks, but am on a fixed income, and that same funding would support a GPU upgrade. When I cannot play most Action titles, it seems to keep the PC format where I may use console commands and modding to better tailor the experience if possible. While HZD looks entertaining, to actually play as is would likely be frustrating and annoying.
  15. Anyone excited for Mass Effect Andromeda?

    Pls do not misunderstand me. I wish HZD was made for the PC as I am unable to use a controller; must use KB&M, and am limited in resources. It appears to be a very well made title, but would still require a PC version for modding to help for poor reflexes; no dodges and rolling for me, and aiming would likely need help, too.