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  1. Unlike other tamable mobs, parrots cannot be bred, so that makes it even harder
  2. Dont forget bouncing beds and that stairs now acts as solid Blocks. Torches etc can be placed on the backside. Tried to find some parrots on the test server, but no Luck yet.
  3. I do believe it is a spigot server if i remember correctly. But a question do we really need all of these plugins? Maybe it is possible to replace some With other similar plugins that already have been updated?
  4. 9 out of 10 teachers hate him, see how to nail all tests with the use of only toast
  5. Did you check the MC version? the server is running 1.11.2, not the newest version that is 1.12.2
  6. With all the trouble he had with vanilla minecraft, i cant imagine the trouble he would have with modded.
  7. @Tirius dont know if you have noticed, but the card for the throne room is misspelled. it says throme room
  8. If you need ideas, look at the chance cards that Tirius has already made, they may give you someinspiration
  9. Yeah, that sounds like the best option.
  10. Need to find a proper "defensive" location first
  11. I gave you a map art not long ago, you could put that up? The kraken one?
  12. We could keep it for some time, then when something else comes up, replace the cake with something new. A huge pumpkin for halloween as an example.
  13. With Lert being the warmonger that he is, or the defender of the south, ( it all depends on the view of the matter) with him focusing on the navy, i feel it may be time to make some more effort on expanding the inland defence system. Humvees, tanks and more artillery may pop up somewhere in the south some time soon. All in the name of peace of course. Long live the south
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