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  1. It would be hugely useful to have additional blocks. That is one thing i find frustrating about MC is lack of textures and colors for stairs and slabs. Is there a way to add a new block class or maybe a plugin exists? Server wise i'm not real strong but looked like there may be a few Bukkit options. I know Rod is a busy guy and this would be a bit of a project but we have some smart guys on the server that could maybe help with the coding or whatever is needed including testing.
  2. Soartex here too, sucks for banners but I like it for everything else.
  3. @Pajoonk but then he would lose his kill count statistics lol
  4. It's just a humble opinion but thought worth saying. We have a lot of tributes to the fallen already. However those people have moved on and we remember them well and have built things in their honor. It's not my project but would like to see people recognized that are active so I voted for active members.
  5. Will there be more rooms opening on floor 3? If not I'd like room 3 on floor 2. Is it possible to get the windows widened?
  6. This has been a weird day, never seen my name (namesake?) brought up much before. I live under a mountain for goodness sake! So I thought I should sign up and drop in and say "hello". Ummmm.... hello. Also my thanks to Nope and Shawn, I think this has the potential to be a cool asset on the server.
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