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  1. Z-blackblue

    Lets see your awesome screen captures!

    Time for some Chayification
  2. Z-blackblue

    Lets see your awesome screen captures!

    Life on the edge
  3. Z-blackblue

    Lets see your awesome screen captures!

    I just checked my screenshots-file and there are actually some presentable. So here we go:
  4. Z-blackblue

    Minionland Feature Builds

    I'd really like to give you a tour @DomRetana. I just would like to complete the fourth monument. I already stopped working on the vault, as this will take at least 2 more months. But maybe i'll be ready for the tour till next weekend. Maybe a bit later. I'll inform you then. So far, thank you for all your awesome vids!
  5. Z-blackblue

    Miniopoly - A Minion Land board game

    Ok, i already wondered, how you want to bring the pictures to Minionland, lol. However, i still think a Monopoly-Arena in Minionland should be a thing, Maybe one could build a proper stadium with the Monopoly-logo at the front, where the Stiv-head replaces the original face. That could be awesome!
  6. Z-blackblue

    Miniopoly - A Minion Land board game

    Hey, that's me in the center! And no one asked me for permission! Scandalous! Btw Tirius, I considered building a Minionland Monopoly as well, sometime far in the future. However one thing less to worry about, i don't mind. Especially as your project looks really professional, this is going to be great. Of course I hope that Fivetowers will find it's way into your game And what I wanted to ask: Do you also plan to simulate the dice with random chance generators? One could build them underground and display the numbers with redstone-lamps. However, good luck!
  7. Alright. Then we just have to wait for the next time he comes back to Minionland and set up some plans ...
  8. Hi @Spellcaster! Sorry for the late reply, but i didn't expect an answer anymore and didn't check the forums the last few days. However, i think you completely misunderstood, what i wanted to say. Especially your first passage has absolutely nothing to do with what I wanted to say. So please let me explain my intention again: I definitely don't wanted to complain about you, your ideas or you effort. Quite the opposite, actually: I highly admire that! The statue is simply stunning and I can't tell you how much respect I pay you for that . My problem just is, that I think that such an impressive and outstanding piece of art should be unique! I mean, just take a look to the real world: There is only one Statue of Liberty, one Eiffeltower, one Big Ben. You just don't copy such artworks, and if you do so, it's usually regarded as kinda week source. Of course, it makes a difference when it's already planned as an artwork of 8 statues, especially when one tries to vary the design by using different materials and placing them in different environments. I can imagine that pretty well and I already came up with ideas for that myself. But it's still one design. Everyone will recognize them as copies. That would be a lesser problem, if Gopher didn't build one of them. By that, Gopher's statue will always be regarded as the original one, one that stands out of the others, although by it's concept every statue should have the same meaning. That just strikes me as a mismatch. However, please recognize, that all this is not meant as a complaint. I just wanted to point out some problems I see with the 8-statues-concept. Especially as the tendency in this thread became more and more, that you were pretty certain that we definetely will have them all. In this situation I just wanted to kick the euphoria brake a little bit and say: You shouldn't be too sure that we will get 8 statues. Because I have my doubts, that Gopher likes the concept either. I may be completely wrong with that, but I wanted at least create some awareness for this possibility. I also proposed another concept for a single statue: Place it a pretty popular place (in the former thread i even suggested to place it near my settlement, because i already built some Gopher related monuments there ), so that it can be seen as often as possible! Build maybe some other Gopher related statues or statues of Minions next to it, so that we get a Gopher and his Minions monument. However, of course this is only a proposal (!) and the preference for having one unique instead of 8 different but similar statues is just my personal (!) opinion. But we are here in a forum and forums are there to discuss different opinions and proposals! That is just what I wanted to do! But if you really want to stick to the 8 statues and other Minions regard it the same, you only have to convince Gopher of it and we will build them. And i would be glad to provide materials and maybe even participate in building one statue. I'm one of the most active builders in Minionland, but for such an amazing project, however it will look like in the end, I would take my time willingly! So I hope I could clarify things out and you can relax a little bit Have a nice time!
  9. D: So you really stick to the idea of multiple, maybe 8 statues? I have to admit, I'm not a fan of that. You should consider, that the statue is Gopher's new project. As I understood him, he wants to build one statue on his own. But he surely won't build 8 statues, because this would take forever. So we minions had to build them, the question is just: When? When we start building at the same time as Gopher, his statue will by far be the last to be finshed, considering the time he actually can spend on the server. Do we wait until Gopher got finished, we probably would need to wait till 2018 and our statues would be like copies of Gopher's one. But we already had so many copies of his Lava-Tower and the statue is much more specific. So i would really prefer one statue at a prominent place, that either already exists or has yet to be created. A place where people would come along rather often, even then they don't come there only for the statue, but maybe for trading or visiting other stuff. I: Let Gopher build his statue and we Minions could build some other interesting stuff around. Maybe each of us could build a statue of his or her own, block by pixel. Then we would'nt just have a Gopher-Monument, but a Gopher-and-his-Minions-Monument. I think, that would be pretty cool! And we surely could think of a threat, the statue could protect us minions from. May it be a giant bunny rabbit, like at Sucrose Shore, or a giant Dragon like at Claymoria.