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  1. A few impressions of my newest build, The Snowspires Residence:
  2. Hi @Moren Minionland is running on Minecraft version 1.12.2. To get that, just start the Minecraft Launcher and then instead of "Start Game" click the button to the right (an arrow upwards) to choose the version you want to launch. If 1.12.2 isn't there already to select, click the button with the 3 lines in the upper right corner of the launcher and then select profiles. There you can create a profile for 1.12.2. If you're using Optifine as well, you need to download the Optifine-version for Minecraft 1.12.2 first, install it and then you can choose that version in the launcher as well. I hope that helps! Kind Regards!
  3. I just checked my screenshots-file and there are actually some presentable. So here we go:
  4. I'd really like to give you a tour @DomRetana. I just would like to complete the fourth monument. I already stopped working on the vault, as this will take at least 2 more months. But maybe i'll be ready for the tour till next weekend. Maybe a bit later. I'll inform you then. So far, thank you for all your awesome vids!
  5. Ok, i already wondered, how you want to bring the pictures to Minionland, lol. However, i still think a Monopoly-Arena in Minionland should be a thing, Maybe one could build a proper stadium with the Monopoly-logo at the front, where the Stiv-head replaces the original face. That could be awesome!
  6. Hey, that's me in the center! And no one asked me for permission! Scandalous! Btw Tirius, I considered building a Minionland Monopoly as well, sometime far in the future. However one thing less to worry about, i don't mind. Especially as your project looks really professional, this is going to be great. Of course I hope that Fivetowers will find it's way into your game And what I wanted to ask: Do you also plan to simulate the dice with random chance generators? One could build them underground and display the numbers with redstone-lamps. However, good luck!
  7. Alright. Then we just have to wait for the next time he comes back to Minionland and set up some plans ...
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