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  1. The outer structure is done! Thank you all who contributed materials - I've written down your names and I'll put up some sort of recognition for you. I'll also be taking the donations chest down because I don't need anything more. Everything else I need for the tower I don't need en masse like the diorite and thus I can gather it myself. Here's a screenshot of what it looks like right now from the crossroads nether portal: Thanks again!
  2. Okay! What's the best way to get to the tree? I assume there's a nether portal?
  3. Hey All, I'm currently working on a project near Crossroads that I've currently dubbed "Meridian Tower", and it's going to be a four point star spiraling tower (see below work-in-progress picture). However, it wasn't until now that I realized how much diorite I want to use for it (hint: a lot), so for anyone who's willing to donate some extra they have, even if it's just a little bit, anything helps! I've set up a chest right next to my nether portal for any donations of polished or unpolished diorite. You can find my nether portal immediately adjacent to the Crossroads portal, just a few blocks up the yellow line on the left. Also, if you contribute, please post on this thread so that I can recognize you in a "Hall of Heroes" at the tower once I'm done with it! Thank you all! - Parsskatoon
  4. I wish! I'm in the midst of final exams right now and I'm going on vacation next week, but hopefully I can give it a go soon. I'll update this thread with the results as soon as I have them!
  5. I may not be the most experienced player or have the most time on my hands (I'm at a rather intensive and unpredictable university - some weeks I can get on every day, some weeks I can get on one day) but I'd love to help out in any way I can!
  6. If we're going for a vibrant crossroads, should there be stricter enforcement of non-active claims? For example I've seen a few claims around the crossroads that look unfinished and haven't seen any noticeable progress or activity in a long time (read: they might be abandoned).
  7. Thanks for the tips guys! Y'all are the best!
  8. Salutations Fellow Minions - hopefully this isn't a garbage thread to start, but I'm new to the Minecraft thing (never got into it when I was younger for some reason - started playing when Gopher started the server) and am looking for some tips or hints at getting to the End, fighting the dragon, and possibly finding an elytra while I'm there. I know you need to find or make an end portal somewhere, go in, kill the dragon by destroying end crystals first, and then make your way outward to find some End cities and ships with elytras on them. Further, though, do you all have any tips on what I need to bring, and how to go about killing the dragon, finding ships, etc.? Obviously I'm a beginner here but I'm looking to get involved and hopefully learn a bit, so anything helps!
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