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    I'm pretty sure you can get to old skyrim steam page if you have the link. But not from steam itself as old skyrim has been removed. Try "skyrim steam store page" on google. Edit: http://store.steampowered.com/dlc/72850 That's the link i got from google (no need for the hi-res one, better if you get mods ) http://store.steampowered.com/app/72850/The_Elder_Scrolls_V_Skyrim/ that's the one for skyrim itself. Edit again: Wait... you didn't get the legendary edition? I didn't think that was an option... Maybe try to stick to mods that don't need dlc until you get it working? ^^ i also jumped from console to pc without knowing much about it, but didn't have any problem with mods or games. Where did you install skyrim? By default I think it goes to program files. I would recommend installing steam, your games and mod manager directly to c: drive just in case that interferes with file changes (you know, windows and security etc). After that, I would suggest start over. Re install skyrim and go through the mods one by one. Reading the install instructions again. Keep in mind that some mods might be outdated and might not work or even crash your game, so it might be good to check the last updates and comment section.

    Some mods NEED skse and/or the official DLCs. Be sure to read carefully the description of every mod you download and be sure to have all the requirements. I know it can be annoying having to read 30 pages of fancy descriptions every time, but trust me, it's not as annoying as reading all the forums and tutorials that exist on the internet when something goes wrong. You also need to change some lines in the ini files some times, so be sure to read about that as well. Gopher videos are amazing to help you learn how to mod, and there are also tons of written tutorials with pictures and so. I read like 5 different web sites before installing my first mod (which was only a texture replacer for tankards). Now, a simple but very important just-in-case question: Are you playing the English version of the game, or are you using any other language? With different languages you might need some other settings and/or installation requirements (I used to play the Japanese version, and I needed to do some tweaking before starting).
  3. Yup. Exactly the same. I myself am a magic:the gathering player. And I only buy booster packs once in a while. And only like 2 or 3. I used to buy more, but then I didn't get any card I wanted, ended up with a bunch of cards I'll never use and selling them didn't get my money back, so I decided to stop buying booster packs and buy the cards I needed instead. Which is the same as micro transactions only with the difference that magic is always adding new expansions so if you want to play you need to change your cards every few months (just spent $50 buying cards for my new deck after the standard rotation). You also need to pay to play in events so it's a very expensive hobby. Buying randomized loot boxes or card booster packs is exciting because you don't know what you're going to get. It's also disappointing because you don't get what you want most of the time. but from the other perspective is a good way to make money :/
  4. Ultimatum to jrRedek

    Winter is coming
  5. or the new skills lighting up in the neuromod menu... or even the information about abilities in the scanned typhon pages xD Oh Gopher, you're amazing
  6. How does he not notice all the visual cues about new abilities?
  7. What is killing me about this game is the fact that it looks as if the character was always walking in front of one of those green screens they use on movies etc... I think it's the camera mostly, but every time she interacts with a door or something, it feels so fake I just can't keep watching... It's a shame, the graphics are gorgeous :/ I like what they did with the voices though. It's annoying as hell (specially with Gopher arguing with them all the time), but that's part of the experience i guess.
  8. I dont know what's more irritating... the puzzles being so stupid, or Gopher not understanding them xD
  9. I thought Gopher might be right about being a typhon, but come to think about it, turrets only shoot aliens and not humans... So the fact that the first turrets didn't attack Morgan, and also said things like "not enough typhon material" gives away he is not a typhon...
  10. The other day I got a message from a friend very excited because there's going to be a survival mode for Skyrim. To what I said: "So what? I've got Frostall". I think we shouldn't forget that there are many console players who don't even know what mods are or how to use them. People who isn't into PC gaming not always know about these kind of things. It it had happen 4 years ago, when I was playing Skyrim on my PS3, I'd probably buy the new survival mode and I'd been very excited about it. Now that I know mods, I don't care what happens to the CC. Bethesda tried to bring mods to consoles, and Sony said no. I think that's one big reason behind the CC. And, let's be honest, it's an improvement on the "paid mods" issue. Yes, they're not doing it well. Yes, the prices suck. But from a console player point of view, I don't think it's as bad as we PC players are saying. How many people do you know who spent a lot of money on mobile games? I know a lot of those, and I know all of those people are going to be very excited about CC and are going to buy most of the content. Yes, these are the people some of you call "casual players", but as OutandBack pointed out, the gaming market is mostly focused on consoles and people who are willing to spend their money. That being said, I really hope the CC gets good content or lower the prices to a 1/5 of what they are now. Not that I'm going to buy anything Now, if you excuse me, I have to go teach a "casual "friend how to install mods on minecraft
  11. Preparing for a new Playthrough in SSE

    One mod that completely changed combat for me was "Vigor - combat and injuries". It's not an overhaul or an actual "combat mod", but the changes it makes to stamina and health regeneration are simply great. I got it setup to no self-healing below 90% so most of the time stamina and health don't regenerate. Also the stagger effect and the injuries/traumas add to the difficulty. It's a must-have for me, and I find it very immersive. Although I'm playing oldrim so I'm not sure how it works on SE. I'm not playing SE until we get SkyrimSouls
  12. I thought he was hinting a new character for SE in the last video... I'd like to see a Khajit or Argonian, thief or assassin, getting in trouble everywhere
  13. Wait is it over!? quick everyone! Think of a quest mod to get him back to Skyrim! Edit after watching the video: Wait wait wait no no no no no no! someone stop him! really! He missed half of the "main quest line" (what a surprise), the museum, the blades temple, and a lot more I hope he actually explored everything off camera...
  14. How many of you still play Skyrim?

    Just started a new play through as a thief. I don't usually build many characters, but I wanted to make my own followers and put them together in a party using familiar faces. And I wanted to play the thieves guild quest line (my main character would never be a thief). Im also planning a pirate play through for another character. And maybe an assassin. Maybe a companion as well xD yeah, I'll never stop playing this game xD
  15. Almost 4 years playing skyrim and I never noticed those things xD