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  1. Curie rolling her eyes at Frank xD She looked so annoyed
  2. I'm still laughing at that xD
  3. Poultry Invasion!!!

    OMG first creepers in my basement and now this We need an army of doom to fight this abominations!
  4. Now that Richard defeated Alduin and gained the respect of other dragons, he should make an army of dragons and fight the thalmor... As for Bruma, I was really disappointed I couldn't kill or at least punch in the face Armion and his boyfriend...
  5. KILL LOOT RETURN That's literally most of Fallout 4.
  6. C'mon, guys, we've seen pilots drive through buildings and other stuff before. Why is such a surprise seeing them going through the ground?
  7. It looks more "organized" than before, if that makes sense. At least for me, this new layout feels easier to "understand" and to "look at". Not sure how I feel about the "heart thingy" though... I would've suggested a star maybe. Or a thumbs-up Stiv mark. Yeah, that sounds better.
  8. Wait, there's a quest for the argonian? I just got a letter telling me to go to anvil but since you can't go there I assumed there wasn't a quest at the time
  9. So, we have then a Jack companion mod for fallout 4 and a Richard companion mod for Skyrim. Nice. Gopher, you will be busy when you come back from your holiday But, really, that would be awsome... why don't we start it as a community project and then ask Gopher to voice it once it's done?
  10. Trespassing I guess. I think it was a bug in early releases. Happened to me, I think talking to the same guy. Just after I finished the conversation, a guard entered the house saying I was trespassing and took me to the castle :/
  11. Yeah, looks like the gold set to those rewards levels up with you... I still can't forgive this little boy saying "My father gave me some money, take as a reward (750 gold added)" ._. I mean, how rich can your parents be for a child to think of 750 as "some money". It should've been 5 to 10 imo...
  12. Our Darklord face reveal...

    Glad to know I wasn't the only one But guys, what are you talking about? Gopher is not real. Grow up.
  13. I knew he was going to do that xD It would have been funnier if he couldn't take the pieces out, but just jumping in there in PA is funny enough xD
  14. Why put everyone in PA? I think Curie would look great just in an armored clean lab coat (institute maybe?) and with glasses And as far as realism goes, Curie shouldn't be able to use PA that soon... but yeah, nobody cares about that, right? xD
  15. In his defense, Gopher doesn't read the manual because "he knows how to fix it if something goes wrong". But we, mortals, should always read the manual