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  1. Watching a few opinion videos, I noticed the following: 1. Low fps 2. Light glitches everywhere 3. The textures are low quality as always 4. The graphics look somewhat cartoonish, and everything is very bright. 5. Every time a player picks up an item, there's like one second you still can see the form of the item like a shadow. 6. Players and NPC models glitch more frequently than I'm comfortable with. 7. The combat looks easier than single player Fallout. Looks fun, but I'm still not convinced :/
  2. I was sitting here waiting for a new episode and suddenly realized... chapter 1 just ended What are we going to get today then?
  3. Sebngarde

    E3 2018

    There's the "'Fall out' of the chair" rumor, and considering the 10th anniversary of Fallout 3, might be a thing... who knows. Rage 2 and prey DLC are most likely confirmed, but that wont be all of it... there has to be something big for BGS as well or they're going to lose fans :/ What if Starfield was just a mysterious name just to keep people focused on it while they were making something different? :p
  4. I play with music off all the time. You know, immersion and all that :p But yeah, there's probably an explanation for it ^^
  5. I feel like you guys don't believe me xD but I was playing (oldrim) just now and got the sound again. Tried entering again in the same place, but the sound didn't trigger a second time. I'm not using any audio mod, except for "silent UI", which only remove sounds.
  6. Those two will never stop fighting
  7. As I said before, I've been hearing it since PS3, and there were no mods for the PS3 version Also, I believe it's the sound it makes when you take out an enchanted weapon, and plays some times when you load an area (or the game) with an enchanted item on you. But that is only based on my experience. I didn't do any experiments to test that theory.
  8. Nope. Been hearing it since ps3 oldrim and still happens on PC (yes, I'm still playing oldrim).
  9. I like to think that both fallout 4 and Skyrim in VR were experiments and learning experiences for them. Maybe next titles will be actually playable without mods
  10. Now I will have the Pink Panther Theme playing in my head ever time I watch Lenny xD I played a thief character quite similar to Lenny until just a few weeks ago, and using Sneak Tools makes it easier to "silence" people, by knocking them out or killing them. In fact, I remember killing that guard in Riften by the entrance, dragging the body to the back of a house, disguising as the guard with a MOD, and going into Aerin's house Also, following someone to a dark spot and knocking them to get their keys is fun... and risky sometimes. The good thing about sneak tools is that is not a guaranteed succes... if the target moves, you might fail and get a bounty. Please, somebody tell Gopher about that... he actually has sneak tools in the load order, but isn't using any of the options or tools...
  11. Made me laugh out loud so many times that my gf came to my room to see what was happening xD By the Nine, Gopher, you are the best xD I wish we had more and longer episodes xD If he knew he can just knock out people with sneak tools options, that business with Bolli's wife would've been so much easier... but also boring
  12. Sebngarde

    Skyrim VR LIVE | Friday@9pm CEST

    Yeah, floating hands/controllers are quite immersion breaking... the same with "not having a body" :/ Is sad how VR is less immersive than the base game xD But that's not only Skyrim's problem Skyrim wasn't planned for VR, and they didn't even try to rework it very much :/ If it was well done, would've been mind blowing...
  13. Sebngarde

    Skyrim VR LIVE | Friday@9pm CEST

    I don't think "playing" VR would be my thing, but I'd like to do my own tourist playthrough on VR xD But, my god, those textures need modding ._.
  14. Maybe because of level requirements?
  15. Ladies and gentlemen, we have the MOD of the year right there