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  1. Well... he is trying to roleplay, so he has to stay in character, and Frank is not the kind of guy who would wonder into people's rooms xD Although he would talk to everyone in the Vault... I felt like gopher was trying to get out of there asap... no idea why... maybe looking at all those vault pieces made him want to go re-build his own vault... again and again and have 245 new episodes of complaining of everything he couldn't do... Seriously, Gopher, use mods for that xD About spoilers, it's unbelievable how many people were spoiling everything in the comments on Youtube :/ And then saying things like "sorry, wasn't try to spoil anything, just telling you"... I really think he should avoid comments until he's find everything :/ Want to tell him he missed something? Then tell him "go back and check again!", don't tell him exactly what to do :/ I mean, sorry... just ignore me xD
  2. Hey, not sure if you're interested, but I started working on some books about Minionland's history ^^ Just finished the first one, I can give you a copy. I can't say much about the books because it's still a WIP, but I'm trying to record the history adding some fantasy and role play aspects
  3. I don't know if for a Gopher let's play, but Jack follower should be a thing xD He should complain every time you give money for a supposed good cause, and get extremely excited about rad away You guys start working on that as a community project and then we try to get Gopher to voice act
  4. Hey, guys, quick update. Changed some things inside the museum but still not finished. Removed accesstrust because none of the current buildings are interactive, and last time I went in the doors weren't close as it should be, so no accesstrust until interactive builds are ready ^^; Also I decided to start working on some history books and stuff
  5. Jack stand alone companion for fallout 4 fully voiced (by Gopher of course). Wouldn't that be cool?
  6. I smell war coming... and I like it this might be a good time to move to a desert island.
  7. Cool! Any donations you can leave in the mailbox ^^
  8. Wow really!? i need to try that xD although it's very hard to get there without killing any raider...
  9. Yeah, I used that one before, but the place is almost as dead as if you kill them all anyway. I mean, you can fight there yeah, but if you don't is not exciting at all... I tried to watch some of the fights and get some money just watching, but every fight ends in like 2 or 3 hits and everything is so quick it's not worth it... not to mention the bartender doesn't work, there's only 3 or 4 raiders watching, the money is pretty bad, etc... There are too many things you could do with a place like that... there could be tournaments and such, where people don't fight to death, so you can actually lose a fight without having to reload, get "fans" and things like that for example. What do you mean "not being an enemy"? The first time I got there, the idiots outside start attacking, the idiots inside attacked me as soon as they saw me... I don't see any way to "not being an enemy" ._. or are you talking about cut content?
  10. Finally found Cait! I wonder how long will she be around with Cvrie around the corner Cvrie has a more interesting story imo, but I like both of them. And yeah, the Combat Zone is another opportunity wasted... really, Bethesda, what were you thinking... :/
  11. Welcome, minion!
  12. Thanks! I'm happy you like it Yeah, about trust, I tried once but didn't work, so I'll try again. I had a souvenir dispenser set up, but without trust it wouldn't work so I need to sort that out. I'll try tonight ^^ Btw if I do that I'll need to shut down my underground little farm just in case somebody sees I have slave chickens Thanks, Shawn! Your portal is the easiest way for me to find my way back since my /home is like a few thousands blocks away ^^; Thanks for the signs also!
  13. Thanks, but don't expect too much xD It's crappy as the title suggests
  14. Yeah, sorry xD Forgot about the coords. I'll check later ^^;
  15. Greetings, people of Minionland. So, I'm not a great builder, in fact I'm a noob. But I wanted to do something to contribute with builds in Minionland. So a few months back I decided to build a museum of history. Then I got lazy... and I took me over 6 months to finish half of it xD But now, I'm happy to announce that the Underground Museum of History is almost finished and ready to open As I said before, I'm a noob, so don't expect a nice fancy building... in fact, I just built it in my old basement, and didn't think to much of the layout. I just had the idea of recreating some of @Gopher's builds and items, and made a few replicas to exhibit. There's also exclusive items but I wont spoil it ^^ It's not finished because of lack of time and some technical issues, but you can visit and see what I'm trying to do. There's no portal yet, but you can come via Shovelot, on the east netherway (yellow line). Sorry @ShawnBoucher I've been using your portal without asking ^^; My place is north-east from there, just follow the path to Sebngarde's. Edit: Got the coords. 1690 -1390. Btw no access to doors and/or items yet, but feedback and new ideas would be appreciated So yeah, that's all I could do. I know it's not great, but if you have time, come and visit us!