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  1. Is Gopher real?

    You might want to check your member's card, since this is "Gopher's Minions" * points toward the top of the page *
  2. Is Gopher real?

    Update: Seriously though, I always imagined him as something as Mr House from Fallout NV
  3. Is Gopher real?

    Someone posted Gopher's photo!? Heretic!
  4. Is Gopher real?

    Sorry, I might have missed the party last time Anyway, everyone has different theories, but none have presented proof or anything, so I still don't know what to believe
  5. Is Gopher real?

    So, for some reason Youtube decided to start showing me old videos from Gopher or related to him in the "things that might interest you" window. Just now I got the one where he talks about "warm mice & keyboards". You know, the one with the blue fish. Yesterday I saw one of Gopher unboxing a "Thrust Master Tactical Bird Board". Quite a surprise to see he's got very cute hands He's never done a face reveal, right? I think doing that might ruin some of the "magic", but I'm kinda curious to know how he looks like now. I mean, I'm happy thinking Gopher is just a lootaholic AI going nuts. But he might be a real person after all. The other video I saw a few days ago, was one from some other user talking about Gopher's accent. Excellent video. I loved it. I remember my first time watching one of Gopher's videos and falling in love with the accent, to the point my girlfriend got jealous xD Anyway, I wanted to share the videos just in case some of you missed them ^^ So, what do you think, guys? Is Gopher real? Is he human?
  6. What Remains of Edith Finch #2

    wow... I mean... wow
  7. Wow this game looks awesome! I want to be a pirate too
  8. Erm..what do we make of this .. TES-6

    I think a voice protagonist wouldn't work in TES because of the variety of races. You couldn't do it with just one voice... And Todd Howard already said they know they screwed up with that, so I'm hoping it's not happening again xD In my case, FO4 voice protagonist took me out of the experience at the point that I couldn't role play with a male character that wasn't "Nate". So I started over with a female protagonist because me not being female made the "disconnection" with the protagonist more "natural".
  9. skyrim do people still play the oldrim

    Are you kidding? I just played yesterday night and I'm going to play tonight again xD I have around 800 hours since I got the PC version 3 years ago and I'll play for many more hours I also had a few hundred hours on the PS3 version before. The problem with SE is that most of my must-have-mods are not ported yet or maybe never will be ported... so until I can port them myself, i'll stick with Oldrim I don't play Skyrim, I 'live' in Skyrim
  10. Question regarding making small mods myself...

    That mod just makes so that the time continues passing, but the game world itslef still is frozen. That means that for example, if you spend 10 in game hours talking to an NPC without leaving the conversation, when you finish the time will be 10 hour later, but while you are talking to the NPC, everything around will still look frozen in time until you finish the dialogue. If you want something like Skyrim or Fallout 4 where everyone around you keeps moving, well that's not the case with this mod Unfortunately, looks like keeping the world moving it's going to be a very hard thing to do due to engine limitations as far as I can read.
  11. Deleted :)

    And comments like that make the world a better place Was it that out of place? In that case, you all have my apologies. Completely agree with what you said. Still made me laugh, and it will make me laugh again. Like Tinny Tim's pranks. And trust me, I know what it's like being on the other side of the phone. For now I'll just delete the post because I don't want to deal with people getting mad at me for laughing at a stupid Youtube video
  12. Deleted :)

    So... I was sharing a video about phone pranks, but I don't want to upset more people, so I deleted it Sorry for the inconveniences.
  13. Gopher's Skyrim SE Plans

    Many people on the comment section are talking about INIGO. INIGO is a follower mod, right? Never tried it, but seems to be very popular. I recall Gopher saying it wasn't compatible with Richard's story, but maybe he will use it this time?
  14. Gopher's Skyrim SE Plans

    Ok, I get it now xD I'm curious about what mods is Gopher testing right now and which ones he knows about. I never moved to SE because most of my essential mods aren't available yet.
  15. Gopher's Skyrim SE Plans

    Immersive Wenches for a thief playthrough? Sorry, you lost me on that one xD The problem is, you always have to fight your way through in Skyrim... even if you don't plan to fight, the game is designed to resolve every problem with a fight. If the game had secret ways to get in places, you could avoid fighting, but most of the time there's only one way in and out. I did a thief playthrough and tried avoiding fighting as much as possible, but nope, that's not how Skyrim works... had to run away all the time xD Having something like Vigor makes so that you get injuries and really can mess with your stamina and health, which can make the game more challenging even if you try a "pacifist" playthrough.