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  1. Hey, thanks for the suggestions! That is indeed something I need to look into. It's hard to find the sweet spot for a "humble" house, I always find myself adding tons of stuff and then going back to the beginning and starting over because I've overdone it. Most mod houses you see on the Nexus are busy-looking and full equipped houses. That's the opposite of what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to keep the decorations as neutral as possible, so that people don't think "I want this house but with/without X thing". My first one, actually got a few requests, like adding a chair, shrines, removing items, etc (you can see the comments), so I decided to rebuild it from scratch with a few more options. Floors and walls definitely need more work. And as you pointed out, an ingredient's container in the alchemist house is a big oversight. I'll fix it asap. The "house" label is on purpose. There's no way of knowing it is a "Dunmer house" or an "Alchemist house" from the outside. Actually all of the houses are labeled "house", because that's what they are. I don't want to give them fancy names. As for the description being vague, you could always look at the picture of the map But yes, I need to be more specific. Thank you!
  2. Greetings, fellow minions! I started a series of Player Home mods for Skyrim Special Edition. I've been playing and learning Creation Kit, and made quite a few houses. I uploaded my last 4 creations to Nexus mods, when I actually felt comfortable with the tools and I'm sure everything works fine. I wanted to share with you You might find something for your roleplaying needs :p First one is "Just a House", and believe it or not, it just works Just a House. The second one is a reeking riekling house. This one was really fun to make. Muwafathoo! Reekling Home The third one is a Dunmer themed simple house, with an alchemy bench. Humble Houses - Dunmer And the last one, by request, a humble home for hunters. Humble Houses - Hunter I plan to add a few more features, like different locations and different setups for every house (at least those in the Humble Houses series). I also have a few more houses on the way Check them out and if you have any suggestions, advises or critics, feel free to tell me!
  3. Oh, maybe I didn't explain it correctly... uploading to Youtube takes just a few minutes. What takes time is when I output/save the mp4 from the software (the software call it "encode"). Tried a 15m video the other day and canceled immediately after seeing "11 hours left" xD I suppose that's because it's a freeware? Or maybe I'm just choosing the "slow" options... I don't know... And my cpu usage goes to 95% or more in the process... EDIT: I'm trying a different plug-in and it took 10 minutes to "encode" the video. This one uses the GPU power as well as CPU so it's faster and more or less the same quality. I'll play with it some more and see if I like the result ^^
  4. Awesome! :) I did edit the video with a program and the save it as an mp4 file. 1080p 60fps about 20000kbps for total bit rate. I’m still trying to understand how everything works and figure out the best settings. Not very sure what “post produce” means, but I’ll look into it and do my second try :D Power director 13 sounds interesting, I’ll check it out :)
  5. Hi, I'm Sebngarde. You might remember me from other threads asking for help Not sure if this is the right place for it, but here we go. I decided to start a Youtube channel. Nothing serious, just for fun while I'm in vacation. Just uploaded my first "test" video and I'm hoping to get some advise I'm new to Youtube-ing so don't expect professional level. If you have any advise, please let me know I'm currently using a Japanese freeware called "AviUtl" for editing and rendering, and I thought I got a good quality... until I uploaded it and the quality dropped xD I'm also recording with Shadowplay in 1080p 60fps. By the way, right now I'm dealing with 3+ hours to render this 6 mins long video... is that normal? I tried looking for good software for editing and rendering, but the prices were higher than I was expecting, so I'm stuck with freeware until a sale or something. I know some people make videos with Windows Movie Maker, but I couldn't get good quality with that one either :/ Feel free to leave comments with advise or follow me on twitter @Sebngarde ^^ Anyway, nothing too fancy, but here we go:
  6. I love this type of playstiles. With a few mods you can change Skyrim into a "Tamriel Life Simulator" and just as one of the mods says, "Live Another Life" I remember reading a story on a blog about a guy doing it and loving the idea. My "adventuring times" ended that day I suppose you could say I've taken a arrow to the... nevermind
  7. Watching a few opinion videos, I noticed the following: 1. Low fps 2. Light glitches everywhere 3. The textures are low quality as always 4. The graphics look somewhat cartoonish, and everything is very bright. 5. Every time a player picks up an item, there's like one second you still can see the form of the item like a shadow. 6. Players and NPC models glitch more frequently than I'm comfortable with. 7. The combat looks easier than single player Fallout. Looks fun, but I'm still not convinced :/
  8. I was sitting here waiting for a new episode and suddenly realized... chapter 1 just ended What are we going to get today then?
  9. There's the "'Fall out' of the chair" rumor, and considering the 10th anniversary of Fallout 3, might be a thing... who knows. Rage 2 and prey DLC are most likely confirmed, but that wont be all of it... there has to be something big for BGS as well or they're going to lose fans :/ What if Starfield was just a mysterious name just to keep people focused on it while they were making something different? :p
  10. I play with music off all the time. You know, immersion and all that :p But yeah, there's probably an explanation for it ^^
  11. I feel like you guys don't believe me xD but I was playing (oldrim) just now and got the sound again. Tried entering again in the same place, but the sound didn't trigger a second time. I'm not using any audio mod, except for "silent UI", which only remove sounds.
  12. As I said before, I've been hearing it since PS3, and there were no mods for the PS3 version Also, I believe it's the sound it makes when you take out an enchanted weapon, and plays some times when you load an area (or the game) with an enchanted item on you. But that is only based on my experience. I didn't do any experiments to test that theory.
  13. Nope. Been hearing it since ps3 oldrim and still happens on PC (yes, I'm still playing oldrim).
  14. I like to think that both fallout 4 and Skyrim in VR were experiments and learning experiences for them. Maybe next titles will be actually playable without mods
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