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  1. Yeah, the whole "essential" thing is kind of annoying sometimes... I get it, they do so that important NPCs don't die randomly and screw your game, but couldn't you at least make them "protected" so only the player can kill them... I mean, if players screw their own game, it's their fault, right? But I suppose that's why we have mods... xD
  2. Nice. But that's another level of annoying xD
  3. So no way to get rid of the old lady then? :/ That's annoying... why didn't bethesda give us the option to destroy the minuteman :/
  4. How many of you still play Skyrim?

    I'm still playing my main character on oldrim level 60 dragonborn, now finding the joys of "Spell Research", "Lore Weapon Expansion" and a few new texture mods. The goal of this character is get to the ebony warrior without console commands I also finished my thief playthrough some time ago, then played a only illusion mage who only want to study magic and not save the world from anything (very hard to keep up without dying with that one, had to take a follower). My khajit pirate didn't work because the mods i was using crashed my game in the crafting menu :/ But yeah, still having fun with oldrim and my 100-ish mods
  5. NUKA WORLD #17 : Shake Down Baby

    I think the raiders were just trying to get someone to do their dirty work. They call him "The Overboss" to boost his ego, and make him do everything they should but are too lazy to do. Barry not being the smartest man alive worked just fine. And Gage keeps an eye on him all the time. Smart raiders, aren't they? Now that they are getting most of what they want, they're looking for a way to get "The Overboss" killed. think about it, the gauntlet suddenly getting busy, rival gangs attacking the commonwealth outposts... sending the Overboss to do all that sounds wrong, unless the Overboss is nothing but "a tool" Sounds better than the actual plot from Bethesda if you ask me
  6. He's still essential though :/ I remember trying
  7. Gage: "By the way, boss... there's another settlement that needs our help" I can see that coming next

    I can imagine all my co-workers going "what's Saturalia?" xD
  9. Ok, I'm gonna say it... If you forget what you have to do, or can't keep track of the conversations because you're doing too many things at once, it's your fault. Don't ask the game to keep track of that for you.
  10. Website Discord access

    Nice, thanks!
  11. Website Discord access

    I’ll add myself to the question. I joined the server, but every time I try to write something it says “channel is read only” Do we have a noob friendly guide or something? ^^
  12. I'd love to see a video of him picking up the mouse and playing like that xD I mean, not the game screen, but actually see Gopher sitting there playing xD
  13. Gopher Dumbed Down : Map Markers

    Loved the video. I am one of those who think "map markers are for wimps!", I admit it But usually find myself playing skyrim and hearing "I'll mark it on your map", then getting the quest saying "get X item" or "kill X person"... like no information at all... so guess who NEEDS to use map markers. Although I usually use them to see what and where did the NPC mark, and then turn it off. It's really annoying not having directions. I mean, really annoying and frustrating. I also hate maps in modern games... always telling you exactly where you are, so there's no chance to get lost. I have actually printed out a Skyrim map and have it on my desk when I play because I don't want to use the in game map. In Skyrim there's the better quest description mod, which I find very useful, but it's not always enough. I was thinking about a mod that lets you write your own journal and use that instead of the in game journal, but I play with a controller so it'll break my immersion having to go to my keyboard. Btw I hate huds, maps, markers, crosshairs, enemy health bars, enemy names in general subtitles, music changing for combat, and any other thing that tells you where to go, what to do, who is your ally and who is not, etc... so I usually turn all of them off Immersion for the win! iHUD for the win!
  14. I think "unique" is a better term I loved the idea. As I pointed out before, there are some things that I didn't like, but the idea I loved it. Although, to be honest, I didn't quite understand why they mixed mythology with psychosis... If you take those elements and make a different game with each, it would work I think. No need to mix them and make it hard to understand when one ends and the other begins.
  15. Hell of a fight that one ^^ My thoughts on Hellblade: "wow "