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  1. Teacher's desk or at least the chair needs to be moved to a corner if you plan to have a blackboard. I hate using classrooms with the desk in the center... you can't walk around when using the board :/ The layout reminded me of FO3 ^^
  2. I'd love to see that Stiv in the center of Minionland, I mean center of the world, pointing towards the lava tower No idea where that would be though... If it's in the middle of the sea, a whirlpool around would be impressive imo. Btw I've got a lot of cobblestone to donate if needed.
  3. I'd love to participate, but I didn't read anything about this after Easter was finished in my time-zone :/ I was thinking we could have some sort of "treasure hunting game" once every month, or every 2 or 3 months maybe. I like exploring and I love going into caves looking for treasures... not that there are many left in Minionland though... But something like that will need a lot of organization and planning I think. Btw I loved your idea with the riddles ^^
  4. Interesting idea... not sure what time is that here, but if I can I may log in. I wish I had finished my museum to show around, but it'll need sometime because I'm out of ideas xD
  5. I'm really enjoying watching Enderal. The authors obviously put a lot of effort in the game/MOD. Although, there are some things that could be better... for example the things that Gopher finds out and/or are the obvious answer and you don't have the option to say so... It's a nice story and all that, but I don't think I could enjoy it as a "game". It also has a lot of things in common with games like Final Fantasy I think. Specially the way the story is delivered. This episode in particular reminds me of an episode from "Slayers".
  6. YES! Frank is back!
  7. I third it Btw I'd love to see @Gopher doing some more single player exploring since there are lots of new features. Think about it, the Dark Lord exploring the world and discovering all he's missed, getting excited finding new places, meeting "wild" villagers for the first time, finding new mobs, etc. I'd totally wake up at 3am to watch the stream
  8. Don't know if anyone cares about this topic anymore, but I'm going to post the mods I'm using right now just in case someday it's useful. This is not my full mod list. It only has the ones related to immersion/realism (just my opinion btw) 1. Arbitration (for enemy AI) 2. Create you own difficulty Rebalance (for damage tweaks, player 0.8, enemies 1.2 because melee is so OP) 3. Legendary Enemy Spawning (set to 0) 4. Reduced level up speed (1/3) 5. Scavenged Wastes (loving the almost-no-loot idea) And that's all i got right now. Getting Caps is very hard unless you do jobs with the Scavenged Wastes mod because traders don't have any caps (some times they have up to 100, but mostly 0), and you don't find any loot in containers, no caps, no bobby pins, no ammo. Most enemies don't have guns and they run to you with melee weapons, and many don't have good armor. I'm really enjoying these mods, but still hunting for more
  9. Yeah, seems more complex than the one I was trying so I decided to start with the other one. That one is next in my list (maybe I'll try it this evening). Thanks, I'll check it up later ^^ Thanks, I'll check it out later again, but for what I could see in the description is not exactly the kind of tweak I'm looking for ^^; Correct me if I'm wrong, but looks like this mod just adds more raiders and changes their gear... But thanks for the recommendation ^^
  10. Cool, I'll check it out. For now I was trying "scavenged wastes", which removes most of the loot lying around, and give enemies like raiders mostly melee weapons. I like the idea of not getting much loot and weapons at the beginning, it makes you think how to use your caps. Although there are a few issues, like for example some raiders don't have clothes... it's really hard to have a serious mano-a-mano with a naked junkie :/ And most traders have almost no caps (0 in some cases) so it's really hard to get caps (I suppose it'd be easier doing jobs). But as I said before, I like the idea so I'll play with it for a little while I suppose. Now the problem would be modding the combat and damage... I'm trying on very hard before going to survival, and got killed by the same single dog 5 times this evening :/
  11. Ok, I tried this one out and I can see the problem already xD Looks like enemies spawn with 3 to 10 shots and most of them don't have a melee weapon, so as soon as they finish their 3 shots, they come running to you waving their fists xD But i have to say it's very interesting for certain builds ^^ Thanks again ^^
  12. I was looking at that one yesterday. Looks interesting, but it's not 'exactly' what I want... I'm gonna give it a try anyway, but this one tweaks and adds too many things maybe. Thanks for the detailed recommendation ^^ I think I'll try it before start adding other mods.
  13. Nope, didn't know about that And it's very interesting. I'll try it out, thanks for the tip ^^
  14. So I want to start my 3rd play through and I want it to be a more realistic-immersive experience. But I can't find the mods I'm looking for... My first problem with Fallout 4 is how easy you get guns and ammunition... I mean, come on, 210 years and still find perfectly preserved pistols and rounds? Even if you don't, you find caps lying around every corner, and you can buy riffles or shotguns for less than 50 caps... Or if you want to use melee weapons, you have to run avoiding bullets all the time to get close to your enemies... that's just not right... I've been looking around and didn't find most of the things I'd like to have in my game, so I decided to ask you guys if you have any recommendations ^^ I'm playing the PC version and I'm looking for mods like: 1. You don't find much ammo in containers (almost none, or none will be ok I suppose...) 2. Enemies such as raiders spawn only with melee weapons and when they have guns, just small amounts of ammo. 3. Prices of guns and ammo are high enough to make you think twice before buying. 4. No caps in containers or random places. 5. No guns in random places (just melee weapons maybe) 6. Less populated commonwealth (less raiders, settlers, etc... i think i saw a few on Nexus but not sure which one to use) 7. Reload mods like the one Gopher was using in season 1 of Jack's game play. 8. Realistic damage (like you take 1 shot, you're dead... i've seen a few on Nexus but not sure which one to use) And any other mod that you guys recommend will be welcomed Gracias in advance ^^ EDIT: I'm going to try out "Scavenged Wastes" and see how it works but still looking for recommendations ^^
  15. Thanks for the replies! I'll see you all around the forums & servers