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  1. ​Figured you probably were, but it's better to be safe than sorry
  2. ​ ​Woah woah woah, I didn't mean to come off like that, misinterpretation here (unless you guys are trolling me). I meant, seeing as @heraldofmanwe is already proposing to take notes on nearly 180 episodes of LP (so probably around 140-160 hours), that perhaps someone else might be able to make little synopses based on their work, which will probably be quite extensive already. So by someone dedicated enough I meant someone who is also willing to put in the time and effort to compliment Herald's work, which would be doubled or even tripled if they were to do both tasks by themself. Team effort guys.
  3. It'd be pretty neat to write a little synopsis for each episode. Maybe not for you to do, but maybe someone who is dedicated enough could piece one together for each episode based on what notes you take?
  4. You might be able to get around it by renaming your TESV.exe or SkyrimLauncher.exe (whichever one Steam is linked to) to something else and then renaming your skse_loader.exe to TESV.exe or SkyrimLauncher.exe so that Steam detects that instead. That being said I launch my SKSE via Mod Organiser and Steam is still logging hours so I dunno what's up with it.
  5. [uSER=833]@Saber101[/uSER] Nice multicoloured build hahaha, looks like you transferred a pre-build PC into a proper case. Just did something similar with my brother's PC, except it's not a server.: (Copypasta from my post on LTT) Mini build log here. Currently upgrading my brother's crappy HP prebuilt system from circa 2010. Previous specs: Current and Future upgrades: Fractal Design Arc Mini R2 Corsair CX 600 USB 3.0 PCIe expansion card (for front panel USB 3.0 motherboard connector) Going to pick up a used HD 7770, R7 260X, GTX 560 or GTX 570 off Ebay or Gumtree in June probably. Might grab a used i5 off ebay compatible with the socket at some point. Gutting the old system Transfer to the new case Ghetto mounts and stuff ' alt='' class='ipsImage' > Even though there is no actual performance increase yet, the current upgrades were worth every doller, the PC is significantly quieter than it used to be even when the fans are running at full bore, and the thermals are I'm assuming much better. Now that my brother has experienced USB 3.0 speeds he is in shock at how much faster they are. Now all we need is to pick up a better GPU.
  6. There's a big Star Wars sale on Steam right now in celebration of Star Wars Day/May the 4th. Even Lego Star Wars is on sale Edit: There's also an Activision Publisher Weekend sale thing on Steam. Shame you can't get Deadpool anymore... Also The Mass Effect Collection (1 & 2) and Dragon Age Origins have been on sale all week - really good deals on those.
  7. Mmm that's nice, wish I had some spare cash at the moment to throw at more monitors I see, I must say, it is definitely one of the most unique looking coolers I've seen. I also decked out my case with fans, I don't regret it but when not gaming I do turn most of them off using custom fan profiles in AI Suite. When gaming I run them all on but at lowish RPMs, keeps things nice and cool and quiet. I probably don't notice them that much because the majority of the time, they're far quieter than my HDDs. Definitely going with SSDs only in my next rig... one day...
  8. That's an interesting mouse. +1 for the Fanta bottle, prefer Coke myself though What sort of CPU cooler is that? I've never seen one like that before. Also interesting routing of your CPU power cable, does it not reach around the back of the mobo tray far enough?
  9. You can probably scrape together your peripherals pretty cheaply, should be pretty easy to try and grab an old mouse and keyboard off a friend/family member who doesn't use them, should save you about $100 or so which you can allocate to the PC itself, you can always upgrade those at a later time anyway. You can probably budget around $100-250 for a decent 1080p monitor, depending on what features you're after. Check out a couple of his other build guides (I think the $1500 or $2000 one has more detailed explanations of installing components) which should give you a better idea of what you're doing. If you're going to wait a bit, AMD should be releasing their new 300 series of GPUs (in a few months hopefully) which should drive the prices of cards from both manufacturers down a little bit, so you should be able to pick up something even better then for the same budgeted price.
  10. I recommend heading over to the LinusTechTips forums, lots of people there with plenty of experience with building on a budget. They also have a fair few build guides (some more detailed in the actual installation process than others) which cater for a variety of budgets. I recommend looking at something like this as a base, but substituting some parts like the GPU mentioned for something more powerful like that 270X or a possibly something even better if you can afford to upsell. Louise gave you some pretty good advice above ^ and is pretty spot on in all recommendations. If you head over to the LTT forums, make sure you specify your budget and what in particular you need from your PC. I'll list out some popular component choices for low end builds that I've seen: Case: NZXT S340 is quite popular, but there are cheaper cases available. CPU: Intel Pentium G3258 Anniversary or a lower end i5 if you can afford it. The G3258 is probably the best performing CPU for the money and apparently overclocks like a beast. Cooler: you can save money and use the included reference cooler if you're not OCing too far, but the Hyper 212 is an excellent cooler at around $30 Power Supply: Corsair CX series are probably the most popular for people on a budget. Avoid the RM series though, there are much better PSUs available in that price range like EVGA/Superflower ones Storage: Grab an SSD if you can afford it, worth every penny. Faster load times, faster start up times (literally seconds). Common strategy is to get a 120GB for your OS and one or two games and a 1TB or larger HDD for the rest of your stuff. Ram: GSkill, Kingston, Corsair, are all pretty good, get any 8GB memory kit you can afford. 2x4GB kits are quite popular. GPU: going with an AMD GPU will deliver better performance per dollar in most cases, go for a 280 if you can afford it. But again I recommend heading over to LTT and asking there, as I'm not particularly knowledgeable when it comes to lower end components.
  11. You can get Spec Ops for free if you buy any of the 2K Games that are on sale on the Humble Bundle Store. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/promo/2k_weekend/
  12. The winners of the final round are: Republic Commando - SnowWeasel Starfighter - andrej213 Congratulations guys, please check your email for your Humble Bundle gift link and then mark your prize as received over on Steamgifts. Congratulations to all the winners of this giveaway, to those of you who were unsuccessful, I'll probably hold another giveaway in future the next time there's a Humble Bundle I like and end up with spare games, etc.
  13. The winners of round 3 are: Battlefront II - HyphenSam Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast - Fnly Congratulations guys, please check your email for your Humble Bundle gift link and then mark your prize as received over on Steamgifts. Round 4 is now open, see the links in the original post.
  14. The winners of round 2 are: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy - Lucyfer Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II - RDM700 Congratulations guys, please check your email for your Humble Bundle gift link and then mark your prize as received over on Steamgifts. Round 3 is now open, see the links in the original post.
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