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  1. The coding and layout of the forum had its roots in the old unofficial forums, which were created and administered by Philosophercat. Since then, there have been many who have helped make the forum what it is today. To be fair, though, all the bells and whistles would mean nothing without the single ingredient that really defines this forum: the Minions. Not to sound mushy (too late), but it would be a pretty awesome forum with less flash, pomp, and circumstance, if only it had the same caliber of members. And yes, if @Quaricohad made it, it would all be fire and brimstone. Which is, of course, why we love our favorite Aussie pyromancer.
  2. I barely notice the piccolo. It may be bothersome to you purely because of the particular pitch?
  3. I actually bought a preowned PS4 specifically for HZD, and Zelda is enough for me to get a switch. It's terrible, and I really shouldn't spend that kind of money while I'm trying to buy a house....but I have a problem. *shrug*
  4. Considering games are cheaper now than they've been, comparatively, since I've been gaming (roughly 30 years) I've no problem paying the 64 euros for it. Considering 5 years and literally tens of thousands of man hours of development? 64 euros ($60) is a steal. this game would have cost over 90 euros/$100 if game prices were cost comparative to the 80s!
  5. I think I've honestly bought the trilogy twice...originally on PS3, then on pc. I am stoked for Andromeda, everything I've seen and heard has me chomping at the bit like a thoroughbred at the Kentucky Derby. Kind of like Legend of Zelda: The Witcher Edition...I mean Breath of the Wild. (Play all tha gamez!!!)
  6. I didn't find ME3 to have bad graphics or poor controls. In fact, ME1 was the only one that arguably had not so good graphics or controls. ME2 was pretty good, and ME3, mechanics-wise, was fantastic. And the graphics for both were not too bad. It's not like they're 8 bit games. "Nostalgic games" makes it sound like we're talking about the original Prince of Persia or something. LOL! They're only one generation back, re: the console versions, and if you're playing the PC version there're graphical mods.
  7. I feel like Woodclaw recounted that in the most negative way possible. I'd say play it anyway and decide for yourself.
  8. I actually felt the ending was inevitable, and my only surprise with the ending was how much choice you *did* have. To me it was a fantastic representation of "the destination doesn't matter, the journey does." I'd say more, but I can't find the spoiler tag option on mobile. As someone who enjoyed the ending, though, I didn't see there being any other way.
  9. From what I've seen and heard impressions of, I'm looking forward to the dialogue change. It's still somewhat similar in overall feel, but people who've played some of the game in press previews have been overall pretty positive about the more organic, less "gamey" feel. The explanations for what the various choices will mean (the "attitudes" of the comments) sounds like it's less "Be a good guy!" and "Be a douche!" and more "be compassionate", "be rational", etc. So i like it, personally. I feel the mechanics of ME3 definitely hit the sweet spot for me, but i really enjoyed the through story. I really felt that the thread from ME1-3 formed a nice flow, the overarching path made sense to me, and I never really expected to see every decision I made have an impact on the final story. But again, I'm generally called "wrong" in my appreciation of the complete story. At any rate, Andromeda kicks off in such a way that there is zero percent chance of anything from ME3 affecting it, so nicely dodged bullet.
  10. Let me clarify, since the emote's didn't serve their purpose. I am being an ass. It's what I'm known for. Welcome to the forums. I consider all debates on terminology to be banal and insipid. Especially when it becomes tiresome, as above. "I'm right you're wrong", regardless of whether the facts are on one side or another or the tone presented, are tiresome at the start, and only go down hill from there. Any conversation becomes a disagreement of terminology usage, or opinion, or intent, tends to become quickly a pissing contest, which has no value. To reiterate: I am being an ass, and tend to drop smart-ass comments or non sequitur comments for my own amusement. If you don't find it amusing, ignore them. Don't try to debate me over my smartass behavior.
  11. And this is why I only ever build hovels, shacks, and cabins. No one to debate terminology with. Because I have no time for pedantic banality.
  12. Hehe. No one uses the phrase, but it's heavily implied by most people in the way they talk about it. Especially how apparently one game can destroy the experience of two previous games provided. But we'll see. I've gotten the impression that EA didn't meddle as heavily in this, probably as a result of the backlash of sandy-britches screaming about the star child.
  13. I don't see this game, in development for 5 years now, suffering from shortened dev time. From what I've been able to see and hear, according to the devs, that's not a problem this time. I realise that if you "actually are a fan" or some such, you're supposed to be angry and bitter about ME3; but I actually had no problem with it. This game is getting more exciting to me each time they post another video. That said, FO4 broke me of preorders, so while I'll probably buy it, I'll be waiting.
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