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  1. So, I did not know this but apparently our very own smartbluecat had some major issues with his computer and it fried quite a bit of it. His inigo files and everything are safe but the poor guy needed a new pc. Some awesome fans started a crowdfunding thing for him ( I had no idea this website even existed ), and its raised about 3k pounds so far and the goal was 1500. I'll leave links to sbc's post about it down below along with a link to donate if anybody else would like to donate to him as well. Hopefully this is allowed on here and Gopher sees this as well and possibly makes a quick video or something for support for our favorite smartbluecat. https://friendsofinigo.com/ https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/build-a-rig-for-smartbluecat
  2. I'd say @Z-blackblue place would be perfect. Actually wanna see what he's been up to with the place as im barely ever on anymore.
  3. sorry I was only able to stay for horse paradise and the boom caverns, had a birthday party to attend to. hope it was all fun! what was all visited btw?
  4. You guys are always welcome at horse paradise.
  5. Yeah I lost Quicksilver, my fastest horse the other day. 14 m/s horse ;~; im actually really really upset about that. I've had him for forever.
  6. I voted for z_blackblue for his wonderful build thats gopher dedicated and his willingness to be helpful anyway he can :-p I figured NT and San would get a ton of votes anyway so I didnt think they needed my vote lol. I was gonna vote for teddynesa for putting up with my goofy self but im pretty sure she's a masochist and enjoys the headache that is me lol. There are a ton of people I'd like to vote for but I actually have another idea. You could do this wonderful cave idea and have a really cool upper echelon sort of honor hall, but we as the community could build a large community one, where perhaps every month we vote on who should get their own Place of honor in the Minion-Land Hall of Fame.
  7. How is the updating going? Hopefully pretty smooth.
  8. I think this tuesday would be great, I wont be able to go if it's next tuesday due to work :-p
  9. I think if we were to do a few places we could tp to, the ones Id suggest would be: Magasai's farm The Wither Pads The Nautilus (serranos guardian farm) The Crossroads. The Throne Room These are by far the most used/visited places on the server and they'd make the most sense. And in the future Zblackblue's 5 Kingdoms for sure.
  10. I believe Psychoteddynesa would be a wonderful inn-keeper at the minion stew. She actually really wants to decorate it for the holiday season. Also I think Shawn would be a great co Inn-keeper. He's always ushering people there when they first arrive on the server. And I was thinking about moving spawn to the xroads but then somehow that feels wrong. It'd be odd having gopher zip down to another place to give us cake. I think we just need a faster transport system to the xroads. Just set up the slipstream to head directly to the crossroads would be my vote on the issue.
  11. Yeah if I didnt give wrong directions it probably would have been a faster trip lol
  12. Minionland isnt dying. There is still an absolutely wonderful community here. Roughly around noon-ish eastern us time we have about 40ish people on regularly. At night it usually dwindles down low but it cant be flowing all the time. Even though we arent running at the absolute max amount of people, we still have a huge amount of people here constantly staying busy. Dont worry m8, things are fine :-p I do agree that community events help quite a bit ^^ which is why I'd love to do a wither killing event in godaishus basement. It'd be even more amazing if gopher would stream it :-p have him sat on a throne above all his minions watching a wither killing! muahahahah!
  13. Its absolutely beautiful. what texture pack and shaders are you using?
  14. I found gopher roughly 4 or 5 years ago? Ish? I found him after watching Alchestbreach, who was the first modder/showcaser that I really started watching. After I couldn't figure out how to install the silly damn things in very well I searched on youtube and found gophers tutorials. I started watching his stiv playthrough after finishing his tutorials and figuring out how to mod semi-decently. Then I was hooked on pretty much everything he's thrown at us since then. There are some things that we all love dearly about his channel and some things we couldn't care less about. Im not a huge xcom lover but I still subbed to his twitch and his patreon. And there are gonna be months where he may be doing some game I am not interested in and I am fine with that. I think, for myself at least, its important to remember why were here. Were here for that mad man that we watch on our screens. I will continue to support Gopher in any game he wants to play. I may not exactly watch all those videos but I will still support his gaming/youtube/streaming career. And I hope everyone else will as well :-p
  15. This is a very wonderful build. I am no where near this creative lol.
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