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  1. WAR / Call to arms

    Dear @Lord Ryno, As a peace offering, I've built this wonderful, big, wooden horse for you. I've positioned it in front of your trenches. I had to get your men to agree to a temporary ceasefire to set it up. (I bribed them with chocolate and filthy magazines.) It's yours to take inside your city walls. It will be beautiful inside your city walls. Everybody else will be like "wow, I wish I had that inside my city walls!". So better get it inside your city walls before somebody else snatches it up and puts it inside their city walls, because this should go inside your city walls! Yours sincerely, jrRedek PS. Don't worry if you hear any noises coming from inside the horse. It's just the wood drying out. I'm sure it will dry faster inside your city walls.
  2. WAR / Call to arms

    That's Maverick for you. One hell of a pumpkin-headed pilot. I wouldn't send a rookie on the Rynoria route. No amount of AA can stop Maverick and he will keep flying that route until I ask him to stop. Anyway I'm preparing a gift for Rynoria in the name of peace. It will be a big wooden horse for you to display inside your city walls.
  3. WAR / Call to arms

    Have I not been a great leader? Did I ever impose rules on you? Restrictions? Taxes? All I've ever done is to keep the East safe from threats from the outside, on behalf of all the people in the East, including you. I can't do my job when I don't have access to a large part of the Eastern sky. I've respectfully chosen a flight path that doesn't go over your city, but your request for a Rynorian airspace up to 500 or even a 1000 blocks from your city wall is just unacceptable. And now you are openly inviting non-Eastern armies into our lands. I have to wonder if your moral compass even points East anymore. Retract your call for foreign invaders. Do it for the East. Glory be damned.
  4. WAR / Call to arms

    The lies. "No choice", "last thing I wanted". It's just a little plane flying past. You could've just left it. The truth is you're jumping on the first excuse to start a war. You want this. The red mist has descended and in your blind rage you've already lashed out at the first innocent victim. Poor Tirius. You're on a quest for fire and destruction and you love it. Other nations of Minionland, you've seen the true face of warlord Ryno today. Don't get involved in his little rebellion. Nothing good will come of it.
  5. Ultimatum to jrRedek

    "Rynorian airspace"?
  6. Just looking at the map now. At it's biggest the statue is 11 wide and 9 deep, though the base is only 6x6. Looking at your screenshot I think the plots are 9 wide and plenty deep. I could fit it in either sideways (so it faces the players coming at it), or if I face it to the centre of the board the shoulders would overhang the borders of the plot (but not actually go into the next plot). I could try to build a miniature version with fence posts for spear and single-block wide legs, but I don't think it would look too similar because I would have to lose the armor and helmet probably. So to sum up the three options I see are: Facing centre of the board with slight overhang over the border (But not into the next plot) Facing sideways in the direction the players are coming from A shitty miniature version that probably won't really look like the original at all (Can you tell I'm trying to influence you not to pick this one? ) And prison started out great. I smuggled in a llama for warmth and company and it ended up saving my dignity because Gopher was too distracted to laugh at me. But then everybody left and I was just stuck there in jail all alone with nothing but my own thoughts and llama spit noises...
  7. That's so cool. I have never seen any of my work with shaders and high res textures before. Great picture! If you want me to build a guardian statue somewhere on the board, just let me know.
  8. Imperial Defense Project

    I am touched that you have built a big statue of a gun to honour your glorious leader in the East. I think it's a wonderful use of symbolism that strongly displays my millitary prowess. Don't worry though. As your glorious leader I take responsibility for your defense. I have functional guns for when your so-called "friends" from the other districts stab you in the back and try to invade my lands through your innocent naivety. Glory to the East. Glory to me.
  9. I am a bit surprised that you were under the impression that Minionland would be a medieval themed server. Gopher never built in medieval style and there's a McDonald's next to spawn. But either way it seems like a weird thing to get hung up about. Have you ever really looked at the real world? The diversity in houses ranges from hyper-modern penthouse apartments in the city to stick and mud huts in Africa and anything in between. While some people are taking their self-driving Tesla cars to work, many are just trying to push their donkey and cart up the hill. Oh and this is all ~50 years after people already walked on the moon, yet none of us have ever done anything like it. The idea that every build has to be from the same theme or same level of technological advancement for it to be an immersive world just seems silly.
  10. It seems like a good idea. Under the command/plugin functions tree you could add a section on animal sacrifices and one on the QuickTree plugin.
  11. Map art for all

    So just in case I wanted to consider making some map art, I take it that I would have 128×128 "pixels" to play with on a single pad? And with glass panes I would have access to all the Minecraft colours?
  12. After some intelligence gathering I've come to discover that you've built your ship in an inland sea. Carry on.
  13. That's a very nice toy you have there! Those weapons almost look real. How do you fire it? By typing "Pew! Pew!"? It's only fair that I should warn you about the East; My war machines come with real guns, firing real ammunition. Any would-be-invaders will be blown to kingdom come. Cross my boarders and the sounds of war will be very real, as will be the pride that I'll use to wash my hands from your virtual blood. *Applies war paint to completely shaven head*
  14. Eastern Trade Federation & Empire of Rynoira

    Well actually, @Multigk and @Lord Ryno, I made the announcement on july 25th, after which there was a ten day period anyone could have filed a formal complaint by filling in form C57h and presenting it to the council with ten signatures from Eastern residents. Or you could have tried form D15a in combination with an A12 permit to get around the signature clause, but you would need to be at least a B-class landowner. Since nobody bothered to even pick up a form, I am your leader by default. This information was all clearly on display in a locked room in my secret basement.
  15. Eastern Trade Federation & Empire of Rynoira

    Rebellious scum! I take this as an attack on my sovereignty as I had previously proclaimed myself ruler of all the east. I have been working on my Air Force lately, and as soon as I've figured out how to make those planes move.... Oh boy, you better start praying to the divines now. Fire and fury!