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  1. To commemorate that today is the centennial anniversary of the armistice that officially ended WWI, the 'war to end all wars', I decided to build a small monument in Minionland, near Walkuria. For this monument I decided to plant a poppy field and build a small statue with a wall and two 'eternal' flames. Why a poppy field? The poppy is the international symbol for the lives lost in WWI, based on the poem 'In Flanders Fields', by John McRae: In Flanders fields the poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row, That mark our place; and in the sky The larks, still br
  2. Lert

    Building Music

    Things like this Or this: Or this: Or this: Yeah my tastes are - ... singular, and not popular among my neighbors.
  3. Lert

    White wool wanted

    Well, I have enough now. Thank you.
  4. For an airship I'm building I need about two double chests worth of white wool. The majority of this will go into the flotation balloons, with a sizable portion used for beds, wings, etc. If you have surplus I'll be happy to take it. Feel free to hit me up in game, send via donkey-gram or drop it off in my dropbox at the world tree and leave me a note you did so. Thank you very much in advance!
  5. I'm happy to take any donation of grass, dirt and / or stone - not cobble, but the smooth stuff. Feel free to hit me up in game, or drop some off in my MTC mailbox. Though if you do the latter, please do so in a shulker to prevent my inbox from filling up too fast and send me an in-game mail so I know to give you your shulkers back. Thank you very much for any donations.
  6. The walled city / castle of Walkuria, ofcourse And the Walkuria outskirts:
  7. Ok so this isn't minecraft related per say, but hey, it's right up @ShawnBouchers alley and this is the easiest way I can think of reaching him.
  8. Ok, so I'm a few days early, but I figured I'd get my christmas wishes to everyone in on time. Happy holidays, merry christmas, happy kwanza, happy festivus for the rest of us! Enjoy some festive seasonal music:
  9. I'll see if I can waste another hour snipping and bonering spruce trees tonight to get you another few shulkers full.
  10. Lert

    Need for Clay

    I donated 10 stacks of clay blocks. In return I would like you to change your name to JeanClay for some time.
  11. Thanks everyone! I have about enough now.
  12. Either or. I'm collecting cooked but I can cook them myself.
  13. Walkuria isn't interested in winning a war. We're just interested in not losing one.
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