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  1. For several weeks, Little Luca's horse was standing outside my gate at Walkuria. Though she has since summoned it elsewhere, now I find Labogo's donkey 'E OH' just roaming on my territory outside my gate. Please, either properly store your horses in the appropriate stables - I have over 15 spots free across 5 stables in the area - or take your horses with you when you leave. Don't just leave them wandering around.
  2. I concur. The throne room one is too bright and busy with the swords, the horse statue card looks amazing though.
  3. WAR / Call to arms

    Walkuria, the capitol of the Southern Covenant, hereby announces that in the face of mounting aggression between nations a mere dozen kilometers from the Southern Covenant, the Southern Covenant Navy vessels SCS River Plate and SCS Thermopylae have upgraded their readiness status to yellow alert. We will be monitoring the situation closely, and any transgressions from any power other than the Southern Covenant members within striking range of Southern Covenant territories will be taken as an act of war and acted upon with appropriate measures.
  4. The Southern Covenant Navy expands

    Just outside JrRedek's borders?
  5. And with Krikkeee's donation I have enough gold for the sign! This is the current state:
  6. @Krikkeee Thank you very much, I've written it down.
  7. More progress: 5.5 stack from Xeno_Praetorian.
  8. Update ... This is the current state of the mapart: The difference between the pic in the OP and this is about 7 stacks worth of gold blocks.
  9. Minionland Museum of Art needs YOU!

    It's on display.
  10. Definitely. Though farming 2 or 3 stacks a day at NT's gold farm takes a bite out of it. I'm just hoping someone else is as rich as Schwer ....
  11. Until that happens, I'll keep collecting gold.
  12. Nope. It's uglier in the mapart. Believe me, I tried.
  13. Minionland Museum of Art needs YOU!

    Sure thing, no problem. Drop it in my dropbox at minion trade center.
  14. I'm working on a large mapart, that needs a very large amount of gold to complete. This is what I have so far and that represents about 25 stacks of blocks. I will need about 35 ~ 40 stacks more to complete it. Any help will be appreciated, and you'll get your gold back when I'm done ofcourse. These are the contributors so far: Domretana: 1 stack Spawnboucher: 2 stack, 32 block Bumper: 2 stack Schwerpunkt: 10 stack, 23 block Foxxy: 20 block Atheos_Wrath: 1 stack, 22 block Unfortunately, at this time I can't give an indication on when you'd get your gold back if you decide to help. I will give it back when the mapart is done, and I will need to do three maps' worth to complete the whole piece. The calligraphy 'W' is the most gold-intensive piece, so when I can complete the left-most piece of the triptych I will be able to do the other two pieces as well. I'll just tear down the W, do the middle piece, tear that down and do the right-most piece. Any help is greatly appreciated! Meanwhile, I will just quietly farm gold and slowly work on the project~ If you want to help out just hit me up here or in-game.