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  1. Yeah. I know. I was jesting. If this game isn't perfect when it comes out there will be drama on Teh InTeRNeTs. People love a good hype train de-railing. However, Night City Wire begins tomorrow, and from the announcement wording it seems to be a periodical event. The NDAs drop and the people that got to play the advanced copies will be able to share their impressions. We will be seeing more in game footage as well.
  2. I can't say I'm not a little bit disappointed but the prevailing feeling is that of relief. My life's been busy lately and while I was going to allot time in April to play it, this gives me more time to build a better PC. The game will come out as polished as possible when it's ready. There is no down side to this for me personally. I see no reason to cancel my pre-order, I'm going to buy it and play it anyway. I can imagine not everybody feels this way. For words of comfort all I can say is it's going to be a better game. I have to give credit, @Cryzeteur was unfortunately right about the development process.
  3. Sounds interesting. Was any of it ever released? Re:links I think the "&list=....." is throwing you off but I got them. If I had to guess I'd say these would be combat music. There has to be a contrast. I expect a more subdued ambient sound for walking around Night City. I agree, there should be something more peaceful, something that leaves you space to think. Deus Ex: Human Revolution had an awesome ambient soundtrack. I expect something of a similar spine-tingling feel for Cyberpunk 2077.
  4. Soundtrack to the Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Sneak Peek we saw back in June at E3.
  5. I agree. I've seen this years ago when it was first released.
  6. [My number 1 rule when buying anything: I never pre-order] I pre-ordered the sucker today. I just like what I've seen and heard so far about the game. I am confident it will be a game I won't skip in this lifetime. I also have faith in CDPR's game optimization. My 2009 built PC sporting a 2007 CPU – the Q6600, overclocked to 3,2 GHz – with a GTX 750Ti can run The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt at a playable FPS of 40-50-ish. I had been holding off playing that game for some time but never really tried to run the game until recently. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised! I am also sad I can't play it now due to a life transition/moving but no biggie. I plan on buying a new PC come spring-time anyway. Should have my ducks in a row by then. Whatever I'll be buying will be new so I'm not worried.
  7. Welcome to the forum. From your description it sounds like the game can't find meshes. Comb through the list of mods and see if any of them add new models/meshes or modify existing ones. Something most likely changed with the update so some mods of this type could be needing an update by their authors. Or you installed something incorrectly. Could be a file invalidation problem also. This is the best that I can tell you. [DISCLAIMER: I don't own Fallout 4 and have never played it]
  8. It goes without saying the music will be a completely different experience. I think you're worried for a valid reason @Cryzeteur. I kind of agree with both of you. I have a separate playlist even for the Witcher 3 soundtrack when I listen to it outside the game called... "SANS BATTLE", with all the hard hitting tracks skipped and only the down-tempo and low-volume tracks in it. I think "FCKD" which was used in last years trailer qualifies as battle/combat music. Besides that, I expect it to be heard in game as background noise on a low volume speaker somewhere or muffled through the walls, just to set the tone of a grimy place as seen in this year's cinematic trailer. I'm sure the whole soundtrack won't be like this. I expect ambient solo guitar instrumentals to be there for the calmer periods of the game. I wouldn't exclude some chill-out or EDM. I think they will try and match the city environment. Wouldn't be surprised with some polka, reggae or steel drums even. The entire ambient of the game is the complete opposite of the Witcher which was more or less set in the harmony of nature, whereas Cyberpunk 2077 will be set in the disharmony of the city. The soundtrack should actually follow this change. But I would agree it will be [subjective opinion] less pleasant for the ears [/subjective opinion].
  9. Hyper - Cyberpunk E.P. https://ayrarecordings.bandcamp.com/album/cyberpunk-e-p https://ampl.ink/gyaGq Music used in Cyberpunk trailer "Everytime you’re playing music for the crowd instead of yourself, you’re FCKD!" More from "Cyberpunk E.P."
  10. I didn't expect Todd to talk about any new releases (although Fallout Shelter in the Tesla is a surprise). He's trying to build this image of himself as an innovator, they know each other from a ways back, so why not sit down and talk about the future? And they went places... Todd also mentioned going to SpaceX to snoop for ideas for Starfield so at least we know they will try to make space in the game as realistic as possible without being dull and punishing. Elon seemed out of place which is not a surprise. The questions at the end were just... It was more a meeting of two minds that are trying to push the boundaries in their respective fields having a chat. Where Todd's mind is going... I get the feeling he's not excited about TES anymore which makes me a little sad. Maybe that's where his mind has been all along. To make another TES akin to Skyrim would be playing it safe, while making something new is taking a risk. We already know he's not averse to taking risks (Fallout 76), I just don't know how that's good for fans of BGS games, so far known and loved, or his company's bottom line. Time will tell.
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