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  1. I've been personally hoping there would be a world download available someday- but probably not yet. People still get on the server and it's still open, so offering a world download would just kind of be awkward. This is more something that ought to happen when the server officially closes someday.
  2. By the by if you guys have and suggestions for the build itself I'm all ears. I think I've been staring at it for so long I can't tell if it needs anything on not- but the inside feels weirdly lacking looking at these images. I had to put in way more lighting than I initially thought and it kind of threw the whole original vibe off. Too many candles!
  3. It's been kind of quiet on here, so I figured I should show some of Mystmarsh for once! Took me goofily long to work up the nerve to do it, but I'm finally feeling okay with the fact it will likely be a "perpetually WIP" kind of build, and the final goals I'd laid out are still a ways off. I've been getting into the server again so I'll surely be making more progress again, and I hope to still see many of you guys on as well. In the backwaters of the Mystmere swamps and wetlands there lies Mystmarsh, an anomaly in almost all ways. It's enchanted- or perhaps cursed- waters have given the region it's characteristic appearance and atmosphere, this magical well attracting dark magic users, necromancers, alchemists, hedge mages, and other magical hermit types who aren't accepted in civilized society to this one spot. Over the years this collection of hovels evolved into a city of sorts- with major members of their mages college doubling as the city council of self electing officials. In this place a religion has formed based around the odd mushrooms growing around Mystmarsh. Some of these fungi are quite large (which I have yet to build!!!!! :L ) and are said to have a way of speaking directly to an individuals mind- telepathically, though one has to go through extensive self modification to hear their words, often characterized by empty eyes, extended life, an "death like" appearance, and occasionally mushrooms of this same type growing from the individual- in rare cases some even begin to change form and lose their flesh as plant matter replaces muscles and skin- leaving them with almost the appearance an overgrown corpse covered in vines and mushrooms. the procedure is preformed with magic and is of course irreversible. Members of this community claim to not only be able to communicate with these ancient mushrooms, but also each other in the exact same way- effortlessly, almost automatically. A collective consciousness where in each mind can see though the eyes and perspective of each other completely- but with every individual still remaining autonomous, the shared memory and mind of thousands of years and numerous perspectives forming one singular community is the dark magic backwater. https://mystaltree.bandcamp.com/track/the-arborist-speaks I'd long since has this place built, but it was empty. I really didn't know what kind of religion Mystmarsh might even have. Then I stumbled across that album from Mystal Tree and the opening track gave me the inspiration I really needed. I mean heck It's even called the "Mystal tree"! It's perfect! After some thought I'd decided to simply directly post the lyrics. It felt kind of cheesy trying to come up with something similar yet different- I was pretty aware that this is mostly someone else's idea. Felt way better to just make a direct homage to the inspiration. It's a fantastic album by the way, check it out. It also makes me smile that this prayer posted in the church can be actually listened to because of this. Now I just need some mooshrooms for livestock and some better integration of this community into the area and these dudes will be all set. Couldn't be happier with how it all came out!
  4. This is being made by the same dudes who run the hypixel servers, which has basically been the ultimate in minigame servers for a good while now. From what I've heard Hytale will have a similar focus- being more geared for the creation and playing of minigames and less focus on the more traditional stuff. This is a good idea! It would be a bit silly to challenge MC directly- this will have its own unique perks and specializations. I'm sure these guys are doing a superb job. That being said, I've basically never had any interest in MC minigames for as long as I can remember, so I'll end up giving this one a pass by the looks of it. Still, it's really cool to see what the Hypixel folks have ascended to, I'm really hoping this project is a success for them
  5. I remember me and Vault were getting the pathway shored up, we're in an odd situation where part of vaults land are still claimed by someone who hasn't been on in over a year- but Vault has permissions for said claim. This means that only he can get that chunk of the road done :< unless we get an admin involved anyway. I'll try to contact him within the next few days. It's kind of mental how fast time flies, last time I was on it was October. I just got caught up in other things. Crazy Anyway yeah if you want to tweak the path I'm all ears, if you notice I'm online just shoot me a message and we can get the specific route sorted out "in person" :p
  6. !! Sorry for the extended absence, I'll try to be on tomorrow and get everything rolling again on my end
  7. https://fief.bandcamp.com/album/i https://fief.bandcamp.com/album/ii https://fief.bandcamp.com/album/iii Adding to my list. Discovered Dungeon synth recently and Fief does some pretty amazing stuff.
  8. I second Ryno, Let's get this thing rolling before people drift! I recon @ThatGuyBoom Should make and run the initial post, since the RP has been essentially run by Boom so far when you look at it in a broad sense and ye seem to have this thought out the most, though if you don't want to that that's totally fine of course. We should get this going though- the sooner the better. So, uh, yeah. Get on it! (please)
  9. That sounds like a great idea for after minionland dies. For now though, I think there's a good chunk of people who would rather just get the old one going. Having to compete with the main server is almost guaranteed to make the server collapse in on itself. The server won't be hosted forever though, so I think this is what we should do when that doomsday comes. Till then I'd say the current setup is still pretty cool and worth reviving
  10. I totally agree with all of this, sounds fantastic. It lays out etiquette while still allowing that awesome organic attitude to survive. I really like the idea of a central post, because then there can be a sort of front page- edited with an up to date map, alliances, all nations with their flags, a discord server, and other cool stuff. Something I'd like to add: >There should be some way to acknowledge players who can't get on often for whatever reason, Me and Zanth for instance have absolute trash internet in our town- and my personal connection isn't great on top of that. I have no hope for logging on for weeks at a time sometimes. It also doesn't help we have other obligations and interests that also pull us away- though I doubt were the only ones with that particular problem. >and on that note- you want people to be able to take breaks from the server without worrying about being attacked. People need to be able to participate without having to forget what the sun looks like. While the idea of the main ruler of everything being this miserable person sick of the world is a fun trope in stories, it's hardly the kind of thing we actually want happening =P . EVE Online is pretty rad, but I've never actually wanted to get into it because your nation crumbles the second you decide you actually want to do other things with your life. Being at risk is a great way to make people burn themselves out. To solve these problems, factions should be able to be declared "paused". In short, if someone hasn't been on in a bit, basically imagine them as "paused". Sometimes you can't pop in and say you'll be gone because of a sudden internet blackout, or predict the spontaneous month long Starbound session after you first try Frakkin' Universe and have your mind utterly blown. I'd say if someones hasn't been on in like a week or so they're in this state, though I think its good if a ruler can just say "i'm paused guys" before going on that week long family trip for clarity sake. Don't declare war on them or try to say you're in alliance until they're back, and if you had something going on just wait till they return to continue. Nice and simple, and could prevent some confusion and hurt feelings down the road.
  11. Awesome! But before you get going on that, keep in mind the structure you have screenshotted for Mystmarsh is torn down now! Just a friendly reminder in case you want to redo that one- if ye care
  12. Rediscovered this weird song today- happened across it in a video about antique revolvers of all things. It's a really loose and seemingly aimless piece- but that makes it fantastic for listening to while doing something else- like, ya know, working in the server. I laid down some pathing with this on loop today and it fit the mood ridiculously well.
  13. Absolutely yes, I've still been trying to prepare just in case, with rules or otherwise
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