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  1. Well, such decision should be discussed more widely, best on forums, not only in-game. As for pointing people to any one location, I think its disrespectful for hard work of other minions. High-yield should not be the only factor, especially considering how far Claymoria is, and how close Magasai Farms are (and yes, how full of shovels is Shovelot ;-) ). Whoever inspired Rodzyn to place sign pointing only to Claymoria brought this shade on NT. I just pointed out that whole handling of this situation is not OK on few different levels. As for Godaishu Farm...how much of it still remains / could it be recreated? I suspect that with portals off it wouldn't be much of a strain for crossroads, and I would like to make it into Heritage Site, to show first ever server gold farm and maybe show how such farm works.
  2. It came to my attention that Godaishu gold farm at crossroads was removed some time ago with little to know warning and information (was there even a redmine ticket?). To make matter more disturbing in place of the farm were written signs pointing towards Gold Farm at Claymoria. And only this one, even though there are two much closer gold farms - at Magasai's and at Shovelot. What will be next? Will some admin kill Magasai villagers and point to villager mall at Claymoria too? Or will Plant-a-lot be deleted, cause there is public farm there? Me and @ShawnBoucher found this practice very disturbing. Thanks to his trust we changed the signs at Godaishu's former farm to better represent reality. But I think we, and other minions are owed explanation. And in the future - more recognition to work of other minions than only Royal Architect.
  3. That doesn't mean we cant disclose it in cases we know. I know that Void Guardian used it and NT with Sanamia. I think MMMowman too.
  4. When compiling this guide please take not if build is recreated in Minionland through schematica (or simillar mod) from creative world or build on our server from scratch. I feel its important distinction for anyone trying to compare builds. It would be unfair for minions building on server to by unknowingly overshadowed by someone who is essentially using flying to design. I don't say its bad, I just think we are owed the information.
  5. I agree with extending dragon loot table. Especially for Dragon eggs.
  6. Well, long time no update. Slipstream Spawn Station is now mostly finished and fully operational. We offer: Horsefriendly stairs, drop-to-water and minecart elevator as your means to get up and down. Boat dispensers on mezzanine (gallery) level as well as used boat drop there. Ice Ways to 4 main line directions (E and W on mezzanine/gallery, N and S on main station level). Ice way to water-drop and water elevator connecting to nearby river for transportation of villagers and livestock (just few meters up North Ice Way). Complete with temporary holding pen. Beside all that: Heritage site of Gopher's Strip Mine (entrance bellow main stairs). Gallery of Slipstream Builders and Nether Slipstream Builders. Two beacons for regeneration and higher speed of movement (eastern one built with 57 emerald blocks from original station by @MaximusPower_). Some preserved original blocks and signs from first station by Maximus. Several Ender chests for your convenience. To do list: - Some minor tweaks to glass facade (by @vagabondmidget) - Final pixel art on eastern wall (to do by @Vice Dellos) - Finishing of Builders Gallery - Stable on top level (maybe overworld PUNT...so PUOT... :/ ) ENJOY YOUR SLIDE
  7. Just be considirate. Your connection should not interfere with inside of highway and should not endanger traveling people or destroy existing connections.
  8. Thanks @ShawnBoucher ...I hate to ask, but since we don't have much space, and much lag/fps overhang at spawn, we need to limit number of people represented by banners in gallery. From your description it seems that Luca, You and Atheos, did most of the work (beside Maximus ofc.) I think I need one more person that helped the most. We have space for 4-6 banners. I'm leaning towards 4 from FPS/lag reasons.
  9. I returned to work on Slipstream spawn after some time off at Walkuria and some work on RL projects. Today not much happend. Some cleaning up of lighting system and other stuff. More significantly most of ceiling (shallow vault) is now "finished". For tomorrow I need (to become) sphere construction expert. Night minions. PS. It's far away from spawn, but at south end of Slipstream Little Luca finished her hard work with music greeting new arrivals at (still unfinished)Aquatica station. See if you know the title of the song.
  10. Jean I hope this would be proper medieval-style city with tightly packed buildings, sitting side by side and narrow streets. Dogma is still no-spoilers territory for me so I don't know how soren looks, I just hope...judging from plan it at least slightly is.
  11. In my, layman understanding blocks seems better too. Less complicated geometry to render, and if I understand MC rendered correctly it does not render solid masses of blocks, so block leaving no gap seems best. Just wanted to confirm my suspicions...now to replace all switches :/
  12. Technical question - anyone knows which is more FPS/Lag heavy as a method of powering Redstone Lanterns: switches or redstone block (both hidden surrounded by blocks on all sides)? As for build. VagabondMidget is doing great work with glass internal facade. As for me, I'm little burned out and occupied by RL projects atm. When I do get to MC I mostly work on Walkuria Mansion so Lert does not kill me. But I promise to get back to work soon-ish. Night minions. Please answer my question to best of your knowledge.
  13. Another day in which real architecture is taking more of my time, so not much done to station. I've added tunnel to dispenser refilling room, tinkered with redstone to add beacon off switch, added boat return "system" (just hoppers under carpet, when you can throw not needed boats). I must say all the bowels of station are pretty tightly packed and overlapping, but we have all functionality with no compromise. I am glad how it turned out. Now the only work left to do is aesthetic one I think. Until Rodzyn will stop playing Rocket League and give use more trusts and direction for making cargo elevator, direct tunnels to E and W lines etc. Night Minions o/
  14. Vice had some boat-jumping contraption. Maybe that will help. We can also asses if those other lines are currently in use anyway or are they often used. Maybe we can divide them. Main line should have priority. That is of course if we decide to raise SS/move rail.
  15. We have one double and one single chest connected to each dispenser. We'll see if it will be enough. If not, we have room to expand. For now its 81 boats of each type, 216 boats total. BTW, Jean, I've been meaning to ask you. Can you replace input chests at MTC by trapped ones? Trapped chest does not send items to hoppers before its closed, so you can take back items you gave by mistake. Just a thought.
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