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  1. Hej hej folks, @Bob_Bungle send me this link to a story written by H.P. Lovecraft which takes place in the 'fictional town' of Dunwich. I fou https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/The_Dunwich_Horror — It got me thinking and it jolted my memories a bit. So I did a look-up of Dunwich and I came back to an episode of Time Team (during their last seasons) on the old port town and capital of the East-Angles, namely Dunwich . You can hear how it is pronounced in the first 40sec. Now it's only a small village in Suffolk but back then it was a large town, drowned by the sea. Also makes for a fascinating story. Nice episode. By the way, I love Time Team , the later seasons were a bit less interesting, but the specials were always great. It's a BBC archeological program for those who don't know. Anyhow, an episode on Dunwich, great your popcorn, Cheers,
  2. Algerhard

    Texture Packs

    Hej @GrogStache, Yes, what Bob said. Conquest Resource Pack is pretty extensive, highly detailed with lot of alternative block styles. I find it to be absolutely perfect for anything concerning a more 'ancient' or historical setting with a rich (storytelling) atmosphere. I've been using it since… well, forever. Monsterfish does a great job. Also, before META-data got killed off Conquest had a lot of different blocks styles for different high detail settings, anything from fishing nets to actual animated smoke coming out of a chimney. Again, great to accentuate a mood or atmosphere. I don't have 'recent' screenshot of one of the many different locations within the East-Coop Region (Farlands) but the latest was Jotunoga/The Waystone Inn and the surrounding fens (a.k.a. wetlands). But here you can see how it can serve to create certain atmosphere. For SP play and/or Forge Server and extreme detailed builders within the theme there is the Conquest Reforged Mod pack which adds all the old meta-data blocks and more. Check it out, this is to create gems of beauty. On the server we have to content with the vanilla pack but we manage . Don't we @Bob_Bungle? https://www.conquestreforged.com/ An excellent example of using the Conquest Pack and mod to its fullest is by DukonRed https://www.youtube.com/user/DukonMC/featured If you wish to see the possibilities a bit. Cheers,
  3. Algerhard

    Texture Packs

    Conquest Resource Pack by Monsterfish. http://resourcepack.net/conquest-resource-pack/ I've been using it and advising it to anyone who visits East-coop region in Farlands. Cheers,
  4. Hej Commonwellers & Farlanders, Time for another East-coop map update . Now with correct spelling (thanks V) and some added features such as a string of new Redoubts at the south rim and an extension of the Great East Road towards Dale from the Waystone Inn. Remember newcomers, this is 1 amongst several regions carefully build and maintained by a selection of Farlands oldies & regulars. Invite only (this mean no building within the region or its direct rim without permission) Visit when you wish but be weary of creepers… potholes are not funny. Thanks. Cheers, Alger
  5. Oh @Bob_Bungle,… You know me so well… Yet, Plumber Bob, nothing really to add to that one really . *cough* Welcome aboard .
  6. Hej folks, Thanks folks for the quick replies. The fact I'm replying here at this hour kinda shows how endemic my 'less time' is becoming. I see everybody is feeling good with @Bob_Bungle as moderator. Don't worry about it, Bob, true I'm under tremendous pressure here (not going to deny it) and a zillion things to do but I understand you wanted to mull it over a bit. I would be more worried if you had like replied in 5seconds saying: 'oh sure, give me the power' while laughing manically and retrieving that death-list which you concealed under your desk chair. Anyhow, soon I'll start posting and inviting you good folk to my 'other' spot on the internet Cheers, Alger, a.k.a David
  7. Hej hej, Subtle? Who ever said I was subtle? — In truth, reality is that the time I can invest in Farlands or the forum is becoming severely strained, hence spending long hours happily typing away here… well, you know . — I'm going to be very straightforward on the matter since I lack the time to do otherwise. If Farlanders want their own moderator, and I think you're a good fit for the position@Bob_Bungle and the others are cool with it (which they are ); as long time residents and players I invite you all cordially to invest the time in making sure it transitions smoothly. — Anyhow, the fact you don't take the responsibility lightly also speaks in your favour . But I still want to confer that the job now is less demanding then it was, for example, 3 months back, when the server was defining itself and needed more 'gamemastering', when a lot more new and old players were on, etc. I feel that with the solid foundation we have now it's more of a maintenance job that is open to any flavour defined by the community and supported by a moderator if he/she so wishes. — Concerning the 'out of the country beginning of may'. Between here and may plenty of water will have flowed to the sea. I'll leave it to you, if you take the position, to sort it out with the other Farlanders; you'll have weeks to think of something. Also, 2 weeks isn't that long… the other staff could perhaps support (Rod, Darkie, Cherub), or maybe a replacement for ksparkli from the US stock , plenty of potential solutions. Don't worry to much on it… I won't . So, in short, at this point I only need to hear 2 things; - A yes or no from you @Bob_Bungle; any potential issues concerning a 2 week leave or unstable hours can be resolved (<- which isn't necessarily a bad thing btw, could be a constructive plus since you sway between 2 timezone communities ) - A thumbs up from the other Farlanders, but I see that they've already endorsed your candidacy . Just… don't wait until 28 of march,… <- subtle right? Truthfully, while I'm glad to serve, I cannot -for obvious reasons- be Farlands moderator 100% till the very end. I need to transition into a supportive role while my replacement takes over so I can shift focus. Cheers, Alger
  8. Hej Farlanders & Commonwellers, Nice pictures of the castle Sten . True, the pine forest does add an extra zing to the place. Still, allow me to spend the night down in the village and not the castle… don't want to end up as one of those famous guests . — A replacement moderator when this old one gets 'biking' Time also for a very important announcement and some practical arrangements. By now most of you know I'm going on my 'road trip'. This means I won't be able to serve you as moderator during this time. I feel Farlands needs its own resident-moderator. The server has come a long way and we've all helped shape it for months, a resident-moderator intimately acquainted with Farlands 'mannerism' and its community could continue to support and work with the core community and guide newcomers to easy settling. Who the replacement moderator will be is all up to us Farlanders. He or she should be a regular player, spend enough time online, have some insight in the 'technicalities', do all the paperwork (redmine), be available for staff, support the community when needed. Also, and these I feel are also important traits, he or she must be valued and proven member of the Farlands community. Now, this may all sounds 'heavy' but I can ensure that the FL has a good ground solid foundation, less overwhelmed by players nowadays, and that the 'workload' is very very easy-going. So, allow me make my own recommendation, I feel that @Bob_Bungle is a good candidate. He has proven all of the above mentioned qualities with a plus and well respected by all who know him. He also has a great sense for the technical geeky part of the server. Also, practically, his 'play time' is smack in the middle of the US and Euro-group which makes him a very good 'Atlantic bridge' moderator . I would prefer the replacement moderator to transition a bit with me so I can be there as 'ye olde goat with skills' for questions if need be. Also, whoever become my replacement will have an the amazing Gopher-team behind them for any advice or support if need be. — And finally, a spelling check by the anglo-saxon native-speakers for the redoubts (@LVaughn Reed). Thanks. Some names were not correctly written, so… before I change them on the map, allow me: - Oisin's Redoubt (redoubt belonging to Oisin) - Jaegars Redoubt (redoubt named after the local 'hunters' shack but not belonging to them, hunter being 'Jaegar') - Hamarrs Redoubt (redoubt named after the 'Kliff' but not belonging to him, Kliff old-norsified is 'Hamarr') - Berkeholm Redoubt (toponym, meaning 'hill covered in birch') - Lydon's Redoubt (redoubt belonging to Lydon) - Thursthe Redoubt (toponym, mythical 'the giant's hip', referring to a feature in the landscape, connected to the prehistorical Farlands legend of the 'giant's age') Are these right? Cheers, Alger
  9. Hej Farlanders, Commonwellers and other folks of good spirit, It's been a while but I felt it was time for another East-coop map update. It will keep the place fresh on all newcomers minds . Remember, invite only. With Dunolde fortified village/town finished… -at least, the buildings of the village itself- and the addition of a new forest on the slopes of the mountains between Stenmorden and Oisin… a lot has changed. For those connoisseurs of old celtic literature; the forest has been named 'Forest of Saba'. I'm not going to spoil to much of the legend here… but it has some relationship for Oisin. As always, best visited in Conquest Resource Pack else some of the details at the place may seem a bit... off. Insert shameless advertising: The Waystone Inn, along the Great East Road, best beer around, plenty of tales and song… a bards dream come true. Have a visit, read a selection of contributions by Farlands bards and if you feel inspired, add a tale of your own. Cheers,
  10. Hej @Bob_Bungle, Well, Rod is less lucky . Now, it should be said that it's very considerate of you to fly out to spare the local cities . Not many would bother to think of the folks that follow. Thanks. Concerning the time table. I suppose Rod would probably want to get this change implemented sooner than later. If you feel like exploring a bit more to make his job easier then I'm sure he will greatly appreciated it . Now, any map or the map which you have will do, I'm sure it can save him some time already. Send it to @Rodzyn directly when you can, thanks. — Concerning the change; this is a question Rod again will be able to answer. He's in charge of the plugin (different one than first planned) so he'll be able to answer your question concerning the random loot. Cheers,
  11. Hej Farlanders, I'm going to hold the possible expansion of the land for a later post. — Farlands 'The End' - Update In the meantime a more pressing matter: The End. Minionland has received its new approach to the 'problem' already of the ever expanding End and disc space. https://redmine.gophersvids.com/news/13 Now it's our turn . Farlands will get the same solution but Rod has asked me if someone (and I'm looking at you @Bob_Bungle) has a partial or even practically whole map of The End within the radius set-up (so 5k around End spawn). I know you've been doing a lot of End exploring @Bob_Bungle so... Rod might be in luck. Rod needs a map to localize the End Cities within the 5k radius to determine the spawn locations for the chests. For example, or ML that's 23 End Cities within this radius. So any map will do (partially or complete -> if you feel like exploring... ), this will save Rod hours of flying about in Farlands End dimension. Please contact either me or even better, @Rodzyn directly. Thanks. — Some personal updates later on with the East-coop map. If anyone want theirs region or coop added or updated on the first page, please PM me via forum Cheers,
  12. Algerhard

    Question concerning server settings on mob despawning

    Interesting. The only red light that I can see is the fact that it does seem to raise mob spawns at player locations (Malv had the effect, I had the effect, and maybe others as well). Let's be very blunt here from 1 players perspective; I'm not going to use the gunpowder farm, some others might also not use it often or at all. We can establish that as fact. Now, if I understood and experienced correctly, atm, if no one is at the farm, we basically return to 'base spawns' or 'regular' ones around the map for us players and we all eat our daily creeper for good health. Now, I'm sure you can understand, I'm just not keen on heaving the mass mob infestations, the fps drop/entity lag included during building. On 2 occasions now the last days I have had remarkable drop in smoothness at Dunolde , looking at specific directions -> only 10min in the game. I know I have had this before there but I think this was entity-related since beneath the town I can hear serious trouble , but a simple relog usually clears it but this is usually after hours of gameplay, if at all, probably also depends on the number of players online during that period. I'm also not keen on changing my entire light lay-out specially for the farm (basically making it into an max un-spawnable location all around for ex. Dunolde <-- light pollution much ). It's one thing to participate in construction and materials, it's an another to basically ask every player to swallow mobs like candy on christmas. I do have spawns, we all do, but the occasional creeper or zombie dropping in is fine (all in good fun ), having +30 mobs dropping in on you because some folks want to mechanize gunpowder production is, hmm,… borderline trolling for peeps like me and it makes the game unplayable (read: I tolerate mobs, I don't relish them) or massive changes (lights, protection, whatnot) have to implemented all over the map. So,… either the set-up has to change or something different has to be done/created to get easy access to gunpowder, or some planning has to change. At the moment between Malv and I fighting for our lives at our locations, we might as well be the farm ourselves . You say you have max. spawn rates when you're alone at the farm or when we're all there. So maybe make a scheduled gunpowder-hour or something just before the server closes down and the rest of us are in bed . I liked that people eating elavator… great fun.
  13. Algerhard

    Farlands Picket Fence chatter

    Yay! Snow
  14. Just a side note @King Crimson or a.k.a. DiamondSuplex, Very impressed with the Diamondpigs, their tombs and back story… very very enjoyable. Glad I found that. Thank you