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  1. Hej hej folks, @Bob_Bungle send me this link to a story written by H.P. Lovecraft which takes place in the 'fictional town' of Dunwich. I fou https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/The_Dunwich_Horror — It got me thinking and it jolted my memories a bit. So I did a look-up of Dunwich and I came back to an episode of Time Team (during their last seasons) on the old port town and capital of the East-Angles, namely Dunwich . You can hear how it is pronounced in the first 40sec. Now it's only a small village in Suffolk but back then it was a large town, drowned by the sea. Also m
  2. Hej @GrogStache, Yes, what Bob said. Conquest Resource Pack is pretty extensive, highly detailed with lot of alternative block styles. I find it to be absolutely perfect for anything concerning a more 'ancient' or historical setting with a rich (storytelling) atmosphere. I've been using it since… well, forever. Monsterfish does a great job. Also, before META-data got killed off Conquest had a lot of different blocks styles for different high detail settings, anything from fishing nets to actual animated smoke coming out of a chimney. Again, great to accentua
  3. Conquest Resource Pack by Monsterfish. http://resourcepack.net/conquest-resource-pack/ I've been using it and advising it to anyone who visits East-coop region in Farlands. Cheers,
  4. Hej Commonwellers & Farlanders, Time for another East-coop map update . Now with correct spelling (thanks V) and some added features such as a string of new Redoubts at the south rim and an extension of the Great East Road towards Dale from the Waystone Inn. Remember newcomers, this is 1 amongst several regions carefully build and maintained by a selection of Farlands oldies & regulars. Invite only (this mean no building within the region or its direct rim without permission) Visit when you wish but be weary of creepers… potholes are not funny. Thanks.
  5. Oh @Bob_Bungle,… You know me so well… Yet, Plumber Bob, nothing really to add to that one really . *cough* Welcome aboard .
  6. Hej folks, Thanks folks for the quick replies. The fact I'm replying here at this hour kinda shows how endemic my 'less time' is becoming. I see everybody is feeling good with @Bob_Bungle as moderator. Don't worry about it, Bob, true I'm under tremendous pressure here (not going to deny it) and a zillion things to do but I understand you wanted to mull it over a bit. I would be more worried if you had like replied in 5seconds saying: 'oh sure, give me the power' while laughing manically and retrieving that death-list which you concealed under
  7. Hej hej, Subtle? Who ever said I was subtle? — In truth, reality is that the time I can invest in Farlands or the forum is becoming severely strained, hence spending long hours happily typing away here… well, you know . — I'm going to be very straightforward on the matter since I lack the time to do otherwise. If Farlanders want their own moderator, and I think you're a good fit for the position@Bob_Bungle and the others are cool with it (which they are ); as long time residents and players I invite you all cordially to invest the time in making sure it transition
  8. Hej Farlanders & Commonwellers, Nice pictures of the castle Sten . True, the pine forest does add an extra zing to the place. Still, allow me to spend the night down in the village and not the castle… don't want to end up as one of those famous guests . — A replacement moderator when this old one gets 'biking' Time also for a very important announcement and some practical arrangements. By now most of you know I'm going on my 'road trip'. This means I won't be able to serve you as moderator during this time. I feel Farlands needs i
  9. Hej Farlanders, Commonwellers and other folks of good spirit, It's been a while but I felt it was time for another East-coop map update. It will keep the place fresh on all newcomers minds . Remember, invite only. With Dunolde fortified village/town finished… -at least, the buildings of the village itself- and the addition of a new forest on the slopes of the mountains between Stenmorden and Oisin… a lot has changed. For those connoisseurs of old celtic literature; the forest has been named 'Forest of Saba'. I'm not going to spoil to much of the legend here
  10. Hej @Bob_Bungle, Well, Rod is less lucky . Now, it should be said that it's very considerate of you to fly out to spare the local cities . Not many would bother to think of the folks that follow. Thanks. Concerning the time table. I suppose Rod would probably want to get this change implemented sooner than later. If you feel like exploring a bit more to make his job easier then I'm sure he will greatly appreciated it . Now, any map or the map which you have will do, I'm sure it can save him some time already. Send it to @Rodzyn directly when you can, thanks.
  11. Hej Farlanders, I'm going to hold the possible expansion of the land for a later post. — Farlands 'The End' - Update In the meantime a more pressing matter: The End. Minionland has received its new approach to the 'problem' already of the ever expanding End and disc space. https://redmine.gophersvids.com/news/13 Now it's our turn . Farlands will get the same solution but Rod has asked me if someone (and I'm looking at you @Bob_Bungle) has a partial or even practically whole map of The End within the radius set-up (so 5k around End spawn).
  12. Interesting. The only red light that I can see is the fact that it does seem to raise mob spawns at player locations (Malv had the effect, I had the effect, and maybe others as well). Let's be very blunt here from 1 players perspective; I'm not going to use the gunpowder farm, some others might also not use it often or at all. We can establish that as fact. Now, if I understood and experienced correctly, atm, if no one is at the farm, we basically return to 'base spawns' or 'regular' ones around the map for us players and we all eat our daily creeper for good health. Now, I'm
  13. Just a side note @King Crimson or a.k.a. DiamondSuplex, Very impressed with the Diamondpigs, their tombs and back story… very very enjoyable. Glad I found that. Thank you
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