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  1. I'm currently playing on the Server called "Survival pARK", just that is is a German and English speaking server that recently moved IPs. Also, I'm not exactly playing alone (even though at the moment the Cross ARK Travel is borked at the moment). My husband is also playing on the server. Primarilly Scorched Earth because the breeding is a bit easier in a desert. The overall breeding and baby care rates are at 3x, though. However, if Gopher and his team of Admins set up a cross-travel server, I highly recommend this mod that is featured in this video:
  2. So, mother is doing a lot better, but classes and real life have been taking priority. However I do intend to get this finished no matter how long it will take.
  3. ok, another update: I was under too much worry. She is apparently doing a lot better, but the whole thing about no more doctors visits are her decision. Still worried about her health, but she's apparently doing a lot better.
  4. My mother is, unfortunately, in the same boat as you SacredBlacksmith. The doctors admitted her to a Hospice yesterday. There is nothing more that they can do now (though I had hoped it would not be the case. Wanted her to live long enough to see her youngest daughter give her a grandchild.) But well... All the rest of the family can do now is make sure she is as comfortable and pain free as possible. And... I'm truly sorry to hear about your situation, Sacred. I'm aware of the terms doctors use and that is definitely... ;.; Will do a dedication race once the track is complete, and will get to working on it again soon as this grief passes.
  5. Will try and keep in contact with my family. The entire Atlantic ocean separates me from them, but at least there's skype+international calling.
  6. Some of you already know, but this week has been quite emotional. My mother's immune system has been screwed up since she went through the Immuno-Therapy treatment for her cancer. She's been in the hospital since last friday with a 39-40° (102-104°F) fever. That's why I haven't come online lately. I'm still gonna try to get the racetrack finished, though.
  7. Oh, anticipate this *potentially* getting pushed back to March. I've got a few ideas, but I just need to flesh them out. I will try to make sure that the push back doesn't happen, though.
  8. I might end up clumping the mules in with the horses depending on how the race track turns out, and that's because they have the same "average" stats as the horses.
  9. Alright, I will try to work in a donkey race first. Oh, and later on today (and by today, I mean the day of this post), I will commission the use of one of the fastest donkeys to make a new Ferris Muler.
  10. Alright, this time the races are going to be a bit different. There will be 1 or 2 medieval-style games before the races, and the race track will be moved to make way for them. Also, I would like to ask on what days in February you guys have off so I can schedule accordingly and make sure that everyone can show up (@Quarico, if you are reading this, pretty-please-with-sugar-on-top "pester" Gopher for me and ask if he would like to participate as well. :P) Other than that, and the exclusion of pigs and donkeys (sorry about that, but as fun as it was to watch the pig races, race track is gonna be way bigger and no I won't say how big), everything will be just like before. Donation boxes will be open if you want to donate anything. Hope to see you guys there soon.
  11. Well why not Ice Polo, or an icy race track somewhere near the christmas event where horses can be raced? Or even better: Horse Spleef. At least high up you can make a snow farm. Can provide the materials if needed.
  12. Welcome back, Cherub! :D


    Pretty sure you already got the message from Darkfire today, but I moved the races to today at 8pm my time.

    If that doesn't work out for you, let me know. Otherwise will see you there. :D

    1. Cherub


      Thanks! It's fine with me, so I'll be there ;)

  13. Honestly, I would just let your kids explore their own creativity and let your neighbors know that you are playing on the server with your family. If the neighbor complains, then it might be time to contact the mods. This is Minecraft. Let them build. Let them discover themselves.
  14. What about horses that you bred and tamed for someone else? My husband has a mule that I bred and saddled for him so he will have some extra inventory space to work with, but I don't know the command for ownership transfer (like what some of you did with my first dogs and cat, thanks again for them btw :D).
  15. Well, what timezone do you live in? The timezone that I gave is the timezone for Germany. That's really nice of you, Ambrawr. I can also move the starting time to 8 or 9pm my time, if that means that many of you can make it.
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