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  1. Cake Feast on Thanksgiving?

    I quite like this idea. I second Bunyan's build off idea, cause whats thanksgiving anyway than a segway into Christmas?
  2. Official RP thread Creation Ideas

    Ok... this Thread has been Derailed just a bit. It would probably be best to eventually get a discord conversation going about this topic. IDK when, but being able to do discuss thinks civilly may be in our best interests.
  3. Official RP thread Creation Ideas

    Booya indeed.
  4. Official RP thread Creation Ideas

    The rules more have to do with effective world building, and making it so someone can't pull the equivalent of those playground fights where someone yells "I GOT A SUPER SHIELD YOU CANT KILL ME". One of this server's greatest strengths IMO is that people not only want to tell stories with their builds, but also interact with others to create a dynamic and ongoing history, and there are many examples of how people tell their end of the story. I just think it may be good to make a set of rules we all decide on, so people are all on the same page when it comes to those interactions.
  5. Official RP thread Creation Ideas

    Hey everyone! It seems that the server RP is starting to develop quite well, and It may be a good idea to not only create a thread specifically for it, but also some rules to follow, so we don't end up spoiling other player's experience. I've done it before, it ain't fun:( So, what do you all think of this? any rules we should put in especially? please, give some feedback. the more, the better.
  6. Custom advancements to guide (new) players in minionland

    I think it would be a great reward to when you visit one of the places, you get their banner as a reward. might be a nice addition to an exp reward.
  7. Imperial Defense Project

    The Northern Kingdom, as a nation of expert gun and cannon crafters, can say "That's one big gun." I hope that we can continue a positive relationship, and would also like to offer a trade deal to your empire, in the form of a small stockpile of northern shells. they make large booms, I make sure of it.
  8. The Southern Covenant Navy expands

    The Northern Kingdom sends its congratulations to the southern covenant and it's people for such a large accomplishment. The covenant has yet again proven themselves as the premier builders of warships in minonland. and as our boat to gun ratio is too low for our comfort, it may be in our best interests to discuss some form of deal between our nations. Until then, I'll make my bunker have an extra layer of concrete. Or 2.
  9. This is awesome! love how you are using quotes on them. I'm just waiting for the card that describes the whole "Boom vs Binding Pants" incident. that's gonna show up somewhere....
  10. I gotta say, go with #1. love that shot. SOOOOO much!
  11. love love LOVE this so far!!!!! but you seemed to get the least flattering angle of portside possible:p but for realzies, can't wait to see this done, and to play it with a couple of friends:D
  12. An incredible feat this ship is. Even the Northern kingdom must commend you for you, and your people's, toil to create such a vessel, especially with such a underdeveloped war-economy. But, times have changed since we first started this weapons build-up, and the world has changed. we were never truly enemies, just 2 rivals wrestling for control. But now, we face threats of warmongers in the east, new nations int he north and south wish to claim the titles of "most powerful nations" of their cardinal direction, and both our nations stand as the old men of this new world. It is long due we settle our differences, and face the threats of this new world together. Also, referring to JR and their eastern nation, it is not wise to toy with a nation as powerful as the covenant. not only do they have a massive ship, but relationships with other nations as well, something you seem to be ignoring. this strategy of "1 nation vs the world" is not a sustainable one, as we have found out pretty quickly. it may be wise to rethink your diplomacy methods, and try not to anger any more nations. it would be a shame if someone was to fund ryno and multi's trade federation with weapons...
  13. Eastern Trade Federation & Empire of Rynoira

  14. Eastern Trade Federation & Empire of Rynoira

    Eyyyy, welcome to the party! try not to die under the might of northern cannonfire!
  15. 100 days! or I need a life.

    Congrats man! Here's to another glorious 100, full of shovels and awesome builds!